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Afghanistan’s Taliban: cowards or fearless warriors?

October 8, 2010

(The defaced poster of a woman candidate in last month's parliament electionU.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have often called the Taliban cowards for planting crude roadside bombs, the biggest killer of troops and civilians. They should come out and fight like men, instead of planting these improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and then slipping away into the countryside. If you are out on a patrol with the forces, that’s the kind of thing you often hear.

But some people are questioning this kind of labelling, asking if it is right to dismiss your enemies as cowards, especially one in this case that has fought the world’s most powerful military to a draw, if not a possible retreat.

Can you really call the Taliban who go to war wearing robes, sandals and turbans and armed with assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and whatever else they can lay their hands on as cowards, asks NightWatch, an intelligence firm that produces regular assessments. They are fighting an army that comes with the most advanced  equipment in the history of warfare – body armour, tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, backed by helicopter gunships, artillery and surveillance aircraft.

And above all, the drones – the unmanned aircraft that hover over the skies for hours at a stretch beaming back high resolution pictures down to the numbers on the license plate of pick-ups that the Taliban use in the mountains that straddle Afghanistan and Pakistan. And these unmanned planes are being remotely controlled all the way from the United States.

What kind of  bravery is that, flying these planes from a tractor trailer in the Nevada desert, hunched over computer terminals and firing missiles like it was a video game, asks John Treep in a piece in The MinnPost. Except that in this case the death and destruction is real.

I do not criticize modern American warriors for choosing the close-to-home computer terminal over a tent and a Humvee on the Afghan-Pakistan border — I’d make the same choice in a flash. But does it really make sense to describe our warriors as brave and our enemies, people apparently eager to give their lives for what they believe in, as “cowards.”

Does it really matter what you call your enemies?  It can, actually, because you run the risk of underestimating them. Dismissing the Taliban as burqa-wearing cowards who strap explosives to their chests may not be the best way to tackle them, especially now that they control large parts of the countryside.


Truth Speaks Itself No Need For Labeling everyone has brain to think

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@sanjeev Miglani
Let us expand your article for assessment;

The so called Afghan talibans are made of local Pashtoon tribes who strictly operate within their own specified territory. Tresspassing into another tribal area is forbidden, unless they have the free passaghe.
In addition, there are chechanians, arabs, the tajiks and the uzbek warriors from abroad who are supporting the resistance and fighting along with their Pashtoon comrades against most western countries of the world. Their guerella tactics are probably superior to those of the regular army, who rely on their military text books. The one tactic you must have observed is that they do not provide a large space to the enemy to move around. Fear is also not part of the taliban baggage, which the regular soldiers carry with them in their protacted armour.
At the age of five the pashtoon learns to shoot and before sixteen they learn to make bullets and practice target shooting.
They are known to have shot down the aeroplane, the helicopter and lately the drones. They live mostly on very rich meat diet for proteins and fruits for minerals and vitamins. No junk or sandwitched diet. Cowardness is not an acceptable vocabalry, any one receiving this titile has only one remedy and that is to revenge or leave the Pashtoon Land.
Any foreign invader who proves to be braver is fully respected by the Pashtoons. Those who sit in the flying machines and drop bombs from the sky or enter into the houses and molest their women and children are regarded by them as not worth opponents and cowards.
Rex Minor

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Pakistan’s ISI, a hidden, frustrating power for U.S. 721Z20101008?pageNumber=1

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So far this is the most unbiased report i’ve ever read in a western news agency. Well i think the biggest mistake the americans are committing is underestimating their enemy. If they don’t learn to respect the courage of their enemy, they’ll never be able to win this war. Despite of the adversities they’re still strong n firm in resolve to fight the americans. Well i don’t mean that they’re good people (talibanis) but still they’re brave, n shouldn’t be called coward.

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The big picture isn’t always seen. These ‘cowards’ don’t recognize, or adhere to Geneva conventions, international pressure, or the idea that they have to be friends to all. the US issue is not that the troops are less capable of the same tactics, or that they even dismiss their enemies as weak, it that we don’t use civilians as fodder as a practice, and when it does happen, the troops are considered guilty until further notice. Most troops would travel native if given the opportunity, and if thr ROE (Rules of Engagement) weren’t as tight, more would be done, to the dismay of the international conscience that seems to pervade all that ocurrs with US foreing policy.

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Dear Robert Walker,

Which American and Jew Military are you refering too?
The GI joes you saw at the theater. Theses violations are on video for all to see. Xenophobic, look it up Mr. Walker.

Damon McCann

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The 17th century theologist philosopher descartes presented to the then world that since no one complains about the lack of common sense, proves that the God almighty have provided common sence to all humans. he erred, because the people without common sense would not know if they have or have not the common sence. Today we have some idea about the IQ level of inividuals.
On average the american soldier has the lowest common sense in the world and their commanders and supporters are presenting the ROE and Geneva conventions and human rights to afghans after invasion, which the American administraations have been violating in our time. The International criminal court is not recognised by today’s USA and torture and criminal concentration cmps are not only in place within the USA but also around the globe. Wars are won in combat and not in the offices, think tank institutions. the call of the day is to Bring them on or withdraw quitely and peacefully wothout remorse and accusations. the valleys of afghanistan have witnessed more death than the Verdun battle front. The honourable exit for the top US commander of the forces and the defence chief would be to resign and follow the great marine General adiviser to mer Obama.
Rex Minor

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The men who fought the Soviets are warriors who fought for their freedom but now, there fighting are mindless and meaningless. They are fighting on behalf of few men whose egos are hurt by the western powers the men who provoked the fighting are nowhere to see they just send some poor guy brainwashed and strapped with explosives to his death. The people of Afghanistan are fearless but the leaders who control them are definitely cowards.

