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Oct 24, 2009

Nike, the albatross, and sustainable design

A dead baby albatross is a tough act to follow.

Nike’s Lorrie Vogel took the stage at Poptech this week to talk about the company’s sustainable product design efforts.

Immediately preceding her was an devastating presentation from photographer Chris Jordan, who shared a series of photographs from Midway Atoll of baby albatrosses who had died from ingesting plastic from the massive Pacific Garbage Patch.

Oct 19, 2009

Reuters at Poptech

Reuters will be covering the PopTech conference, dedicated to “world-changing people, projects and ideas,” from Oct 21-25, including interviews with food writer Michael Pollan, Nike sustainability expert Lorrie Vogel, and many more.

Join the conversation by sending a Twitter message with the #poptech hash tag or leave a comment in our live blog.

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