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Old spectre of partition sparks new jitters

July 16, 2010

great_gameAn analysis by a former U.S. envoy to India has touched off a fire storm in Afghanistan where the world’s super power is struggling along with a 150,000-strong NATO force it leads against a resurgent Taliban it thought it had almost defeated with their ousting in 2001.

It has revived a long-held suspicion among some Afghans that the U.S. wants to divide the country as part of  a wider plan to destabilise the middle east and central Asia in pursuit of world hegemony.

The Obama administration’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan seems headed for failure, said Robert D. Blackwill, who also served as U.S. deputy national security adviser for strategic planning and presidential envoy to Iraq in the administration of President George. W. Bush.

“Given the alternatives, de facto partition of Afghanistan is the best policy option available to the United States and its allies,” he wrote.

Western diplomats and military commanders have not publicly commented on Blackwill’s analysis, nor has President Hamid Karzai, whose government remains unpopular, but some Afghans have reacted bitterly.

One journalist in a late evening radio discussion said Afghans should not remain silent and Karzai had to show that he is a national leader at this critical time.

Ramazan Bashardoost, a lawmaker and former minister in Karzai’s government,  told the same show that Washington eyed broader regional goals,  and Afghanistan’s instability or division suited those aims.

“Don’t invest in Afghanistan’s disintegration”, read a headline in the Kabul Weekly on Thursday.

“The idea (of partition) is not a new of one,” it said in an editorial. “Western diplomats and so-called political experts have proposed partition before.

In the early 1990s, it said, a Pentagon agency had produced a map of a partitioned Afghanistan,  “appropriately titled ‘Balkanization of Afghanistan’ which proposed breaking up both Pakistan and our country…”.

Afghanistan is made up of a variety of ethnic groups well represented elsewhere in the region such as Turkmens, Uzbeks and Tajiks. Pashtuns make up some 37 percent of of the 30 million population and also number in their in millions in Pakistan as part of the colonial-era separation of the tribe and territory.

Showing they also keep tabs on the wealth of pundits with an opinion on Afghanistan, the Taliban also responded on their website.

With the Afghan war getting out of America’s control, and appointing a new man in charge, it is possible they wants to stir disunity among Afghans and divide Afghanistan into several parts, the hardline Islamist group said.

It also had a dig at the strength of newly appointed commander of foreign forces, General David Petreaus, noting his fainting at congressional hearings last month.

Since invading Afghanistan in 2001, Washington has been keen to see the disintegration of Afghanistan, the Taliban said.

The fire storm over partition will be given fuel by news that Karzai had endorsed a U.S.-proposed plan for creating a new rural community police force as a security front against the Taliban.

The formation of  the force is a sensitive issue for Afghans who remember the notorious militias mobilised by the Soviets during their decade-long occupation in the 1980s, and the role they played in the bloody civil war that followed.


The idea of partition among the anglo saxon’s is not new, but a part of their history and military and political strategy. We see the consequences today that scotland also wants to leave the union and the USA is now dominated by the zionists leaders, but more and more population of hisponic and african origin is taking over the country. Who had thought of having a son of kenyan with the muslim name Hussain would take over the presidency after the demise of another Hussain in Iraq?
Afghanistan arena is no different and of the all the generals available mr hussains and his clowns(the four star american General’s word not mine), a jewish general is appointed to defeat the Pashtoons. The Pashtoons in total are over sixty million settled as independent tribes in their territory and do not recognise any govt. either on Pakistan side or Afghanistan side. They are full aware of their stregnth and are not in the future going to allow another foreign power to invade their home land. Sooner than later they are going to come out of their bunkers as one people and spread across the entire subcontinent, not ignoring the northern neighbours Tajik, Uzbek and kirgis territories. This process is going to last for several decades. The USA and the Nato outfits are no longer in a position to have any say in the future events. They are there to cut and run as quickly as possible, since their credit Bankers namely the Saudis and the Chinese are refusing to extend the period for the credit line. The Pashtoons do not negotiate, and no Govt. in Kabul or Islamabad are likely to stay in power without their approval. The rest is nothing but a smoke scree.
Rex Minor

