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Keeping India out of Afghanistan

November 23, 2009


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in the United States for the first official state visit by any foreign leader since President Barack Obama took office this year. While the atmospherics are right, and the two leaders probably won’t be looking as stilted as Obama and China’s President Hu Jintao appeared to be during Obama’s trip last week (for the Indians are rarely short on conversation), there is a sense of unease.

And much of it has to do with AFPAK - the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan which is very nearly at the top of Obama’s foreign policy agenda and one that some fear may eventually consume the rest of his presidency. America’s ally Pakistan worries about India’s expanding assistance and links to Afghanistan, seeing it as part of a strategy to encircle it from the rear.  Ordinarily, Pakistani noises wouldn’t bother India as much, but for signs that the Obama administration has begun to adopt those concerns as its own in its desperate search for a solution, as Fareed Zakaria writes in Newsweek.

And that is producing a “perverse view” of the region, he says adding it was a bit strange that India was being criticised for its influence in Afghanistan. India is the hegemon in South Asia, with a GDP 100 times that of Afghanistan and it was only natural that as Afghanistan opened itself up following the ouster of the Taliban in 2001, its cuisine, movies and money would flow into the country. The whole criticism about India,  Zakaria says, is a little bit like saying the United States has had growing influence  in Mexico over the last few decades and should be penalised for it.USA/

But what about Pakistan’s concerns, a country that was dismembered in the last full-scale war with India in 1971 with the creation of Bangladesh. The last thing it would want is a hostile regime in Afghanistan on its western flank on top of the Indian army, the world’s third largest, massed on the eastern front, not to mention the Islamist militants whom it once nurtured turning on  the State itself.

Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani told the U.S. National Security Adviser General Jim Jones earlier his month that Indian presence in Kabul would hurt the war objectives.

And what about the Afghans themselves ? The India-Pakistan rivalry is probably a sideshow in the broader battle between a resurgent Taliban and the foreign forces, but perhaps one they can do without.

[Photographs of Afghan children and Indian and U.S. flags at the White House]



I can but read and applaud you!

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It has been ever so long since someone referred to me as naive and innocent :). I can only say “I wish”. Thank you for the sentiment and also for your intention of shielding me from the big bad world – for that too you have my blessings.

In your rejoinder to me I find assertions, assumptions and conspiracy theories without slightest supporting information.

“India is helping out I am sure, but only to an extent where it can vaguely legitimize its stay in Afghanistan.”

‘..legitimize its stay’? Whatever does that mean? Legitimise to whom? Does India have to get clearance from someone to do whatever is agreed upon between it and the Afghans? If yes, then from whom? My point is the same as yesterday’s as what I raised yesterday.

As regards all this talk of consulates. Can you please tell me just how many there are and how long they have been operating? I keep hearing figures ranging from 25 to 5. You quote Christine Fair, also please go through her clarification subsequently. With no disrespect to her, allow me to quote a source I trust implicitly; because he is a good, decent human being:

‘I said to him that I had been told by the leadership of Pakistan several times that Indian Consulates in Afghanistan were involved in activities against Pakistan. This is totally false. We have had Consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad for 60 years. Our Consulates perform normal diplomatic functions and are assisting in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, where we have a large aid programme that is benefiting the common people of Afghanistan.

But we are willing to discuss all these issues because we know that we are doing nothing wrong. I told Prime Minister Gilani that our conduct is an open book. If Pakistan has any evidence, and they have not given me any and no dossier has been given, we are willing to look at it because we have nothing to hide.’ Dr Manmohan Singh in his reply to the debate in the Indian Parliament on Sharm-el Sheikh.

As regards the refugee problem, from what I know there has always been free movement across the border with Afghanistan and people move around freely. There is so much interrelationship between tribals on the two sides, always has been. Yet, Pakistan deserves credit for taking care of them and should it need assitance I am sure India would be only too happy to try and assist. Unfortunately, that will never happen. Not just because of bad blood but also because of egoes. Perhaps therein lies our biggest problem……

However, let me end this on a positive note again with another quote from my favourite Indian politcian from the same debate

“Our objective, as I said at the outset, must be a permanent peace with Pakistan, where we are bound together by a shared future and a common prosperity.

I believe that there is a large constituency for peace in both countries.”

Not only are we both naive and innocent, but idealists as well.

I need to stop here for now before someone tells me to ‘get a life!’

