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Kenya gets new cabinet — at last

April 17, 2008

kenya_odinga_resized.jpgIt took six weeks of intense negotiation to end Kenya’s post-election mayhem and another six weeks of haggling over a new power-sharing cabinet. The 41-member cabinet has now been sworn in, with President Mwai Kibaki sharing portfolios with opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement. Kibaki’s disputed re-election after Kenya’s Dec. 27 poll triggered the country’s worst post-independence crisis that killed more than 1,200 people and uprooted more than 300,000.

The African Union moved swiftly to end the turmoil in Kenya, sending former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to mediate. He was back in Kenya on April 17 when the new cabinet was sworn in. Does the formation of the power-sharing cabinet mark a triumph for African diplomacy? Are there any lessons here for the post-election crisis in Zimbabwe? Has Kenya now turned the corner after the traumatic ethnic killings that battered its image as a comparatively stable African democracy and economy? What should be the priorities of the new cabinet? What measures need to be taken to resettle  displaced people, notably in the Rift Valley, and give them assurances of future security? What constitutional changes does Kenya need to ensure enduring peace and stability? Have your say.


the caolition will not last..

Posted by pablo | Report as abusive

I have faith in the coalition. Since Kenya is no longer ruled by a single person of a single ethnic group, the coalition can effectively share ideas that apply to the whole of Kenya.

Posted by Brandon | Report as abusive

What Kenya needs most is a new constitution to ensure accountability in government and devolution of power. The coalition is most likely to get this done. The violence served to show Kenyans the danger of tribal based alliances. In the future it is more likely that political parties will seek to have a more national outlook. This could serve to unite the country. I have faith that the coalition will work. It will certainly have more support than any single political party could.

Posted by Moige Ongeri | Report as abusive

I’m not so sure about how long it’ll last Pablo buti sure am glad that people are trying to move on no matter how hard it is save for the IDPs of course. No one seems to remember them. It seems to be a thorn in the flesh for the New Coalition Government and Cabinet.
The priority is not and shouldn’t be these individuals who plan on making things work for them and their families first before the country through shady and corrupt deals. It should be like Moige says a new constitution. When in opposition Odinga was a fighter or so it seemed of the people, let’s just ope that now he’s in the PM’s office, he won’t be compromised.

Posted by Diana Ngila | Report as abusive

Hi there,

I have no faith in the coalition. it is expensive to maintain 41 ministers and 50 assistant ministers enoumouse salaries plus their support staff. All this expenses comes from the Tax payers pokets. kenyans should unite under one president and focus on bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.


Posted by hally | Report as abusive

What difference does it make, what was the first thing they did raise their salaries, it dont matter who wins or who losses in kenya.It takes a real man or woman to be a good leader. Where are the good leaders in kenya? the leaders i have known during my time are big liars, big spendors, corrupt, and they do not care for a thing but themselves. Tell me what happens during pre election? every leader begging and giving handouts,I can even get a prominent man cellphone number at that time i can call them at any time of the day, what happens after election? unbelievable and disqusting things happen they go to their constituencies and tell people that i will do this and that not remembering that the mwananchi is their boss and we hired them to work for us and not the other way round,kenyans should be educated that all MPS are your employees you have hired them to work for you and if they don not get the job right they shuld be fired, as a mwananchi if i go to my MP office i have all the right to ask why he is not in the office, secretaries who block mwananchi away should stop that stupidity, kenyans to me when we achieve that, that is when i will say we have democracy, but for now kenyan politics and leadership is still very imature, we need good leaders

Posted by bore | Report as abusive

i am very glad that we have a new cabinet. finally somewhere to proudly display our marathon trophies and medals. we can run for a long time.

Posted by ntamhi olibhekhe | Report as abusive

I dont think a new cabinet is what kenya needs.There needs to be a reform of the electoral system. Either the votes are recounted, or mr. Odinga is declared the winner. The issues are not about who rules Kenya, and appeasing all the parties, the issue is in doing things right, and getting to the root cause of the violence that resulted from the elections that have taken place.

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

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