First prize, a kidney! Second prize, a toaster oven?

May 29, 2007

Those signs of the approaching Apocalypse are coming faster and faster. Just last week, we had the reality show contestant in a sealed environment who was not told of her father’s death because it might ruin her shot at stardom, and recently we learned that sending text messages while driving has actually become a problem. It won’t be long now.

So now we have a Dutch reality program, The Big Donorshow, in which a 37-year-old terminally ill woman selects a recipient for her kidneys from among three contestants. Viewers will be able send text messages to the woman offering their advice, as well. I am absolutely not making this up.

The network broadcasting the show says it wants to highlight the difficulties faced by kidney sufferers in getting donor organs. Round up the peasants, Jacques, it’s time for the Grand Guignol! Here’s the story:


Well, at least it’s not an American show. If it were, they’d wait until the very end of the show and announce to the winner that the donor had been cured and was now not going to be donating the kidney.

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What annoys me the most about this is:

1) if she’s got a terminal disease, is she really a donor candidate? Certainly not if she has cancer.

2) she has two kidneys. Transplanting two kidneys to the same recipient is *NEVER* done. Normally each kidney goes to a different recipient. WHY is the potential recipient receiving both kidneys?

3) what about her other organs?

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I call dibs on her liver! I hear it’s good with some kind of beans.

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Have a heart. :)

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Whoda thunk? A show too rude to be true.

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I think they should call the show:

You Gotta be Kidneying Me!

with take off shows:

Extreme Organ Makeover.
Transfusing Bonaduce

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Show mos def was not meant to be amusing… “Bitter” is the word I would use. Well, and of course it was a hoax.
Couldn’t be anything but, by the way: the kidney would be donated while the donor still lived, but “living” kidney transplants in NL are forbidden if the donor and the patient do not have a clear relationship with each other (family, partner)

But lots and lot of Dutchies filled in a donor codicil because of this TV-program, so whatever the opinion of anyone at all, it was well worth it. (in most countries you are considered a donor unless object; in NL you are nót considered a donor unless you have a codicil. Resulting in a dire shortage of donor organs)

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I believe, in the US, you have to consent to being a organ donor, too.

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