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India’s best and brightest at the UN

February 13, 2011


The foreign minister of India took the floor at a UN Security  Council meeting this week, but in a rather embarrassing faux pas he  began reading out from the speech of his Portuguese counterpart instead of his own. Three minutes into the address, Indian diplomats realised that S. M.Krishna was reading off the wrong speech, and stopped him from proceeding further. He began again, this time with the right script.

It’s not known what the Portuguese thought of the Indian official  reading their address as his own. Thankfully, the Portuguese minister had spoken earlier, or else Krishna might have been accused of stealing his thunder !

A small mix-up, the Indian foreign ministry later said, adding too much shouldn’t be made of it.. Krishna  went on to make a “well received” speech, it said.

But you have to ask how can you get even minor things  wrong at this level ?  Krishna was at the UN to push for reforms of the world body, a campaign that New Delhi is pursuing aggressively, with an eye on a permanent seat on the Security Council.  But you got to get your message right if you are playing for Great Power status whether it is in New York or trying to influence the end game in Afghanistan. Imagine if the foreign  minister had picked up the speech of his Pakistani counterpart to read.

That would have sent rather conflicting signals all around, with the Pakistanis likely the most  confused !


First of all, what is ‘you got to’ supposed to mean? Please, stop butchering the English Language. ‘One has to’ should be a better alternative. This ‘small’ mistake does beg the Question, ‘Do Reuters have any editors?’ I hope they do. Secondly, mistakes happen. C’est la Vie.

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It was a stupid mistake, admit it, say sorry and move on. It wouldn’t have been considered big enough to blog about even.

I am surprised though that it had to be brought to his notice! For the most part, the Indian cabinet resembles a geriatric ward.

Posted by DaraIndia | Report as abusive

what difference does this make. The Plagiats are all over, they have nothing original to state, they jst copy speeches of the psst and deliver them!

Who cares to listen or understand what is being said?

Rex Minor

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