I’ll just put up with the sexual problems, thanks…

August 17, 2006

Ewwwwwww! This is like one of those gross-out games that kids play, and these guys in the picture win for sure.  They’re blending up a big old batch of skinned frog, which some folks think cures fatigue, sexual problems and other stuff.  You should thank me for not choosing some of the other photos from this series, and you should send me money for not using the one of a happy customer chugging his soda fountain glass full of lip-smacking pureed frog.shake300.jpg                                      Bertha Piranes prepares to blend a skinned frog to make a juice popular with working-class Peruvians who believe the drink can cure illnessess ranging from fatigue to sexual impotency, at a market in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, August 16, 2006.  REUTERS/Mariana Bazo 


Ha! People go to great lengths to point the proverbial finger at Canadians for clubbing baby seals off the coast of Newfoundland, and yet blending frogs goes relatively unremarked. Will Paul McCartney and his ex stage a highly publicized protest against this treatment of frogs? This whole thing smacks of discriminatory human-to-animal treatment.

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