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For the sake of this nations in the so called Afghanistan this country must be disintegrated, it is so obvious that pashtuns are unable to come to the table with any good idea, I’m not talking about those radical islamist, but about moderate pashtuns who lost their way to compromise. From the beginning of the history of this nation 250-200 years ago this idea and creation of this entity was wrong and it is wrong now. It is so sad that coalition of nations forces who are today in Afghanistan trying to build for them a nation and statehood and they are wrong, they didn’t learn from the history and the past,and they are making the same mistakes again and again.The problem is pashtuns, their way of thinking, their mentality, their way of life and beliefs, their ancient rules and lows that stagnated this nation,prevented them from development, their tribal mentality put them in captivity of their own imagination complicated with fanaticism and unhealthy nationalism that brought devastation not only to pashtuns themselves but for many other people who leaves side by side with pashtuns also. Pashtuns need to find themselves, reinvent themselves, to come up with ideas and values that are not against humanity and nature,they need to find stimulus that can bring development, progress and put them in one line with other nations and states, that other nations will respect them and learn from them. It seems that this nation is so fallen into convulsion and chaos,that they stop understand themselves, they stop to see what is ahead, this nation looks like they are in the darkness and no way to get out of it.It reminds me the body of ill person, fragile and so weak that needs so much of treatment and urgent care. If they over come all of this obstacles that are preventing them from being a nation of the uniting force, then they may be able to build a state with leadership of pashtuns over other nations of Afghanistan.Pashtuns are not majority in this country and they’ve never been. Afghanistan with domination of minority of pashtuns over majority of Persian-Dari speakers is not good idea and it is not fair for the majority of Persian-Dari speakers that pashtuns trying to dominate in old fashion way, by force and intimidation of other nations- tajiks turkomans hazaras and others. That is why the resentment of this nations against pushtuns is growing day after day, so much distrust and hatred is between them today and this gap is widening more and more. Persian -Dari speakers are not more afraid of minority of pashtuns, they fed up with their mentality and way of life, they no longer can tolerate the idea of being together in one state or to be dominated by pashtuns. This hatred that exist between them “pashtuns and Persian-Dari speakers” is never to be solved or removed, it more look like the problem that is never been solved between Jews and Arabs. The solution for both is to separate them from each other, to create for both two separate states, side by side.Only this way some one can bring peace to both nations,it will take generations after generations to forget the crimes that were committed by both sides in the name of nation and state building, they need to bring progress to their nations and tribes, education and health care,they need to fight for human rights and women’s rights, they need viable economy, self sufficient economy and infrastructure that will let them to build their own happy future. That notion that pashtuns are majority is not true and to use this false argument by pashtuns is not helping their cause. Persian-Dari speakers are the majority in that country and they should decide who they should build their nation with. Afghanistan and creation of this entity was solely and unquestionably mad and wrong decision of imperial Britain and Russians who created such a wrong entity. This region was always known under the name of Khorasan. In the last 250 years Pashtuns were unable to create any strong and viable state, they couldn’t even develop their own Pushtu language,education, literature or other important things that could show to other nations in that state that they( pashtuns) are the nation of strong and uniting culture, that their culture and mentality is that strong that they can and are able to bring other nations together, not by force but by other factors that are necessary for nation building, those factors and attributes that can help to build strong nation and statehood. Their most educated pashtuns were educated in atmosphere where the Persian-Dari mentality is dominating over the Pushtu one, were the Persian-Dari culture is the orientire or leading example for others,were the Pushtu inteligencia must speak Persian-Dari but no other way for Persian Dari speaker, everything should or would be compared with Persian-Dari one because of strong and dominant Persian-Dari culture and mentality. Pashtuns must understand that they will never succeed in nation building by force and war, they must recognise and except that idea of exceptionalism of pashtuns is not working, it never worked and never will.