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@T Mark
Sorry, but your prejudice would always influence you. The Pashtoons afghans do not need your advice or concurence nor do they accept the premise of the invaders who launcheda campaign on the basis of terrorism coming from Afghanistan. Some new actors like the new Brish Prime Minister still believe that the people who supposedly launched the Sept. 2001 attack were trained in afghanistan. The fact that they were arabs, receiving their education in Hamburg germany and received flying training in the USA had nothing to do with it.
one thing is sure neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are the banana republics, which their current leaders have inadvertantly and for their limited interest managed to make them. The backlash is now in progress and we should wait for the next scenario to see whether VERNUNFT or VENGENCE round prevails.
I üpray for the former.
Rex Minor

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You are wrong. The leaders are not cowards. Every so-called “leader” knows his days are numbered if there is even a shred of truth to the daily news flash that another “taliban leader” was killed. No. These are indeed brave men who knows that even his most trust confidante could spills all the beans under torture. Yes, the United States does and still do torture. ANYONE engaged in the defense of his own land is a fearless warrior. The “coward” label is for the Americans who pride themselves in in calling people derogatory names.

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The Taliban are cowards because they terrorize and dominate primarily women, using beating, mutilation and outright death to impose their interpretation of Islam, and their backward worldview in general. their religious police intimidation and beatings, public torture and execution. They engage in pederasty with abandon because they fear women on so many physical and intellectual levels, yet warp the minds and habits of young boys to serve their ends either physically or militarily. These are all documented facts by the way.

They’re afraid of music, dancing, most images that don’t concern them ( Carved buddahs that predate their sect of islam by near a millennium are destroyed, but when was the last time you heard of a Taliban tearing or blacking out a picture of Mullah Omar out of an old copy of Time Magazine?) sports and oh yes, kites.

They are fighting a solid guerrilla war against western forces, this cannot be denied. But they are fighting a military of some restraint (regardless of how public opinion may vary on Predator strikes, etc.)
The Taliban are lucky they aren’t in fact fighting someone with the resolve of the old British empire, who would have treated them much like the Thuggee of old, with a policy of extermination by hanging, every adult male who even had a link to their order.
- the Russians very likely would have done just that had they even existed during the soviet occupation. But regardless of retroactive history, the Taliban didnt come onto the world stage til the time of power vacuum when the USSR collapsed. God help them if the Chinese ever feel unchallenged enough to take interest in their theater of the world. Because Allah certainly wont be able to save them. I doubt he’d even acknowledge they ever existed.
Just an opinion, but I doubt most women in either Afghanistan or Pakistan would miss them for a moment.
Just remember, if there were no NATO troops for them to attack, they’d turn their fury on women, disobedient children, any man with a beard of less than ZZ top dimensions. ( while ironically they’d try slaughter or at least silence Billy, Dusty and Frank in a hot second)
Fierce guerrillas do not worthwhile warriors, let alone human beings, make.

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You people are all idiots. Its sad, sad, sad. You think you truly understand the afghans? or those Pushtun fighters that fight the coalition? You don’t. You are the “cowards” criticizing either side from a computer screen.

The unfortunate truth is (and i am sorry to say) that the Jihadis already have lost. They can keep blowing themselves up for all we care. No one cares about it anymore. Unfortunately for your Muslim brethren, no one cares anymore. The whole point of martyrdom (as with most terrorism) is to draw attention to your cause..But guess what? No one cares! And trust me on this, PLEASE..You have no idea how little they accomplish with blowing themselves up (Who blows up themselves and all their own friends just to kill ONE american? dumbasses. I think its ridiculous and wasteful)
So, just for your information people…The Taliban (as brave as they were during the Soviet occupation I guess) are now just wasting time and money trying to stop the Coalition (who are just trying to build schools and mosques and provide security and relief!). America will leave when we are ready, and we when we do, the funny thing is that the afghans will have killed more of their own people than we EVER did!! And trust me, this will be forgotten in a hundred years. And when our future children look at the numbers, they won’t lie. It will say America destroyed hundreds of thousands of Taliban and the Taliban only killed ten thousand Americans (oh, and thousands of their own people in suicide bombings too). Who won? yeah, we will see on that. Ha ha…idiots.

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OH! and by the way…I like how the commentor “Damon” tries to sound like he knows what he is talking about. I like how he uses the words “Jew military”!! ha ha ha ha!!! thats hilarious. What a MORON! damon, you need to be hit in the head with a tack hammer…You poor, ignorant little dune monkey.

I think you guys think that all Americans think the Taliban are cowards. We don’t. I have seen their work firsthand, and they are just fighting the WRONG WAY! They could do more (like the south Vietnamese did) if they just were a little smarter about it. Remember Vietnam? Now thats an enemy insurgency the Americans respect. They knew how to fight…And there are many brave Pashtuns, don’t get me wrong. i think they are BRILLIANT in some of their tactics. They are not the ones who introduced suicide bombings (that is the Arabs) into the fighting. They fight with the hearts of lions. But the taliban “converts” unfortunately are just not too bright and will keep getting their asses beat every time they stick their heads up until they finally learn.