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PS to above remarks.

Forgot to add, Musaafir, people are free here to give their opinions and that is the charm of blogging. That in no way prevents any two or three or four people from interacting and discussing their view points. When others join in , without malice, it is that much more informative and interesting, at least for me. So lets just continue what is indeed an interesting discourse here for all of us.

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There is a post recommending a Union similar to the EU.This should be avoided at all costs as the EU, is the precursor to the TOTALITARIAN ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,in which the common folk will suffer.High time SAARC was dissolved!


It is worth reading Christine Fair in Outlook–an interview.

She says Pakistanis misquote her and twist her statements and serve it and she says that is typical of ISI that has listening posts–not my words.

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when are you going to respond to the comments in the posts directed at you? do that for the sake of nice Indians at least.

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Thanks Rajeev, I will go through it.

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For long Pakistan used Afganistan as its stategic backyard, where it actively supported the taliban. Afganistan was made the university of terrorism by Pakistan. Why then should their concerns be heard. As of date, Pakistan remains the epitome of terror and until and unless they stop their doublespeak on terror and seriously attack terrorism by arresting terrorist leaders of Let and Jaish-e- mohammed President Obama should not fall for their “charm”(sic)

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Now why are we even talking about this. We were not invited into Afghanistan, so why are we thinking we are going to tell them what to do. Let the Afghanistan people decide what to do. We keep thinking that we know what is best for the whole world. Hey, time to get real Hillary and Barak. We are not the worlds policeman or can we or could we ever afford to be the worlds policeman. Look at the history of England. Where are they now.

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Folks Relax : The Afghans have to decide who they want to be friends with.Not india or Pakistan or US…So chill and take it easy

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@ Mussafir: “@Mortal, That is why I say to my Indian friends, accept Pakistan as a reality, it’s been over 6 decades now. What is done is done. Move forward and progress together”

I’ve heard many Pakistanis say that India has not accepted Pakistan as a nation. For once, I’d like someone to explain to me, what the heck does that mean? The last time I checked, India has an embassy in Pakistan & that means that India officially, formally & diplomatically recognizes Pakistan as an independent nation. When Indian PM AB Vajpayee visited Pakistan in 1999, in his welcome speech he said that he wants all Pakistanis to know that “India recognizes Pakistan’s existence as a sovereign nation”. Incidentally, while Vajpayee was making this speech, Musharraf was planning ‘operation Badr’ to invade Kargil. I agree with forgetting the past & moving forward but can you sell that to the Pakistani establishment?

@ “You should be thankful that Pakistan is the buffer between India and the bad bad Taliban. You destabilize that buffer or somehow wish it to be gone, you will come face to face with the real bogyman”

With all the terror activities conducted by the Pakistani army/ISI in India over the last 25 yrs via their state & non-state actors, I don’t think the Taliban can or could have done any worse. I would rather deal with someone who looks, talks & acts like an enemy rather than someone who looks & talks like a friend & then stabs you in the back.

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To Musaafir—
I think you should read what I wrote again. I don’t think I used the words “superior education system,” or even hinted at it. Neither would my reply qualify as a rant (not in the English-speaking world at least). And God only knows how you could deduce a “bloated ego” and “arrogance” from my short reply. You seem to be projecting your fears (or ignorance; or both) onto my writing. I also don’t understand how you found my reply insulting. Unless you generally find a statement of facts insulting.

In your reply, you simply repeat my words, with added venom and a disparaging tone, and then accused me of name-calling and throwing insults. You seem to be in desperate need of some kool-aid.

One another thing. I don’t know where Pakistanis get this idea that Indians haven’t accepted your country as a fact. Dude, we couldn’t be happier to see you as a separate nation. Seriously. The generation that felt bitter about the partition is long gone. And unlike in the Pakistan, they didn’t drill our minds with partisan rhetoric before leaving. They looked to the future. They tried to send their kids to school. You know how many more headaches we would’ve had if Pakistan was still India? Just keep your problems to yourself. Stop sending them over. We have enough on our plates already.

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One of America’s primary foreign policy objectives should be strengthening ties with India. There are many similarities between the two countries. Overall foreign policy objectives are similar. India is an excellent counterbalance to China. Pakistan is a fair weather friend, and we should not discount Indian relations over our current cooperation with Pakistan. India’s desire to become a greater regional influence should be encouraged. Finally, Pakistan & India’s objectives could never be more aligned. Now is the time to forge a strong partnership with India.

