No bunnies were harmed in shooting this photo

July 23, 2007

Every so often this blog reserves the right to take a very brief break from its regular diet of cynicism, sarcasm and absurdity, and offer up a heaping portion of the adorable.   

Today is our lucky day, especially after learning that this rabbit voluntarily hopped into the tiger cub’s cage, and lived to tell the tale. The usual advice: if you can’t think of anybody who would love to get this picture, you’re hanging out with a cold, cold, crowd.

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Tiger cub plays with a rabbit at a zoo in Wenling, east China’s Zhejian Province July 21, 2007.  REUTERS/China Daily


You know Chad is going to work K-nute into this story.


Did anyone else notice the wet spots under the rabbit?

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I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

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