And just so you guys understand, the Americans are not there to “invade” your sh*thole country. We couldn’t care less who owns it a hundred years from now. We just want those people who are being stoned to death for no good reason by the “sharia” psychopaths to feel secure for once. And yes, we make mistakes and bomb the wrong people. We actually spend BILLIONS of dollars trying NOT to do that!! We spend BILLIONS on laser guided bombs to try and avoid hurting all of your dirtball little cousins and relatives…What do the Taliban do? They actually TRY and AIM their weapons at innocent people in order to “send a message”…wow…They are sooooo brave!! I would rather sit behind a computer far away and blow them up then run into battle yelling “allah ackbar” and then die and thats it…My life is over. And for what? No one will remember me…No one cares. In the end, those who are trying to do good and help build schools, provide medicine, protect little girls who just want to go to school from Taliban bullies, and build roads will be remembered as the winners. And thats the sad truth for the taliban. And I don’t think we (america) really mind losing a few thousand more of our soldiers in order to whoop your asses a little longer…haha. So keep strapping that dynamite on!! No problem. We will just wait till there is no one left…ha ha ha!!

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I think the Taliban are just mad about the drone attacks because the U.S just adapted to the Taliban’s only method of fighting..And it is obvious that it is working because everyone is furious about it! Thats how you know something works…Is if your enemy freaks out about it and calls YOU the coward. God bless the drones. They are the best invention since the wheel.

And for the record, how mad can someone really at America? Afghanistan has no oil, no gold, nothing that anyone wants. So why do Americans “invade”? Because I think we just got tired of getting betrayed by the same people we helped during the Soviet invasion. We paid for their freedom, and they turned around and bit us. Thats ok tho. We just showed up and slapped them around and now they are are more than a little mad about it…and thats to be expected. No one likes getting beaten. And thats why they kidnap harmless journalists and UN aide workers. They do that because they are ineffective in their efforts elsewhere. They do this because they are hoping to gain leverage in a fight they have already lost. And thats ok, too. Pashtun fighters have many honorable traditions and they are great fighters. But the Taliban are taking their conscript army and trying to use any desperate tactic they can in order to show they can hurt the super power in their backyard. The only problem is that the scoreboard shows the truth.
Coalition wins: 500,000 +
Taliban wins: less than 10,000 (coalition losses are actually more than a dozen times less than the Taliban hoped and prayed they would be)
So why can’t the Taliban just take a break for a while, I say?? I mean, its time for a little vacation. maybe some time in the Bahamas? get a little rest and maybe a massage?
They can’t possibly think that detonating bombs on desert roads and in crowded cafes is gonna work do they? I mean, they are killing hundreds of their own to just kill one Westerner! That is not gonna work, in my humble opinion. History shows this and constant civil war in Afghanistan shows that not too many people enjoy the Taliban. The best idea is just to let the Coalition finish their work, create a small amount of stability (at least as much as possible) and then let them leave. I mean, does it really matter? The Taliban will just take over again once America leaves right? So just relax, Osama bin Laden. Let it go. You can’t win this one, big guy. I think its best to stop whining about the drones (because they will be around for a long, long time and they cost next to nothing. We can lose hundreds of them and its no big deal). I just feel bad for the children of Afghanistan. They hate the Taliban and they just want to be free to go to school and play and have fun. And what do the Taliban want? to beat people with rocks and enslave the countryside. We will just see who comes out on top, I guess. But so far, its not looking good for the Taliban right now (especially to those of us who are muslim and live nearby)…So maybe its time to relax and take a vacation for the taliban. They look like they need it.

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Improve your knowledge of Afghanistan, the drones are being sent to the Pakistani side where neither the American marines nor your ally the Pakistan army are able to confront the Pashtoons. Enjoy your dreams,
Rex Minor

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These people, and I use the word people very loosely in their case only exist because the NATO forces feel pressure to follow the Geneva convention. It’s about time to throw the Geneva convention out the door and show these animals what all out war is really all about. Let’s not make the same mistakes the Soviet Union made and use the power we have at our finger tips. That five year old boy standing and watching our military operations? He’s only 8 years away from wearing an explosive vest himself. Finding Bin Laden is a waste of time… killing those who would die for this fool before they’re given the chance kill will end the “war” the way wars are ment to be won.

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And what if one may ask is the “the power we have at our finger tips”. The USA and the Brits are the only NATO force involved in fighting, and the Brits reliance on the US forces has just cost the life of an innocent scottish woman aid worker, man. The super marines were supposed to free her with the use of full force. You still have faith in the rag tag USA military whose scottish General has deserted them. Let us use our common sense man. NATO has neither the force nor the will to confront the so called talibans, who are now moving into the non Pashtoon provinces and all over Pakistan. The USA is the major force in the NATO and they have illegal prisons in Europe and Afghanistan desides their Headquarter in leased Cuban territory. Torture is now a regular feature of the USA military, which is definitely against the Geneva convention and has now made them a partner of the people who operate ouside the law. The USA administration also does not recognise the United Nations Criminal Court, otherwise one could see see many former leaders in the court!
Rex Minor
PS Bin Laden has died long ago. His bogey is used by the USA and Alquaeda to propagate their own political agenda.

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Fascinating… all this hot air–attempted intellectual intimidation with weapons of bluster and statistics–ultimately only about why anyone fights, kills, dies… As if it is for the same reason for everyone. As if everyone on either side can be summed up in a bundle: ‘them.’

Right–It has always been Them vs Us. Only the boundaries of what we designate Us changes. Sometimes over generations, sometimes with the stroke of a pen. Or keyboard.