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History bears testimony to the fact that present India,Pakistn and Afganistan was linked culturally and politically. Its only some political interests sometime somewhere in history preferred to divide it and maintain it. People from one part (India) helping out some in the other- culturally similar and historically linked (Afganistan). is quite natural. Pak hawks should look better in the eyes of Afgan children, and then comment about their own insecurity.

Posted by Abhijit Ray | Report as abusive

One of the most widespread, fallacious & completely over-blown propaganda shoved down the throats of Pakistanis by their establishment is ‘India does not get along with any of it’s neighbors’. Every country in the world has some issues with it’s neighbors & India is no exception but India’s relations with all it’s neighbors, except Pakistan, by & large, are good. Here’s a summary:

India-Bangladesh: India was instrumental in the creation of bangladesh & India has great relations with Bangladesh’s Awami league & other democratic parties. Pakistan’s ISI has tried to create problems between India & Bangladesh by nurturing radical & terrorist outfits in Bangladesh but it hasn’t worked. India has invested in building Bangladesh’s industries as well as educational institutions.

India-Nepal: India & Nepal enjoy very good relations. The Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace & Friendship? defined security relations & bilateral trade relations between the two countries. It stated that “neither government shall tolerate any threat to the security of the other by a foreign aggressor” These accords cemented a “special relationship” between India and Nepal that granted Nepal preferential economic treatment and provided Nepalese in India the same economic and educational opportunities as Indian citizens. Indian tourism & investment is instrumental in fueling Nepal’s economy.

India-Sri Lanka: India-Sri Lanka relations were sketchy in the early 80’s due to India’s support of the LTTE but then India realized it’s mistake, ended support to the LTTE & sent in the IPKF (Indian Peace keeping Force) to fight the militants. Today India & Sri Lanka enjoy very good relations & trade between the 2 countries has been steadily rising, as has been, military cooperation & cooperation in international affairs. India has made direct investments in Sri Lanka’s private & public sector industries and also assisting with building Sri Lanka’s infrastructure.

Indi-China: Indo-China relationship has undergone times of both war and peace. It has been characterized by both border disputes, resulting in military conflict, and by economic cooperation. Both countries, have in recent years successfully attempted to reignite diplomatic and economic ties, and consequently, the two countries relations have become closer. India-China trade which in 2008 was app. $60 bn is expected to be app. $200 bn by 2012. As trade relations between the 2 get stronger, it is highly likely that the border dispute between them will be settled diplomatically, rather than militarily.

India-Afghanistan: It’s well documented on this blog that India is doing tremendous work in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. It is helping build Afghanistan’s institutions as well as it’s infrastructure. Afghan people appreciate this gesture & blame the Pakistani army/ISI for the destruction of their country.

India-Iran: The 2 countries have friendly relations in many areas & there are significant trade ties. Iran has frequently objected to Pakistan’s attempts to draft anti-India resolutions at international organizations such as the OIC. In the 1990s, India and Iran both supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Pakistan supported Taliban regime. They continue to collaborate in supporting the Karzai led Govt. Their relations are warm to the extent that many components of Iranian culture have been incorporated into Indian culture & vice versa.

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One thing I see from these comments is a misunderstanding from Pakistanis on how much India as changed.

To Pakistanis, India is still the caste-based Hindu dominated society it was at independence. That’s a caricature most young Indians would laugh at today. Even most Indian muslims would disagree with that image. But for whatever that’s the image Pakistanis have of India that’s stuck. And that’s where comments about India “accepting” Pakistan come from….a line that’s probably puzzling to the bulk of India’s population that did not live under Indira Gandhi.

On the other hand, the image that Indians (and I daresay most of the rest of the world) has of Pakistan is some kind of Muslim version of a poor man’s India, that’s dominated by mullah’s, extremism, violence, illiteracy, poverty, etc. Clearly this image is just as untrue as the Pakistani idea of India but that’s what’s stuck.

Pakistanis need to recognize that Indian is barely the same country it was a decade ago, let alone what India was at independence. The economic boom in India has changed mindsets dramatically. Having tasted the fruits of economic development, Indians are less likely to focus on competing with their neighbours for resources (leading to sectarian tension). And at the international level, India is far less likely to squabble with its neighbours today (who are more likely to be seen as an annoyance these days than a threat).

