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Karzai rival Abdullah quits Afghan run-off

November 1, 2009

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah quit an election run-off on Sunday (Nov 01) after accusing the government of not meeting his demands for a fair vote, leaving a cloud over the legitimacy of the next government.

A weakened Afghan government under President Hamid Karzai would also be a blow for U.S. President Barack Obama as he decides whether to send up to 40,000 more U.S troops to fight a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan.

Election officials said hours later that the Nov. 7 vote would go ahead with both names on ballot papers but with Karzai as the only candidate.


Some translation on the video would’ve been nice, my Pashto isn’t so great. My read on alot of what happens in the mideast there isnt much consensus most of the time. Just like anywhere else.

Posted by Adam12 | Report as abusive

This is the only short term solution to hope for the best and smooth things out, it looks engineered. In the medium term it will become a long term cat fight again. Someone should weigh the publised numbers of casualties and crippling injuries in Afghanistan and the NATO member that has come off worst should send in the fewest troops and armament. I still say that the UN must form Circles of Peace within the Mid East though:

Centre of circle one: Kabul;
Centre of circle two: Baghdad;
Centre of circle three: Riyadh;
Centre of circle four: Cairo; and
a fifth overlap circle with the centre as Jerusalem:-

That is how a desert fox manages its domain, 4 circles, especially in the intersects and overlaps.

Posted by Casper | Report as abusive

Dispite the outcome of the november 7 election and the withdrawal of Abdullah from the run-off, Karzai has no more than 2 million votes. Does America support such a leader who who has a 6 persent approval rate in Afghanistan, and what will be the new white house strategy with such a corrupted regime? The answer is obvious, defeat period. I think president Obama should issue an executive order for a 60 billion dollar agricultural and road construction marshal plan to make Afghanistan a modern Agricultural export oriented state and put 6 million Afghan into work to win the war. in no more than 5 years Afghanistan will support its 300,000 army and 200,000 police.

Yauseen Roman, California

Posted by Yauseen Roman | Report as abusive

I agree with the above comment, a translation of what he said would be a nice accompaniment. President Obama should spend more money on educating the people of Afghanistan, returning the medical jobs (75% doctors were female) that belonged to women prior to Taliban, and also on stopping the cuts of education in our country. Some of the best journalists and field reporters/analysts, and governmental officials have even said that giving women education, and providing other education than that offered by the religious schools would play a higher role in what creates change in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


Oh well.

Considering that the leader of Afganistan is constantly under threat from taliban attacks, Abdullah Abdullah has picked the easier path.

Posted by Joeyjoe | Report as abusive

I have an opinion.

Why can’t Barack Obama go to Kabul, issue a statement true to the American People for the Afghan population. One that says, “Hey, America loves you. We embrace your culture as a positive entity in society, one that gives you, and your families the opportunity to endure, and be free. To provide for your families and modernize your communities. To contribute to society thru jobs, and grow your economy. To smash all borders of landscapes promoting free trade. Enjoy a happy life thru optomism, and love thy brothers and sisters.

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