Every army is full of courage and idiocy, brilliance and scum. War is always full of atrocity and outrage, full of injustice and purposeless anguish on all sides.

Every army and every warrior is filled and fueled with beliefs. War happens when beliefs clash, when they are so absolutely mistaken for Truth that you/we will die to prove our belief.

Whoever controls beliefs has the power they believe they need to be safe, to act out whatever else they believe they ought to have the freedom to revel in.

Apes is apes… some apes get aggressive and they fight and kill, gang up on lone, weaker or more easily accessible victims, take advantage of what power they have, blame the victim for somehow deserving it…

Everyone is sometimes the victim, sometimes the aggressor, as opportunity and need dictate.

Afghanistan,Pakistan,South Central LA–It is all the same. Cowards AND fearless warriors, it is never ‘or’ except as we imagine makes it easier to choose sides.

And this is the Big Picture you are all failing to see.

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The power at our finger tips would be nuclear. That my friend Rex, would end the end of the “war”. Ask Japan. It’s about as fair as being a “coward” as the article states by hiding behind civilians as they do to attack our troops. I have no problem with the way we ended World War 2, as a matter of fact it worked out pretty well. Before I see my son in law die, i would glagly watch a mushroom cloud over the entire Middle East. The only bad that would come from that would be my taxes going up to rebuild them. If you can’t tell… I really don’t care about….them

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No one cares about ‘them’ and that is the definition of ‘them.’ Humanity is defined by how large a circle of ‘us’ we care about.

Problem with mushroom clouds, they don’t stay in one place. But a lot of people believe that they do.

A lot of people believe that you can do the short-term solution and not have to deal with long-term consequence.

It ain’t what you believe that gets you into a mess, it is what you believe that just ain’t so. –to paraphrase Mark Twain.

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this a very-very good and impartial analysis. exelent, out standing.
I will not be able to comment any further ! ! !

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You believe you ended the ww2and showed the Japanese your power!Wrong you were at the time, ww2 had ended by allied troops, and with the help of the Nazi scientists your country managed to drop 2 on Japan. At the end it is the battle between the right and wrong and not between the stronger and the weaker.
One can learn a lot from Galdera’s comments or from one’s own experience.
Rex Minor

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Ans so you think that you can bomb yourself out of Afghanistan.If you could you would have done the same in Vietnam long ago.

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hey rex, you aren’t that smart or insightful, dude. I hate to be the one to break this to any of you, but its the same for that guy “Galdera” or whoever…
Look, the truth is painful. We hate it, you hate it. We all learn to hate looking at it. But it is still there when you close your eyes and turn away from your little computers where you try and tell the rest of the world what’s what. Thats the end of it, ok?
The Taliban has LOST. They lost the minute they used “religion” as their fighting slogan and “kill the infidels” as their battle cry. Anyone remember the Christian crusades? Yeah, we got our BUTTS KICKED!! And I know we lost because we failed to realize that religious wars are a no-win situation and our enemies in Jerusalem were underestimated.

So thats it…Its that simple. We keep winning because we don’t give the enemies anywhere to hide for too long. Remember, i am saying “for too long”…I know that they can hide temporarily, and I know where the drones are being used, Rex..You sh*thead. And I know our enemies are in Pakistan. We use drones in both Pakistan -A-N-D Afghanistan!! Not just pakistan, rex. Get your facts straight! I have mine right here.
So next on America’s list? Somalia and Yemen..We are not letting those slippery buggers get too far away. And same goes for Iran pretty soon here. We already have special ops soldiers in their backyard kicking the hell out of their proxy forces in neighboring areas and we actually assisted the Iranians in their uprising during the staged elections these last few years. And its funny, cuz all Iran can do is kidnap hikers and call them spies. That, to me, is the act of a desperate country trying to find the spies they know are there. And heck, Jordan and Israel are helping us there as well! Check out the reports of the clandestine operations that are literally JUST NOW coming to light. Its amazing stuff.
But yeah, sorry, I digress. Taliban got smoked. They are done. Its over. We will be leaving soon, and they can keep stoning their own wives and kids to death for all we care. Good luck with that, guys

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Pashtuns are a fearless fighter, not an iota of doubt about it. But as Myra puts it in one of her articles on reuters, “That in turn creates a very dangerous environment – one easily exploited by a minority with extreme views to manipulate the emotions of the majority.”. So actually Taliban is a very small group of people inside Afghanistan which claims to control all of Afghanistan in name of Allah and fools most of the innocent people of Afghanistan in name of religion. All that Taliban can do is molest and torture women and nothing else. That is all of their so called religion. I doubt Allah ever preached to molest the women, mother, daughter or wife. Its these b****d Talibanis. But still calling them coward may actually be a tactic to entice Taliban to come out in open. It seems all a war strategy. But americans lack one major factor that will ultimately lead to their defeat and that factor is CRUELTY. Americans can never be as cruel as Attila, Genghis or Ashoka. The only way to deal with Taliban is to not treat them as humans but instead as a grave danger to humanity. When Geneva conventions are not accepted by Taliban then why someone fighting them should be made to follow those rules. America must cut a deal with Iran on nuclear energy and in return ask Iran’s help to show Talibanis true horrors of their lives. While Americans continue to protect innocent Afghans. Did anyone wonder how come pro-Taliban religious bigots here never appreciate the medical aid provided to innocent Afghans (who are hurt in roadside IED bombings by Taliban) by American forces Medevac teams. As Myra said it indeed is alarming.