My dear Afghan friend, you have looked at this in a very short sighted way. In the past 50 years the foreigners have created a political environment in Afghanistan in which ordinary Afghans are completely confused. We don’t really know which side to take. On one hand the Americans are invaders but they have brought some good things with them such as promoting democracy, promoting literacy, re-construction of the country and so on. On the other hand the Taliban for most parts are Afghans but they are not the people who should be governing a country. They are just a group of religious people who have no regards to any other aspect of human life. After the claps of Taliban most Afghans lied down their arms because there was no clear friend or foe, and in neither side of the conflict there was a definite cause to fight far. If the Afghans see someone dividing their country apart; once again the ordinary Afghans will pick up gun and will fight just like they fought against the Russians, against the British, against Alexander the Great and against the Mongols. Now only the extremists fight but in that case all Afghans will fight. Afghan will go to the north and to the west and fight against the people who facilitate their countries partition. The common Afghan man doesn’t fight now because he thinks the foreign forces are there to help. Once that perception changes; the foreigners will find themselves and far more difficult situation. So far only a tiny little group of extremists fight against them. The Taliban extremists only fight for the religion but at that time it will the about the country’s National Unity and all Afghans will unit and fight. It will be about the integrity of Afghanistan. There will be cause and effect for fighting. The unfortunate is that the fundamentalist will claim that they were right in recognizing the enemies of the country, they will be stronger again. In affect Blackwell’s theory empower the fundamentalist which will have greater negative consequences for Afghanistan and for the region. Another point that Robert Blackwell does not notice is that there are roughly 20% to 30% Pashtoons in the north of Afghanistan. What is he doing with them? Is he letting them come to the south and let them be killed on the way to the south just like his ancestors did to the Sikhs when they migrated from Lahore to Amritsar in 1945? Is he proposing to kill them all because they will definitely be against the partition and hence against the Americans? Or he is leaving them so that they make a separate country in another 100 years? The English forces have a history of divide and rule. It is history in repeat now; a hundred and thirty years ago they occupied Afghanistan and then pulled back from half of it and left the other half with British India (which is Pakistan now). They are doing exactly the same thing now. Sir Mortimer Durand did it in 1883 and now Robert Blackwell is proposing the same thing. Just like the Durand Line which did not make any sense the Blackwell Line is a self-interested, egotistical, egotistic, egocentric, egoistic, self-regarding, greedy, venal, mercenary and selfish Englishman desire to conquer the world (Divide and Conquer). Again he is not even dividing it along the ethnic lines. They leave parts of the Pashtoon land with the Tajiks so that they fight with each other over these disputed lands for centuries to come. The English forces have divided many countries but all of them still fight with each other because they left pockets of one ethnic group’s land with the other. We can see the evidence of it if we look at the Middle East and Far East map. They slashed parts of Iraq and created a country called Kuwait which resulted in 1991 golf war and subsequently the 2nd Golf War. They left parts of Iraq with Iran (Shat Ul Arab) which resulted in Iran – Iraq war in the 80’s killing millions of people. They took parts of Afghanistan and parts of India and created a country and called it Pakistan. From the date of its creation until today; Pakistan is in fight or in disagreement with both of its neighbors. Not only that, they left one part of Kashmir with India and other part with Pakistan over which the two counties are fighting for the past 65 years, they also created another country all the way on the other side of India and called it Eastern Pakistan – now Bangladesh. They could have just give the entire Kashmir to Pakistan because they were separating a country for the Muslims of India, so does it not make sense to give all of Kashmir to Pakistan since Kashmiris are Muslim? But they did not do that. The result is that India and Pakistan fought with each other for years. These country’s have spent most of their economical resources in buying weapons, defending their country, providing for injured and widows of war and on post war re-construction as a result they stayed under developed in academic, science, technology and in infrastructure. The westerners produce everything for us and we import them including their weapon which only brings death and destruction. Wars do not bring only death and destruction but it puts a huge impact on culture, education, individual personality, habits, manners, relationships and so on A ten-year war against Russia for example pushed Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. It is not only the infrastructure that gets destroyed. A war changes a country in every aspect. There was a time that the British were bringing the Indians and others to the west by force and by means of slavery but now as a result of wars in the east and being so much underdeveloped; the citizens of eastern countries voluntarily apply for immigration visa to the western countries and most of the time they end up cleaning washrooms, washing dishes, driving taxis and other physical jobs for the westerns. For example in Canada they need to add approximately 300,000 immigrants every year. If our countries are developed and prosper; we wouldn’t have gone to Canadian or American embassy and apply for immigration. They would have had to find other ways of bringing us to their countries, such as they did in 1800 century. But they have created a political and social condition in our countries that we voluntarily run away from our countries and apply for visa in western embassies. They no longer have to slave us or put us in chain or ship up here, in effect we are volunteer salves. Off course a volunteer salves in 21st century have some more rights and some more privilege; after all we are coming here voluntarily and therefore should not be discriminated like our insisters were.

