Quick, Robin! To the gyrocopter!

August 24, 2007

The real caption on this news photo tells us this gizmo is “less expensive than a conventional helicopter,” and by conventional helicopter I believe they mean real helicopter.

Look, if I’m going to be riding in something thousands of feet up, the last thing I’m interested in hearing is that it was a bargain. Excuse me, I believe I’ll just go ahead and take the expensive kind, please. While we’re at it, don’t be asking me to get in something called a gyrocopter, which sounds like it came out of Inspector Gadget’s workshop.

I went to the company’s Web site, and they’re selling rides on this thing, and one of the options is Rundfluege, or round-trip. I don’t even want to know what the alternative to that is.

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German police test fly a gyrocopter ‘MT-03′ near Schoenhagen airfield, south of Berlin August 20, 2007. The gyrocopter will be used by police for traffic control and searches. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke


Gyrocopters are considerably safer than helicopters with fewer maintenance issues and have been around a very long time. It’s easy to take potshots when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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What an extremely rude comment from an obvious ignoramus!

I would suggest you should do your homework on a subject before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

Australia is a very large continent, and four of these beautiful safe machines recently flew right round it, 13,000 kms in about 3 weeks.

Get your facts correct in future!

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Grrrrroowrr, you two!! Calm down. Geez. Has humor escaped this planet, or what?

Go, go, gadget gyro-copter!!

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“… you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“obvious ignoramus!”

I’d like to add my welcome to two apparently very new Odd Blog readers. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


Thanks, John! I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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Robert, you deserve the abuse so chiming in that “John couldn’t have put it better” makes you look like a bigger fool than you already appear to be.

You didn’t know anything about the technology or if you did you managed to miss the part where you say “just kidding” and show that you have some clue as to what you’re talking about. You shared your half-a**ed opinion and then when 3 people call you on your crap, you decide treat the guy who does not as some form of hero. Sorry, the 3 who called you out are the heroes.

The technology has been around for ages and as has been mentioned is much safer than a “real” helicopter. It might be odd but that doesn’t prevent it from being legit, just as Orville and Wilbur’s machine was odd but now it’s a common device that we see every day.

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When it can hover, THEN you can talk to me.

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Look! I can see my house from here.

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Sorry, dude. A trike is a trike is a trike. I don’t care what’s above the wheels.

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And the relief tube is where?

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I found the leggo that turned up missing during the pre-flight check. You were right. It’s blue.

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I think the fact that you have to carry a miniature crossbow when you fly one over Australia would be kind of a put-off.

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Wholly open cockpit, Batman.

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It’s a Mad Max reference.

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Thanks for your comments. Sorry, I don’t do the sort of posts where I add “just kidding.” I leave it to the readers to decide whether I’m serious. And, I didn’t say this thing was unsafe, I just said I wouldn’t want to go up in one.

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Dear Mr. Basler,
It seems to be working. Interest is up! Keep them ‘shill’ dollars coming.

Yer bud,

p.s. The Christmas tin of variety popcorns was a classy touch; even if late (it’s August!), somewhat stale and obviously previously sampled.

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Come to think if it, methane (.7g/l) is lighter than dry air(1.2g/l). I guess God did intend man to fly! I wonder how long it would take for a person to collect enough lift to equal his own mass.


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The gyrocopter is a fabulously safe form of air transportation as long as you do not try to use the ejection seat. If you do, you’ve got seriuos problems.

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Now, Bob, you know that weird German guy who had only built model planes ended up saving everyone in “Flight of the Phoenix.”

There — I got my movie/TV reference in.

One more thing: you call that a gyrocopter?



I can vouch for Bob’s sensitivities. Heck — he won’t even fly business class.


dear sir
iam a student sciencegroup in pre-university.i have a projet here .i like do an gyrocoptr .plese help me

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To the people who are so quick to jump down the original poster’s throat:

You are idiots. Reading through it once, I was able to tell Robert (Bob?) was just trying to make a few people laugh while highlighting something new(ish) and unusual. He also was just trying to voice his own apprehension about riding in one in a humorous manner. I’m not sure where you gather that he has a lack of knowledge regarding the “gyrocopter,” but I doubt anyone interested in it is going to come to this post and say “oh my…he’s right! This contraption is insane! We need to shut this operation down right now!!!” It’s a *BLOG*. Introduce yourself to the forum of unbridled opinion and stop taking everything you read so seriously.

Summary: take a chill pill, dorks.

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