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Keep dreaming and this should keep you happy. your general just managed to kill an innocent scottish woman aid worker. This is your stregnth and this has been always your stregnth. XYou should thank the two wise Presidents who just managed in one October night to save the world, without thinking about the bravery and cowardness. No one can forget the crusaders, the great kings and the Barons of the Euoropean continent who went to destroy the barbarians muslims, and were in turn routed by no other than the sarasens of the desert. Saladin and king Richard names are marked in history. But I can assure you that the name of Clinton, Bush and Obama will have no place in history, in the same manner as we do not remember the British or the Russian President who wanted to take on the Pashtoons. Sorry Bob, I personaly do not have any respect for the looser. If only the marines could show some more steel in Afghanistan, I shall be the one to honour them. To frighten women and children at night is not a heroic act to shout about, and were you not in Somalia once, your memory is very short. No Pashtoon has ever used religion as their fighting slogan!
Rex Minor

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wow, rex…It looks like your opinion here isn’t really the shared one huh?? looks like you might be alone. Look at the posts above and below yours…You are not that smart, chief…hahaha..But i like how you opened your high school history book to try and drop some names of old kings and sound educated. Fact is, I never said anyone will remember us. i don’t know where you got that from, you idiot.

Its ok though, I know you just have no point and therefore you just attack the “big bad superpower” but, in reality, the underdog is not always the good guys. But thats ok, you will see soon enough, Einstein..haha. I can’t see where you get your facts about Somalia though buddy. Clinton pulled out because he was scared of more American bloodshed…We never LOST any battles there. We lost a helicopter and about twenty soldiers, yes…that did happen. But then we came back and killed those f**kers where they slept and burned their little houses down. So, who laughed last? Not them, not that time. We had to leave with hour tails between our legs because of our leaders, not our battles’ outcomes. YOu need to study the history you try so hard to quote, little guy!! hahaha..
Thats ok, it can be forgiven. Just try a little harder next time to read up a bit more. You can’t just watch Al Jazeera or FOX news, you need a more rounded view. And so far, you seem like you watch or read much of anything. You just seem to echo the same sentiments as all the other crybaby extremist-sympathetic morons. Oh well, you will learn like they will….The hard way. And we are not the Russians, and we have already done more in a week than they could in ten years…Sorry man

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Bob, I do not what happened to the tails of those americans who were dragged through the strrets of Somalia. do not underestimate on this blog the education level and the intellect of participants. The USA was called the paper tiger and your new administration is still dangling with the papers against the coutry who gave this label. I really feel sorry for the USA not because it is a super power, it never was, but of scores of personal friends who lived for generations in the US and have migrated to Australia. The USA could not even harm the little Cuba, the country which received the military might of a genuine super power and a genuine President, not the American bluffers which have been elected during the past decades. Sorry, Bob no hard feelings, all of us are looking for peace The world is controlled by the Almighty and not those who sit in the white house and flirt with the interns. Enough is enough.
Rex Minor
PS I bertter go now for I sea a kite in the skies above, this is the terchnology of a super power? Is this what is going to be the super export product in the south east?

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So you are telling us that the Americans have not invaded afghanistan! So they are probably there to play golf? I can advance another theory or the mystery why the foreignhers enjoy to die in the valleys of Afghanistan. They walk in the opium fields and then get used to and meet the death like a brave marine! I wonder if the four star general knew when he started calling his superiors “The Clowns”, his words not mine.
Rex Minor

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You’re deflecting the argument. this has nothing to do with the superpower issue. Its about a cowardly faction that is discrediting a world religion with every violent act they commit.
Beating, mutilating and murdering women, destroying schools, and these days dealing in the very poppy crops they once banned.
Why? Because they want the money. Not exactly godly men of the prophet. They are cowards who only fight a way of life and a sex they fear and cannot comprehend.

Pre 1979 Afghanistan was a functioning country that had put its violent past behind it, and lived in peace.
They had progressive attitudes toward culture and education
and if there is one great and terrible sin of this superpower, its that we didn’t come in after the Soviets retreated and rebuild the schools, the libraries, the agriculture that would feed the populace.

The Taliban are already a historical curiosity, like the Thuggee I referenced earlier. Brutal, murderous, and moral cowards. Anyone can stand up from behind a wall with an AK 47, RPG, or detonate an IED. It takes a real
human lab specimen to throw acid into the faces of teenagers, slash women’s faces and bodies, engage in pederasty, whip, imprison or stone people who wish only to kiss, hold hands in public, listen to music, play soccer, fly kites, or just have an unshaven face, burn books, deface art, then twist religious texts to justify their most wicked deeds.

Yes, I know the above can be said of any number of groups, of any number of religions. But just because its done by others doesn’t make it right. And at this moment we’re talking about the Taliban.
And they are guilty of all the above. Any instance of courage in battle is completely outweighed by a routine attitude of cruelty and cowardice.
Disarm them, and the locals from every region they infest
would – and hopefully one day shall- rise up and drive them out…Inshallah

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I really feel sorry for you, full of venom and the propganda, this must hurt you psychologically. If you would just overcome your subjective rhetoric, then you would ask a simple question, how can a Pashtoon disrespect his own mother, sister and the family. The most dominant in the family of a Pashtoon is the mother not the father! This larifari that you are talking about is foreign in the Pashtoon culture. No Pashtoon would ever claim to be a brave and his enemy a coward, General patereous just managed to kill a scottish aid worker not on account of a brave combat, but a very cowardly act of throwing a grenade on the scene. Battles are fought and decided on the battle ground.The sad part is that the USA leaders are not even ashamed when people throw shoes at them.
Rex Minor

