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Hope rises in Afghanistan

January 11, 2010


More than 70 percent of Afghans believe their country is headed in the right direction, a poll commissioned by the BBC, ABC and Germany’s ARD shows, up from 40 percent a year ago.

Even more surprising, 90 percent said they wanted the country run by the current government, with President Hamid Karzai’s approval ratings at 72 percent. Is it really possible given an advancing Taliban insurgency thatĀ made 2009 the worst year for foreign forces in terms of casualties and Karzai’s own election mired in controversy over ballot rigging.

The survey, conducted in all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, doesn’t go into the reasons for theĀ findings. But perhaps the clues lie in the answers themselves. While you would ordinarily expect violence to be the country’s number 1 problem, Afghans themselves rate economy/poverty/jobs at the top of the list, followed closely by security/violence/warlords.

Drilling down further, more than 40 percent of those polled said availability of jobs/economic opportunities was good compared with 29 percent the previous year. Perhaps that is one reason for the Afghans’ greater confidence in their future.

Even on the security front, things are changing according to General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The U.S. troop surge has already blunted the Taliban momentum and the tide is turning against the militant group, he told ABC.


ther are so many percentages that one gets baffled. I have to questions?
1. Did the ARD, ABC and BBC reporters spoke Pashto or obtained translated version from the participants?

2. What was the total number of the participants?

After the loss of so many CIA operatives it is quite natural that the US marines are taking a pause before getting new orders from the boss in the US. I prefer to follow Mr Karzai’s assessment of the security situation and not ofc the Gringo!

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Rex, this from the BBC website : The survey was conducted by the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research (Acsor) based in Kabul. Interviews were conducted in person, in Dari or Pashto, among a random national sample of 1,534 Afghan adults from 11-23 December 2009.

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bull shit! Usa propaganda!

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Sorry. the survey’s credibility has always been questioned by KORSKI and Paris base Observer correspondent Jason Burk, who had the opportunity to live in Afghanista. It is a shame that the UK foreign minister is following the same spin strategy ogf Blair, and claiming success for the American surge:
. the pashtoon afghans do not give major importance to any violence among the tribes. Their criticism will always be at the foreign forxes.
. every single Pashtoon afghan has a weapon to defend himself and therefore they do not display any fear.
, they ususally provide the answers which are expected of them. Jason Burk has also observed this feature.
. the sample of around 1500 is a very small number and would not be even sufficien for a clincal study of patients.
. corruption or cash payments among afghans is not a big deal and does not disturb them. The west id making unnecessarily fuss about it.
. After listening to Hamid Karzai’s talks with AlJazeera, most Afghans would support him.

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