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Pakistanis demand answer, want to take down militant networks

May 13, 2010


It’s still not firmly established whether any Pakistan-based militant groups were involved in the failed car bombing in New York  this month and there have been renewed suggestions that the suspect Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-American,  may have been a lone wolf.

But this hasn’t stopped the soul-searching that Pakistanis have engaged in since the  failed attack on May 1. Indeed, it’s not just the United States or other countries in the west urging Pakistan to act against militants; the Pakistanis are as forthright, if not more demanding that the whole ‘terrorist infrastructure” be taken down.

Here’s an excerpt from an editorial from The Dawn:  “Sadly, our security establishment only acts when Pakistani or Pakistan-based militants attack or threaten to attack others and we, in turn, are threatened with “severe consequences”. These groups pose a danger to Pakistan more than to anyone else. When cornered they have no qualms about turning their guns on the state and its citizens. Created in the Zia era and nurtured by elements in the intelligence agencies, the jihadi infrastructure has spiralled out of control, and action is necessary before matters become even worse.”

The Daily Times said it was time Pakistan took on the Afghan Haqqani network operating out of North Waziristan, which has long been seen to be close to the Pakistani security establishment.  “The Haqqani network, considered an ‘asset’ for Pakistan in its ‘strategic depth’ policy in a post-US Afghanistan, has been given a free hand for far too long now. Haqqani has not only given a safe haven to the al Qaeda leadership in North Waziristan but is also involved in providing assistance to the Punjabi terrorists.”

The  newspaper also attacks the security authorities for failing to deal with the Pakistani Taliban decisively. ”The Pakistani Taliban have already wreaked havoc in our country, but their global terrorist aims should be a cause of concern for the government and the army. In the past we have either not paid much attention to their ties with global terrorist networks or have turned a blind eye to these collaborations. Now that a terror plot has been uncovered in the US and the involvement of our local Taliban is suspected, there should be no procrastination on this front.”

Pakistan must act for its own good, but if it didn’t the United States may well  bomb North Waziristan itself, intensify the drone attacks, bring boots on the ground, or declare war against Pakistan in the worst-case scenario, the newspaper said.  It reminds readers that the U.S. reaction to the attack on the Twin Towers in New York was an attack on Afghanistan.

Who says then Pakistan is in denial?


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i think there is atleast one person who is living in denial and that is the author. Pakistan have always lived a dual life. harbouring, protecting and arming the terrorist to strike india at will. 26/11, dawood in pak and the serial bomb blast case, Kashmir being burned dry etc. Practically every major attack can find its roots in pak. But when it comes to US the pak. govt. acts like its lap dog. It knows it must act or there will be “severe consequences”. unlike the indian govt. which acts only to protect their interests and not the nation US will act and decisively.

Some articles and editorials in news papers will not change the hatred that is spewed from the private news channels. Unless and untill pakistan decides to live in peace with all its neighbours, protect its minorities, work as a civilised state, promote secular living and thinking it will continue to live in denial, these editorials notwithstanding.

Posted by seema | Report as abusive

What a load of nonsense! An american citizen is alleged to have tried to exlode a bomb in the times square and the alleged crime is being implanted on Pakistan. The guy was supposedly picked up from the plane and is being accused for preparing the …. Did this man not take the oath to defend his adopted country at the time of gaining citizenship? The waziris are known in history for vengence but not through deceit or third paties. Is the man in question a waziri Pashtoon and has lost his loved ones by the drone attacks? Let us await his appearance in the court before transfering blame on foreign countries.

Posted by rex minor | Report as abusive

Pakistan is still a very feudal society. The upper class rich and the powerful in military are in the business to exclude the masses. The instrument of this exclusion is misinformation that India is the enemy to unite them in hatred and denying the educational and economic development. This game fitted well with western foreign policy and consecutive governments supported dictators that chocked Pakistan it’s destiny. The result a failed terrorist state that is in the brink of imploding within itself.

Posted by Mike Carter | Report as abusive

No editorial in Pak newspapers will change the mindset of the people of that country because its been forced into their heads since insception that their enemies are Indians, Iaraelis and now the USA. USA being the sustainer of their economy, due to this reason of getting easy money they hoodwinked them and pretended to act against terrorists whilst they actually providing them with intelligence of every moove USA made in Afghanistan.Dont forget England that gave Indian territory to some Muslims of India and called it Pakistan and Pak origin people attacked London 7/7 did not spare its creators then there is no hope of stopping their created terrorists.The only option left now is Clinton’s “severe consequences” in order to save usa and the world. THEY WILL PROBABLY SEND ANOTHER $BILLION TO PAK SOON.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

@ John
Unlike India and Pakistan. the USA is not made up of indigenous people. It is an immigrant country and therefore it would be wrong to look for the country of origin of the criminals operating in the USA. Equally,Britain alone is responsible for their criminals. They could stop granting citizenship to foreigners to control criminality.
The Brits did not give the territory to any one, they were forced to quit the colony at the end of world war 2. They(the Brits) are now preparing for the separation of Scotland from the British Isles.
Both India and Pakistan are far from becoming independent Nations. Their institutions including military is structured as a colonial outfit and have been suppressing ever since its own citizens. The USA administration has no business to be in Pakistan or Afghanistan, they should better pay attention around the borders of their own country and try to plug the hole which the BP have dug. Neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are the places to look for Terrorists. And do’nt you boast about the USA being the sustainer of foreign economies, ignoring the fact the USA along with the entire western economies are now living on credit. The question one should be asking is who are the creditors now for the life line of the USA? Two prominent names come to my mind, namely China and the Saudis. Do you know of some one else.
The lady diplomat is a sad chapter for the clintonians. After the departure of two previous afro/american secretary of states, she has failed to improve the bad image of the USA in the world. She should have kept Madam Allbright as her advisor or asked for the secretary of Defence post? Howard Baker is likely to remain as the best for representing USA in the world!
Rex Minor

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