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Tell us when the so called talibans have been defeated and disarmed.
Rex Minor

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wow, rex…just, WOW…Did you have a little conversation with yourself? whats up with all the posts back to back? ha make me giggle, little guy…No hard feelings tho…
Did you just say you “sea” a kite outside? HA HA!! I like how you can’t spell or even grasp the English language enough to rip into me! thats just precious..and then you said for me “not to underestimate” your education (well guess what? it looks like i was right on! haha)…You poor ignorant little man. I actually feel bad for people like you..People who just believe the very few news orgs that they follow on a regular basis and just blindly follow whatever they say…yet YOU have the nerve to say that I follow blindly what we have for news here in the US..but what you actually DO NOT know is that I read Middle Eastern newspapers (Tehran Times etc) as well as western newspapers…and guess what? THAT IS WHERE I GET MY FACTS! Unlike you, who seems to just make them up as you go along. Sad, sad, sad. Its ok. The fact that you don’t think the Taliban have already been (for the most part) defeated just shows how little you know. Right now, Rex, they have to hide in cave complexes and Bolochi villages because they can’t face the Coalition head to head. You know why? because we have literally dwindled their numbers down to a measly few thousand (at best) in Afghanistan. And in Pakistan? Yes, there may be hundreds of thousands in Pakistan. That is true, but that is ONLY because we (as americans) are just trying to be respectful to Pakistan..And by the way, they obviously DO NOT deserve any of the respect we give their borders because they continue to lie to our intelligence agencies who simply want to rid them of the terrorist threats that keep bombing cafes etc in all of Pakistan’s major cities on a monthly basis…Did you even know that? Or do you think the “imperialistic evil Americans” are just killing the “imaginary terrorists who don’t really exist” because we want all the oil and other resources(which Afghanistan has NONE and Pakistan has even less than NONE)…so why did we “invade”, Rex? YOU tell ME! I am listening…Because you know what? Your answer will be so painfully ignorant that most people would just laugh at you. We are there to kill terrorists..Plain and simple. Oh wait, and we like golf too!!! HA HA!!

And its just REALLY sad that you think “roguesearch” is full of venom and that he believes all the supposed “rhetoric”!! (the only rhetoric i see is that crap that YOU are saying Rex…you sound like one of the new Taliban you run a Mosque in New York? I hope not)..And if you wanna talk about Australia, thats even funnier!! They won’t even allow radical Muslims in their country!! And thats excellent. They are smart and I wish America wasn’t so stupid so we could follow their example. America’s only weakness when it comes to the topic you are talking about is that we are just TOO kind to radical Muslims. We care TOO MUCH about their welfare and their homes and schools. We do MORE than the Taliban does to help their own families right now!! And if we blow up innocent people, we at least try to apologize for the accident and try to do better next time! (unlike the taliban who just detonates the bombs no matter where they are!! can you deny this?) We at least care and spend billions on weapons that minimize civillian deaths, Rex. And that is a FACT! (all of what I have said in most of my posts about the wars have come from Middle Eastern newspapers etc A-N-D a few Western ones…so how “blinded by rhetoric” am I? Obviously not as blind as you, my sad little friend. At least I attempt to not be biased..can you say the same? Yeah, i don’t think so)

So bottom line is you, Rex, are very much like the Taliban—-You have lost and yet you don’t even know it! I understand your biased though…like i said before, people don’t like being wrong and they will say whatever they can to prove they are not and they try to sell others on their beliefs so they are not alone in their ridiculous ideals. I get that, and thats ok Rex. I just hope you educate yourself more thoroughly so you can finally “sea” the error of your ways… =) ha ha

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…oh and by the way, Roguesearch has his facts right…I checked into what he wrote and he is exactly right. So don’t try to claim he doesn’t know what he is talking about. The fact is, Rex, that the Taliban abuses the locals (i don’t know why you disagree..where do you get your facts from? haven’t you seen the photographs? Haven’t you read the testimonials?)

There is NO reason I would lie about this, Rex. Why would I? What do I gain? Do i gain the honor about being right? well no, because I would much rather be WRONG about these human rights abuses…trust me. You just don’t want to see the truth i guess…i don’t know why, but I am gonna guess that its because you are just plainly supportive of the Taliban’s fight against the Coalition and therefore will say anything that paints the US and its allies as “evil”..

Oh and by the way..can you tell me how the US is NOT a legit superpower?? Because the majority of your “facts” were VERY incorrect about that too. Not ALL of our presidents have been liars, you idiot..hahaha…You make me actually hurt from laughing so hard when I read that crap you were writing. Who do you hang out with that tells you such crap? You should read the Tehran Times or the Hishimi News Syndicate..These are Middle Eastern news organizations who normally are and have been VERY biased yet I still read their news because they are usually RIGHT THERE when the news breaks. So i tend to read it just in case…and do you know what? Even when they try to shift the facts a little to make us sound evil they STILL have to print the majority of the REAL facts and at that point, you can tell how much work America puts in to helping the countries surrounding their nation. EVEN THEY ADMIT THAT WE SPEND MILLIONS ON SCHOOLS ETC WITH NO REQUEST FOR “OIL” OR ANYTHING IN RETURN!! THEY ADMIT THIS!! So please, rex…PLEASE tell me what we have to gain by supposedly “invading” all these countries…cuz as far as i can tell, all we are doing is killing terrorists and trying to stabilize the regions for others to live in peace. I need YOU to tell me what the Taliban has done to do this? And please tell me the flawless logic they used when they blew up those Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and mutilated their own people? tell me why they are such heroes ok??? I am listening…

