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Holbrooke: my relationship with Karzai is good, really

Absolutely they are on good terms...

Richard Holbrooke, special U.S. representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, once again declared his respect for Afghan President Hamid Karzai. AFGHANISTAN/

In fact, he feels so strongly about reports that the two don't get along he wrote a letter to The Washington Post.

"I did not, and never have, spoken harshly to Mr. Karzai, " said Holbrooke in the letter to the editor, which was published on Thursday. He was responding to a story earlier this week in the newspaper which said he had spoken harshly to the re-elected Afghan leader.

"As for my relations with President Karzai, whom I have known for more than five years, they remain cordial, correct and respectful," added Holbrooke, who is known for his combative style. He said the same last month when he was pressed about his relations with Karzai.