History shows that all wars in Afghanistan have been followed by a civil war. That is because a war changes the underplaying structure of the society and people are put in fight with each over ethnicity, language or religion. You and I lived in Afghanistan for centuries without even realizing our differences but during the war in every step the BBC talked about language and ethnic background of Afghans. For example when Taraki choose Hafizula Amin as has dumpty president; BBC said Taraki and Amin are Pashtoon and Babrak Karmal is Tajik. They repeated this kind of analysis on a daily basis until it was taken and absorbed by the Afghans that there are two ethnic groups. But if you study the event leading to the departure of Babrak Karmal; it was only a political dispute between the group of Khalq and Parcham. My dear countrymen, the real beneficiaries of all wars are the supper powers who put us in war or divided us. They divided us intentionally in a way that we fight over disputed pieces of land for ever and ever. Robert Blackwell is clearly doing the same thing. For example most area’s of Kabul such us Char Asia, Baghman, Qalay Zaman Khan, Dah Sabz, Oat Khil, Tara Khil, Karte Naw, Bagrami, Sorobi, Niaz Baig and so on are Pashtoons and Robert Blackwell is proposing leaving them with the north. This will be an area just like Kashmir for which the north and the south will fight for decades. Not only there are pockets of Pashtoon and Tajiks all over Afghanistan but there are also provinces that are totally mixed such as Konduz, Ghazni, Kabul and Fara. Pashtoons and Tajiks are also mixed by marriages. There is seldom a family in Afghanistan in which there is no mixed marriage. For example my father is Pashtoon and my mother is Tajik. One of my sitters husband is Tajik and my other sisters husband is pashtoon. The result will be that my dad will take my mother to the south and my mother will never see her family again. My sister’s husband will take my sister to the north and we will never see her again. This kind of mix marriages are almost in every family in Afghanistan. Is this something you want my dear Afghan friend. You should know your friend and foe before saying “long live Blackwell”. Study more and you will see who brought the distraction and the war to Afghanistan. Who created and brought fundamentalism into Afghanistan in the 1960’s. Who created, financed and supported the extremist Gulbodin Hekmatiar, Rabani and Ahmad Shah Masoud to fight against the legitimate government of Mohamad Dawood. Who intentionally created a political environment to push the Russians into Afghanistan? Who created and supported the fundamentalist Mujahedeen and later divided them into 7 factions, and then further split them into groups of Tajik and Pashtoon. Who created and financed the Taliban. Who brought the Criminals like Dostom, Sayaf and Fahim into power? If you listen to Zbigniew Brzezinski in who was the National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, he says that we induced the Russian invasion into Afghanistan. He said “We wanted to give them there Vietnam”. Read the “THE COLD WAR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY Projects form Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars – The KGB in Afghanistan” and you will see who made the Russians invade Afghanistan. You will see how Russians refused to come to Afghanistan over and over again while repeated request were made by the Afghan government at the time. The Russians rejected to come to Afghanistan although the Afghan government at the time made repeated requests (some 24 times) however once they came; Brzezinski went to the border of Afghanistan and gathered the tribal leaders and told them “That land you see over there, is yours which is occupied by the Godless communists, one day you will go back to your homes and to your mosque” This video in available in YouTube and has been played by CNN and other media several times. This is the men who just came from United State after a discussion with the president to prolong the war as long as possible with Afghan blood. If you study you will see who wanted the Russians to come to Afghanistan. If you study the facts behind the 1978 claps of Dawood regime; you will see that the Khalq and Parcham codetta was an Afghan matter that could have been resolved within a couple of years if it wasn’t because of United Stat desire to bring the Russian to Afghanistan and to punished them by Afghan blood. If you study more about these events you will find out the real culprit of death and destruction in Afghanistan. Read about Charlie Wilson who was the fundraiser of Afghan-Russian war in US congress. He said that for them it was not important who fought against Russians. He said that they were giving weapon to anyone who could create anarchy and chaos in Afghanistan. He said that unlike the Russians in Vietnam; they did not have any future plan for Afghanistan. He said that the Russian had a future agenda and a future system for Vietnam and once the Americans were out, the government was replaced by the new system and hence there was no vacuum of power and therefore no civil war but we didn’t have any agenda for Afghanistan, we just wanted the to see the Russian bleed and bleed more by supporting anyone and any group who caused chaos in Afghanistan. He further added “we were ready to fight the Russian to the life of last Afghan citizen” So my dear Afghan friend, the Americans have already counted you, me, our parents and our siblings and our countrymen as collateral damage for their own cause. It was not even a cause; it was just bullying and to keep their pride preserved. Brzezinski said that mid way through the war in 1985, the Russians came to them and proposed to the Americans that they wanted to leave Afghanistan and asked them to co-operate with them in an exit strategy but Ronald Reagan said to his National Security Advisor, “Let them bleed and bleed more”. The American could have stopped the war right there and could have save millions of more death and destruction and hence the civil war but they continued until now but they didn’t. They are the one responsible for the claps of government system in Afghanistan, the destruction of Afghan National Army, the empowerment of fundamentalist and the claps of Afghan society as a whole. They are again welling to kill as many Afghan as possible because they want to show the world that America was not defeated. They are again welling to show the world at the cost of last Afghan life that they do not accept defeat. So my dear friend, instead of breaking our country into pieces; it is best for us to put our guns down and bring peace and security to our country and tell the foreigners out of our country as soon as possible.