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Oh, again sorry to make another post…but hey rex, i am confused about your other post. Why should US leaders be ashamed about shoes being thrown at them? Shouldn’t the guy throwing it be ashamed for looking like an idiot? he missed!! ha ha ha!! By the way, Rex. “Pashtoon” is actually spelled Pushtun ok? just get your facts AND your spelling straight if you can. You don’t have to know the English language to know that. You obviously don’t know too much about the Pushtun lifestyle and the Pushtun traditions because if you did, you would know how wrong you are about MOST of what you just said..and by the way, it was not a grenade that the Taliban threw during the rescue attempt. I read that he detonated a bomb…not a grenade. He blew himself up actually (just like the other Taliban “heroes” do..haha)
Did you know that Americans just laugh when we hear about that? we think its sad but hilarious. We hope they keep blowing themselves up so then eventually one day there wont be anymore of them! KEEP IT UP TALIBAN!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! haha…sorry, i just think its funny
And Rex, how is that you think the Russian presidents are the only “true” presidents? We have elections, they usually just have dictators who force their way into office. Do you know who Joseph Stalin was? Was he elected in a peaceful way? I just don’t see where you get your historical research from. You must just make it all up, i guess so you don’t sound stupid or something. Well, please enlighten me, Rex. Answer my questions, again, I am listening ok?

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The spelling expert of common nouns. I write which our indian friends on this blog can understand, and it does not matter if no one understands my opinion. There is a lot in others post to understand. Would you prefer the sound of the word “Pukhtoon” or get scared . Let us use the word “good Taliban” and the bad “Taliban” as the lady from the USA describes them. The rest of your post is a diversion from the the subject.
You may call the foreign invaders brave soldiers or plain idiots who happened to join the lowest segment of their society, the so called military! The choice is theirs, in any case the Afghan Govt. have promised the yanks that once the Talibans take over the Govt. again, the supply of the opium to the american people would be difficult or could also discontinue. So hurry up and enjoy the nectar from the luscious fields of Afghanistan while they can! This expierence is unmatched. Slowly and steadily they would go to sleep. Incidently, this feature was known to the Brits and the Russian invaders, who did not allow the overstay of their combat soldiers more than six months and yet they withdrew or perished in the valleys of the beautiful Afghanistan. Please do not bother to post your hollow words, just take a smoke and enjoy your dreams.
Rex Minor
Ps Now I must join the Chilean people in celebrating their heroism. The brave sons of the NATION.

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HA HA HA HA HA!! I like how you didn’t read anything i wrote and now YOU dodged my questions and YOU divert the subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is even talking about heroin? Are you doing heroin? is that why you keep bringing that into the conversation? or do you just kind of accept that you don’t know what you are talking about so now you bring up the poppy fields (which by the way, afghanistan may supply most of the world’s heroin, but we in the US get most of ours from Mexico and South America so uhhhh…sorry are wrong again. I have friends who are Police officers…sorry)

So I am still waiting for your proof ok?? I am waiting for you to answer my questions because i truly don’t believe you have ANY IDEA of what you are talking about…especially when you say “foreign invaders”…you sound like a caveman (even for an Indian)..please read my other two posts above…You need to show me why you think you know what you are talking about…I need proof..

Unlike you i can provide proof…So, its ok, i will wait until you are ready. Please read it, and then respond. I am listening still..and just waiting to hear it

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p.s you can’t dispute something and then bring up heroin…If you don’t know, then just say you don’t know..but don’t call out that guy “Roguesearch” if he is right and you are wrong…especially if you can’t prove it…so please, show me and then i will believe you…

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I have nothing more to add on this subject. I have the patience to wait for the end game, now that the foreign forces have been routed in the Qandhar Province and the Talibans are advancing in the North to consolidate non- pashtoon territory. The cowards have no place in the history of Afghanistan.

Rex Minor

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@Rex Minor, you mention the innocent Scottish/aid worker, who was killed by the U.S. Military.
You failed to mention that she was kidnapped, by the very people you admire, the Taliban.
She died because the U.S. Military made an attempt to rescue her. Can you explain why the Taliban kidnap aid workers, and often kill them? Has the Taliban contributed anything towards improving living conditions for the people of Afghanistan? And would they, if all the foreigners left yesterday?

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I said I have nothing more to add on the subject article. To your question, the US miolitary made sure that the victim could not tell us her side of the story. The scottish aid worker was there for the last three years! You probably do not know about the scottish people and they are not going to accept any nonsence story of rescue operations. the british foreign minister must resign and the immatured British prime Minister must come up with some plausible reason other than transferring the responsibility on the faceless so called Talibans, failing which I can guarantee to you that Scotland is going to declare independence from the United Kingdom in 2001!

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@Rex Minor, you like the attention, besides which this gives you an opportunity to practice your English skills. I asked you 3 questions. I thought you would offer an intelligent reply, but you chose to sidestep. You assume the Scottish people/culture would be a mystery to me, Google my name, I am of Anglo/Scot Heritage. Scottish Independence from the U.K. in 2001? Good luck with that, check your calendar. Not only is your opinion twisted, you have spelt your name incorrectly, it is spelt, M O R O N,


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First of all I was not talking about the angloscot heritage people, whatever that means? The english dictionary is silent about it, and I am sure the scots would not talk about it either.
You ask a question with the hypothesis that the talibans kidnap aid workers. You are the victim of the propaganda. I am sure you were not going to like this answer. Your other two questions were equally irrelevant simply because you reckon that the current President of Afghanistan is not representing Talibans. The CIA has been aware of the fact that the man whose father was supposedly killed by the so called Talibans, has in fact been meeting the so called Taliban leadership. Watch, his interview on Aljazeera.
Now be honest, unlike the anglo saxons, and tell us if the Moron is missing from your name or mine? Have a nice day.
Rex Minor
PS sorry for the spell error. I meant 2011.

