Not much to glitter about

January 24, 2007

SomethAngelina at WEF.jpging is missing from this year’s Davos meeting — glitz. After years of grabbing the limelight, the likes of Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie are nowhere to be seen. Rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t died, of course: Bono is due in town on Friday to talk about Africa and Peter Gabriel is supposed to be around somewhere. But apart from that the glitterati is thin on the ground. Could it be that Davos is no longer hip?

Not so, says Klaus Schwab, the founder, executive chairman and all-round booster of the World Economic Forum whose goal is no less than shaping the global agenda. “We invited what you call ‘star’ people only the last years because they were relevant to a very specific topic,” he told celebrity-starved reporters. “This year we don’t feel in need of such a special accelerator, multiplier of the message.” Ouch!


“But Davos is so last year, darling!”, says Brangelina.It could be that the ‘climate change’ cause isn’t such a sexy topic. After all, where’s a photo opportunity there? You can’t hold a melting glacier in your arms as you can a black baby. Not to mention adopt it.Or maybe those high-profile celebs shy away from this issue, as they would have to lead by the example and travel by trains, rather than planes. The horror of that!I don’t think I’ve come across any glitzy celebrity shouting about the need to do something about climate change, so there wasn’t anyone famous enough to invite, anyway.But maybe I’m being too nice to those 800 or so chief execs enjoying a few centimetres of snow at Davos. Why would they want anyone mouthing them off about a problem they were instrumental in creating?!