This is something Pakistanis need to understand. India could not care less about Pakistan. Those of us on the outside see that. Indeed, that’s why they didn’t bother emphasizing dialogue with Pakistan prior to 26/11. They were focused on the US-India nuclear deal. In that time period, the US had become more important to Indian policymakers than Pakistan.

In this light, their policy in Afghanistan is far easier to comprehend. They want a stable Afghanistan that can as their gateway to Central Asia (via Iran) and its resources. Thwarting Pakistan’s aims of strategic depth is a secondary concern. And that secondary concern would fall off the radar if there was some kind of accommodation with Pakistan about terrorism. But as long as Pakistan supports groups that can breed terrorists in Afghanistan that end up on Indian soil they are likely to be motivated to work hard to maintain their influence in Afghanistan. But Pakistanis should be under no illusions. Any Afghan government other than the Taliban (even another Pashtun dominated government) is likely to prefer India over Pakistan.

Sure Pakistan baby-sat 3 million Afghans. But, sad to say, the average Afghan still has a remarkably poor opinion about Pakistan, its government, its Army and most obviously the ISI, whom the Afghans resent for supporting the Taliban. And Pakistan is not doing itself any favours by promoting the return of the Taliban as a NATO exit strategy.

It’s quite binary for the average Afghan. The Indians bring roads and hospitals. The Pakistanis bring the Taliban. That’s why I find some of the comments on here from Pakistanis quite surprising. It’s clear they’ve never spoken to any Afghans. It’s also clear if you talk to Afghans that Pakistan has quite the PR battle ahead of them. Pakistanis should not mistake Afghan distaste for Karzai as some sort of endorsement of their Taliban alternative.

India, though, does need to tone down it’s visible presence in Afghanistan. In my experience, once you get past the paranoia (about the 17,18,no its 25! consulates), what seems to offend the Pakistanis the most, is how omnipresent the Indians are. They are everywhere. It wouldn’t hurt the government of India to be a little more discrete in its aid…maybe channel a bit more through the Afghan government (which would help increase its legitimacy).

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To remove the great power and not-so-great power rivalry in Afghanistan, ponder the following scenario:

President Karzai, in consultation with his parliament, requests all current foreign troops of ISAF to leave Afghanistan.

The leadership of Turkey, Albania and Indonesia have agreed to send troops from their countries as peacekeepers, as requested by the Afghan leadership, to replace the current military contingents. The peackeepers will be in the country for three years while the government negotiates an agreement with the Talban’s representatives for inclusion in the government.

The government of India has kindly offered to continue its aid in the form of building hospitals and schools. The government of Pakistan is offering to start a program of roadbuilding and agricultural infrastructure.

Neither India nor Pakistan will have any participation in the military operations of the peacekeepers.

The Afghan people have warmly accepted the offers from all the aforementioned countries…

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@November 25th, 2009
11:09 pm GMT

Good synopsis. I like to add that Indians think that a section of Pakistani Punjabis are doing much better than the rest of the Pakistanis. Even if we compare Punjab in Pakistan with that in India, there is no contest that Indian Punjab is prosperous despite 15yr long terrorism in the state. A prosperous Punjab was also a major reason that Sikh militancy did not affect the masses.

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Very good analysis until I came across this paragraph:

“India, though, does need to tone down it’s visible presence in Afghanistan. In my experience, once you get past the paranoia (about the 17,18,no its 25! consulates), what seems to offend the Pakistanis the most, is how omnipresent the Indians are. They are everywhere. It wouldn’t hurt the government of India to be a little more discrete in its aid…maybe channel a bit more through the Afghan government (which would help increase its legitimacy).”

That would be playing into Pakistan’s demands which we see as unreasonable and childish. India has asked for Pakistan to tone down its involvement in Kashmir and they hold on to it like their breath. But they cannot even tolerate India’s constructive projects inside Afghanistan. And Indians are everywhere (except may be Pakistan), not just in Afghanistan. If you go to the Middle Eastern countries, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa, you will see Indians of all colors. In Australia they have begun to beat Indians up specifically. May be there are too many of them there. I do not know. And Indians are in the Caribbean islands, Fiji etc as well. India produces work force resouces for the rest of the world. And Afghans welcome that. For Indians, that is all that matters. Pakistan is trying to score a point by getting at India in every which way. They have some serious emotional problem that they need to address for themselves. They are unable to stand India getting a pat on its back for its constructive activities in Afghanistan. They have blown up the Indian embassies there twice and it has made Indian resolve even harder as a result. The world should not put pressure on India to please the Pakistanis. They gave the Taliban for Afghanistan. And we all know how Taliban functioned there.

