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from Tales from the Trail:

New poll shows boost for Afghan war strategy

A new national poll by Quinnipiac University shows that the Obama administration’s new strategy in Afghanistan is gaining some favor among voters.

AFGHANISTANConducted April 14-19, the poll of American voters found that 49 percent of the respondents approved of the way President Barack Obama is handling the situation in Afghanistan versus 39 percent who disagreed.

In another bit of good news for the White House, 56 percent of voters polled agreed that the United States was doing the “right thing” fighting in Afghanistan against 36 percent who did not.

Asked whether eliminating the threat of  militants operating from Afghanistan was a worthwhile goal for American troops to fight and possibly die for, 61 percent of voters said it was while 31 percent said it was not.

UPDATE- A glimmer of hope in Afghanistan



(Amending the article with the correct name of the organisation which conducted the research as also with more details on the survey itself}