Wali Frozan

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Speaking another language does not change ethnicity. There are millions of Pashtoons who don’t speak pashtoo anymore but they are still pashtoons. Example of the people you and I know are the entire Royal Family. Ahmad Zahir’s family, Ahmad Wali’s family, Najim Nawabi’s family, Ahmad Shah Hassan’s family, Farhad Darya’s family and there are thousands of other families who are not famous but they have been raised and Kabul and have adopted Farsi as their first lagauge. If we separate Afghanistan by language; there could be more Farsi speaking citizens but when it comes to ethnicity, Pashtoon are way more then any other groups. For example I am a pashtoon but I am not able to make even a single perfect sentence in Pashtoo. The same is true about my entire family which consist of some 400 people. If you associate with us you may count us as tajiks because we sound and act like Tajiks, however if it comes to ethnicity and separating the country; we will definitely be on the Pashtoon side. Except for Badakhshan, the rest of the provinces are all mixed. They are either pashtoon, hazara, uzbek turkman or mixed. For example if you travel to Kundoz or Baghlan; every village that comes on your way is Pashtoon or uzbek. (Chardara, Khan Abad, Dashte Archi and many more). Secondly you are bringing the cultural background of Pashtoons and how behind they are. Amanula Khan introduced women liberty in Afghanistan but a dark minded, illiterate talib style Tajik from Shamli by the name of Habibula Bache Saqau called Jihad on him and removed him from power. Bache Saqau simply drove Afghanistan back a hundred years.

Pashtoons like Zahir Shah educated the Tajiks of Afghanistan and introduced them the modern way of life. Look around you; there are only a few highly educated intellectual Tajiks. If you find out about any minster, president, musician, artist of the King Zahir’s time and deg into their ethnicity; you will find that they were mostly pashtoons who couldn’t speak pashtoo anymore. They all seemed to be Tajiks because they spoke Farsi but they were not. For the longest time I did not know that Ahmad Wali or Ahmad Zahir were pashtoons. As for the culture of Pashtoons, I left Afghanistan in late 80’s. I was living in Khir Khana and studying in Karte Parwaan. I was taking the public transit. Almost mid way between Khair Khana and Karte Parwan; there was a bus stop called “Saray Shamali” (Bus Terminal for cities north of Kabul). These people were just arriving from north and they were using the public transit to get to Khir Khana. Trust me the moment they were entering the bus; you had to hold your breath, they simply stank. You had to slightly open the bus windows even in the freezing days of winter.

You also brought up the women rights and so on in the pashtoon area. Who is more open minded then the Mohamadzai of Afghanistan? The atrocities tajiks comet against women in Herat now (see girls being burnt by husband in YouTube), the kind of Bacha Bazi that is common in Mazar-e-Sharif (child molesting). Every mazare is walking around with a Bacha Berish with him. Have you ever seen a Kandahary with Bacha Berish?

In Afghanistan there were two languages, Farsi was the official language and Pashtoo was the National language therefore Farsi was used in schools and in formal communication and hence it developed more and pashtoons had to learn Farsi too. It did not mean majority or domination.

So my dear I am not saying that Pashtoons are any better. I picked on Tajiks because you spoke so negatively about Pashtoons. Tajiks and Pashtoons are all our people and are Afghans no matter where they are. If being Tajiks by itself were such an extraordinary advantage then the country north of us “Tajikestan” would have been so advanced in every aspect of life. The fact of the matter is that we are all behind in every field no matter we speak Urdu, Panjabi, Guajarati Arabic or Pashtoo. I agree that there are regional difference but they are very little.

Let’s stop mentioning our shortcomings because all of us have shortcomings. If you analyze things like this we will only give the foreigners a chance to interfere and to use us. All human have shortcomings regardless of their ethnicity or language. It has nothing to do with language. In most countries it is crime to generalize and labialize people based on ethnicity, religion or language. The way you are analyzing ethnicities; only opens more discussion and hence inflames more hate which can lead to another civil war.

Wali Frozan

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