This is like Pakistanis complaining that the Americans and their allies should tone down their presence in Afghanistan. They are saying now that it is that presence that has led to the trouble at home. The number of terrorist attacks have increased inside Pakistan ever since Obama initiated the Af-Pak plan. Imagine how silly it sounds if Pakistanis demand that Americans move their troops out of Afghanistan so that terrorist attacks would go down in their country.

The problem is this – Pakistanis have become used to being pampered by the West. And they are unable to stand India gaining. I am surprised that they have not turned against Iran for having friendly relations with India. There are lot of Indians in Iran.

I’d ignore their whining and tell them to eliminate support for terrorism in all formats in their country. They cannot because it will mean dismantling their military and their intelligence department. They have built this weapon and cannot let go of it.

Where is Umair? I miss his view points in this forum.


India, though, does need to tone down it’s visible presence in Afghanistan.
- Posted by Keith

You too Brutus? sorry Keith?

After interacting with lots of paks you (along with Myra) have started practicing “pakistani ideology”(PI).

PI is defined as Pakistan should be allowed to punch way above its size, way above its economy& size should permit and India should punch way BELOW its economy and power would permit…constantly should be careful not to offend the Royal Highness Meglomaniac Pakistani ego.

Keith, you yourself say afghans don’t have a good image of paks and like what indians are doing.

If the Afghans feel let them say Indians should not be visible in Afghanistan. Have you heard anything like that?

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Peace Guys !!!
People miss the larger issue of “Peace”.
History shows be it any place Pakistan, India or Afganistan, without peace, there is no development/progress.
War benefits only war-industry.

Give Paece a chance, please.

Posted by Ashok | Report as abusive

I agree with Hasan about Pakistan’s constant obsession with war and fundamentalism that has dragged its economy and its people down – and attempts to drag India with it. It is not the job of India to fix Pakistan’s economy, their politics or their status of women. India should focus on Pakistan only to keep their terrorist crap away -not for anything else.

Pakistan needs to take responsibility for this, and they need to compensate for all the lives lost and property damaged. My parents moved out of Mumbai because of terrorism – and the city’s economy has been affected, mostly affecting the poor and the middle class.

If this had been America they would have gone to war the very next day. India showed much restraint – that is admirable. Such restraint is not a weakness to be made fun of, or conveniently used by war mongering guys. Miglani or Machalani (the reporter) needs to point this out.

I am also sick of the media here constantly discussing India only through the issues of Kashmir, conflict with Pakistan, the IT sector and poverty. There is more to India than these narrow priorties, perspectives and preferences. Trying to define India as a hegemon this or hegemon that is a Western way of seeing and defining power. One should not see India from a “top-down” or a “up-bottom” model of power as has been done traditionally.

India’s influence (not intrusion or involvement) in Afghanistan is Afghanistan’s choice. It is Afghanistan that wants India involved – and it is important that India use its service to Afghanistan well – with firm deadlines, limits and appropriate reciprocity from Afghanistan.

India also should not get too excited by this sudden American or gringo attention or approval. Obama is a smart man who knows the importance of military intervention and its limits. He also knows that problems in Pakistan are fairly serious, and if Pakistan does not step up to the plate then, no matter what India does or does not do, there will be serious problems.

ManMohan ji (or San) needs to speak clearly and firmly (not just slowly) and show some feelings about the human hurt and shock at being attacked. Keeping poker face to please politicians is not helpful. He should have shared how several times how many people had died since 2001 in India because of terrorism, and how many who died are poor and orphaned.

We Indians have been too nice, passive and at times outright stupid – fighting among ourselves. No more! As one of the beautiful Hindi and Urdu (Indian Muslim language) goes, “We will never attack and we will never take what is somebody else’s. But if we are attacked and ours is taken we will fight – fight hard and appropriately!” Jai Hind!


look the only prblem to us is that india counts every terrorist attack on him as an isi act .india can even see the current situation of Pakistan but he still think that these torrorists are under ISIs influence.any future attack on india will directly push us in a war even if it would be from any frustrated muslim of india itself and with an afghanistan of indian influence who is continously thretening pakistan with anuclear war it is a nigtmare for pakistan to fight with india thats why we think that indian influence on afghanistan is dangrous for us.

