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Sudanese troops in Comoros

March 25, 2008

comoros_commandos_new.jpgSome 500 Sudanese soldiers were among a special African Union force that backed the Comoros government in its lightning operation to retake control of its rebel island of Anjouan. About 1,350 AU troops from Tanzania and Sudan arrived in the Indian Ocean Island archipelago on March 24, the eve of the operation by Comoran government commandos. The government said it seized full control of Anjouan after a seaborne assault backed by the AU. The operation was intended to topple Anjouan’s local leader, French-trained former gendarme Mohamed Bacar who clung to power in an illegal election last year and commaded a militia of several hundreds.

The Sudanese government has been internationally comdemned for alleged atrocities by its forces and pro-government militia in its western Darfur Province where an estimated 200,000 have died and 2.5 million forced to flee their homes since 2003. And given Sudan’s resistance to the deployment of an international force to protect the mostly non-Arab population of Darfur, what is your view on the inclusion of Sudanese soldiers in the AU force sent to Comoros? Have your say.


That is not right for AU to include Sudan in the international protection while the same soldiers are the ones displacing, killing, and violalting human rights (in Darfur). Actually Sudan’s army has to improve its activities and then (it can be sent) to other countries.

Posted by chuol both | Report as abusive

AU decision makers must have been out of their minds by allowing these 500 rapists from Sudan to take part in the invasion of Comoros. We do not want Comoran women to experience what these rapists have done to Darfur women.

Posted by D. MON | Report as abusive

We should be proud that Sudan’s army is doing a fine job.
We should not let the West to fool us as we know there is a Western created problem in Darfur.

Sudan army should also go to Somalia and sort out once and for good.

Posted by Mohammed Hussein | Report as abusive

It is a good start for Africans to have their own peace and stability force that could be moved to a AU member country and help the people and the government.

My question however is that, why is it not possible to have such a force to be sent into Somalia?

We want them there and see if they are for sure up to the challenge.

Posted by babur-hawareysa | Report as abusive

would it also be logical to say that the government of Sudan should still have to solve the problem within their country first than to send some troops out? Well, sending those troops out signifies it’s concern towards the outer regions, but it also goes to say that it has started to subdivide the forces. I would also like to share what I have found: The Emma Academy Project. It is a project geared towards the building of a school there in Sudan. That school will be a foundation for the children there in Leer, Sudan. This school will be build so that the children there will at least know some more things other than the problems in Sudan.

Posted by Mandino | Report as abusive

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