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@Rex Minor,
Apparently you have limited knowledge of the Internet. Otherwise you would google Anglo/Scot.
Perhaps you should ask your teacher.
You lack the ability to reason.
Your communication skills are on a level with that of a Primary School chid.
Sadly, you will once again, mis-interpret my words.

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@Douglas Hooper
Perhaps you should stick to your ancestors profeesion and ‘HOOP’ instead of justifying the occupation of a foreign land. Have a pint of bitter and have fun.

Rex Minor

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@Rex Minor,
Enlighten me, where, in any of my posts, have I,

‘justified the occupation of a foreign land’

In ALL of your posts, when replying to others, you have dodged their questions, and changed the subject.

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@Mr Hooper
Why do you want to behave like a comedian? What is bothering you that you are picking on me? you want me to speak on the subject when I stated clearly that I have nothing more to add. Let us say we think differently, do you follow this?
you talk about the anglo/scot heritage, I do not accept this definition; you are asking me to google and I say nonsence what the google tells you. Now you want me to enlighten you where in anyof your post justified the occupation of a foreign land?
Well, here is your first post which made me to conclude that you are justifying the occupation of a foreign land:
1. You failed to mention that she was kidnapped by the very people you admire, thr Taliban. ( who has told you that the so called Talibans, the students, and not a gang of criminals have kidnapped a victim to make some bucks?
2. She died because the US military made an attempt to rescue her. ( what were the US military doing doing in a foreign land, playing golf, if not occupation?)
3. Can you explain why the taliban kidnap the aid workers and often kill them? (Can you give a tip to the resistance people, who are now operating against the US,NATO and CIA forces in Afghanistan, how they should separate the genuine aid worker from the enemy force? Is it not a well publicised fact that the undercover forces of the USA have endangered the lives of civilian aid workers in afghanistan?)
4. Has the Taliban contributed anything to improving living conditions…….. and would they if all the foreigners left yesterday?(You are questioning the legitimacy of pashtoons to support the withdrawl of foreign troops from Afghanistan?)
Your ancestors, the anglo saxons, raised similar questions in Scotland, Ireland, Middle east countries, India and Africa to justify the occupation of a foreign territor!!
Now you and many like you have come up with a new spin and even managed to put it on the internet, having an anglo/scot heritage and therefore you guys can understand how a scotsman feels about the loss of an aid worker. No you do not, you are in alimbo, you neither understand the anglo saxons nor the scottish culture. You have not conveyed to me this sense!!
Rex Minor

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@Rex Minor,

Hey Rex, you are a very ignorant person.

Try communicating with people in your own region.

They will probable sympathise with you.

They may even understand you.

Oh, you best move to the back of your cave, sounds like a PREDATOR heading your way!!

Sorry about that little guy, you really are PATHETIC!!

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@Douglas Hooper
Now that you have told us that like most of us you are from the mix breed, I thought you must be now trying to find out how many chromosols from the scottish descent are still there. I bet none, for you showed no remoarce about the death of a scots woman at the hands of a yank, also of mixed breed. people like you have no loyalty for any folks?

Rex Minor

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As someone who has been there I have to say that a true fearless warrior doesn’t intentionally put civilians in the crossfire. They regularly shoot at ISAF personnel from crowded market places, schools, and mosques.

A fearless warrior would never intentionally place an IED in on a road almost entirely used by civilians, nor lie to children by telling them if their faith is strong they won’t be hurt by the explosion. Nor would a fearless warrior throw acid at young girls going to school, cut off the fingers, nose, and ears of a man for voting, or build explosives in residential areas. Then they will claim any injuries were caused by ISAF.

A fearless warrior wouldn’t leave a critically injured child to die for propaganda. A fearless warriors would understand their responsibility to innocent people being hurt. It continually falls to ISAF, our resources, and our personnel to treat not only our own wounded, but civilians, AND wounded enemy fighters. The only treatment these supposedly fearless warriors give is to sharpen knives in front of the captive, force him to recite some mindless propaganda, and is then held down by others as his head gets sawed off (their daggers are never big enough or in decent enough shape to manage a clean chop.) Then the video is posted on the internet so that the family gets to watch the gruesome end, and arrange the head and body to scare locals.

Sometimes they even cut into the body to allow and IED to be placed in the cavity and thus kill whomever had the misfortune of wanting to collect their relative’s remains. NATO/ISAF isn’t perfect, but we own up to our mistakes and try to offer adequate retribution (never mind the destruction is almost always the fault of the insurgency.)

I’ve helped route enough MEDEVACs for noncombatants to have long since lost any sympathy for those scum. I can appreciate the use of new and innovative tactics, but what they are inflicting on just about everyone but themselves is gruesome and sickening. Many countries have used guerrilla warfare at some point in their history, but I have yet to see any recent examples besides with these fundamentalists that a group so far out of their way to murder noncombatants. It goes beyond the unusual now, and is considered a viable warfighting tactic by them.

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