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The trouble in South Asia is called India. While Gandhi was preaching non-violence, his newly independent country was invading Kashmir, Heydrabad, Goa (later on), etc. India armed, financed, and directed terrorists in East Pakistan, and when that did not work it invaded Pakistan under the shadow of Soviet protection, it helped set up the Tamil Tigers and armed them and financed them for years, it has blockaded Nepal on several occasions, it picked a fight with China and got its butt kicked, it is in dispute with Bangladesh over their common borders, it swallowed Sikkim years ago, it introduced the curse of nuclear weapons to the region, its military budget is dwarfs the combined budgets of all its neighbors, its armed forces are desigend to project force and regularly hold exercises to invade Pakistan. The bottom line is that India is an aggressive and expansionist power, that is why it is present in Afghsnistan. There will be no peace in South Asia unless India is confined to its legitimate borders – not the ones it seeks.

Posted by Sharafat | Report as abusive

There are somethings in your comment which are true, but most of it is clearly ‘BS’. And I don’t blame you totally for it. Its how people in Pakistan are made to believe about India, and vice versa in India as well.
The blame should go to the respective media of both countries who are just enjoying the game.
But post 26/11, I can surely say that India has got a much needed wake up call, and hopefully past mistakes wont be repeated. I hope Pakistan too learns from whats happening on ground right now and recognizes the real enemy. India is not, was never, and never will be, an enemy to Pakistan; and its really painful and sad to know that even today, most Pakistanis think the other way.
As for Gandhi, he was the one who forced the INC to agree with Jinnah’s two nation theory. Had it not been for his resolve to let Jinnah have his way, Pakistan would not have been created in the first place !!

Posted by rj | Report as abusive

Dear Mr. Sanjeev Miglani,
“India is the hegemon in South Asia” – Really !!
How can you forget China my friend?
I am extremely surprised at this statement coming from a person of Indian origin (unless you want to believe otherwise).
Aren’t you aware that China’s GDP is way too higher than India’s, let alone Afghanistan.
Why is it that there is no Chinese involvement in building Afghanistan? If there is, then no one has possibly covered it, correct?
All this rhetoric about India building a strategic influence on Afghanistan so as to have an edge over Pakistan, is clearly rubbish and bulls**t.
India is doing what the UN, US and NATO forces should be focusing on. And I am sure all those who understand South Asian region, can easily gauge who wants India out of Afghanistan and why !!

Posted by rj | Report as abusive


@The trouble in South Asia is called India. While Gandhi was preaching non-violence, ……………”

Sharafat: Have you ever heard “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”? This applies perfectly to you.

Ignoring the irrelevant parts of your breathless rant, I will comment what is relevant to the blog:

@The bottom line is that India is an aggressive and expansionist power, that is why it is present in Afghsnistan. There will be no peace in South Asia unless India is confined to its legitimate borders – not the ones it seeks.”
–If you consider India’s presence in Afghanistan as “aggressive and expansionist”, why this is not applicable to Pakistan that in fact was involved at military/spy agency/diplomatic (with Taliban if one call that diplomacy), training Jihadis against Afghans (Non-Pashthun Afghans in Northern Areas) and against India/Kashmir? India’s involvement is at non-military/Afgnaistan rebuilding in nature and India has spent more than 1 billion $ out of pocket for that. India is rebuilding Afghanistan, instead of destroying the country like Pak-installed govt Taliban did under Pakistan’s watch.

If Pakistan’s wings are clipped by Indian presence in Afghanistan, it will be done.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

@Rajeev – Well said ! You have uncovered the hidden message in many of the comments. Thanks.

Posted by rj | Report as abusive

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Posted by abass | Report as abusive

“If Pakistan’s wings are clipped by Indian presence in Afghanistan, it will be done”

Then Pakistan is rightly doing to protect her interest in Afghanistan. Pak is neighbour of afghanistan while india is not and it will real painful for india at the end i think.

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive

War is cause people to death and many people pain. It is a biggest loss.


hmmm nice information but the main thing that we must consider here is the loyalty of the India is really give question about why the india did that.


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