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S.Africa: immigrants under siege

May 19, 2008

safrica_hate_mob.jpgSouth African police say at least 13 people died over the weekend of May 17 as a wave of xenophobic violence spread to more townships. Local media put the total death toll at around 20 since the violence broke out, fuelled by widespread poverty and social problems more than decade after the end of apartheid. The bloodshed has included the “necklacing” of at least one man who was burnt to death and it has echoes of the brutal violence at the end of apartheid.
The immigrants, including millions who have fled from Zimbabwe, are accused of taking jobs and being responsible for the high rate of violent crime. They say they are more likely to be victims than perpetrators. The outbreak of violence is another blow to the policies of President Thabo Mbeki, accused both of spreading the fruits of black rule too slowly to his poor supporters and of failing to broker an end to Zimbabwe’s crisis. It is an embarrassment for a country that was once known as one of the most welcoming to immigrants and asylum seekers. Many members of the current African National Congress (ANC) leadership took refuge abroad during the anti-apartheid struggle. Is the rainbow nation losing its unique status as a beacon of liberal attitudes in Africa? Have the South African poor lost patience with Mbeki’s government?  What do you think?



all this nonsense you busy writimg here shows that you are deranged bastards and needs some beating in order to cleanse you of this derangement coz I don’t see how come you want us to keep these too darned foreigners.

ATT: M Aden & Bina

Please do not respond to me in a stupid and quite insulting bush english

Posted by ndumiso | Report as abusive

what’s up?

need to talk to me

Posted by ndumiso | Report as abusive

we as leaders condemn such beastility done by our fellow brothers we must acknolwedge the fact that we as south africa went and hibanate on these neighboring countries for their assistance while we were under the oppression of the white suppremacy gorvenment

Posted by thandolwethu | Report as abusive

M Aden , I suggest you take your own advice ! I don’t want you here ! Legal ? I doubt it – foreigners capitalise on the ignorance of our local people and import their fraudulent wizardry as a commodity – proudly . Nobody trusts us in South Africa any more because of all the fradulent activity perpetrated from these shores by our legal alien populace . I suggest also that you take a course in Oxford English before you reply to me and also if you can read English , look up the meaning of collateral damage – you know those words you foreigners are so fond of quoting so whole heartedly when you are busy robbing , deceiving, cheating or hijacking someone . Go home because you don’t have one here . This is our country .


Brifgette Khedun……suspicious.. your name sounds Asian, no wonder why u don’t have ubuntu, go back to Asia u are a foreigner too

Posted by Nombulelo | Report as abusive


“I find him brutal killer” Would you mind giving me the name of this qouted language coz I believe that in english there is nothing like this or maybe you meant “I find him to be a brutal killer” which is which? and also this nosense of writing word after word makes me wonder if the education you so damn obsessed about is something you ever heard of or simply expirienced, Even my kid sister who is ten years can not write this shit you writing

Posted by ndumiso | Report as abusive

Ndumiso i suggest to be hear u must stop swearing and do whatever u want done, if u are perfect enough in English , keep it to yourself.Go ahead with what u believe.Remember what goes around comes around. I hope u will one day think of other ways to solve your problem than swearing,killing and stealing.To me , you sound like a devil

Posted by Nombulelo | Report as abusive




some times in life trying to educate a prepostirious humanbeings may not help why we as south africans beat these people
let me refresh your deraged minds our political leaders

thabo mvuyelwa mbeki was an academia in USA mr christopher hani was a m.k recrutee in russia as well as jacob gedleyihlekisa mhlanganyelwa zuma
not only these three but there is 20% of south african students today in an attempt to proccure their qualification out of the country

Posted by thandolwethu | Report as abusive

Dear Ndumiso , let the idiots write in their broken pathetic English ( give them the rope to hang themselves , so to speak ) so that they reveal to the rest of the world , ( you know those politically correct ass kissers who are willing to sacrifice us for them ) that there is a distinct difference between them them and us . THe headline caption uses the word “hate” . Hate is what happens when society festers under insidious oppression aided and abetted by the government and its insipid laws & legislation, it happens when people are reduced to beggars in their own land , when they are second bested by the very authorities that are supposed to protect them . The worm turns and soon someone in parliament will start feeling that trickle of anxiety that will fester and fulment and then his or her spin doctor will find a politically correct word as a substitute for the four lettered one :) ! Once they are out we can deal with our problems . THen we will be dealing with a known quantity , a finite number . Some very clever person brought this to my notice a while ago , which answers Brad’s question . The foreigners work for reduced wages which they send home – that’s a fact . How do they then manage to continue living here without money if they don’t supplement their income with the proceeds realised from crime ? The facade of work creates a smoke screen of respectability for the criminals as they go about their plunder and fraud . Why do you think the government imposed a moratorium on the release of crime statistics ? There is much more to be seen in the big picture and certain race groups of citizens here are far from innocent as well and need to be considered in conjuction with the majority the crimes committed as they created a market to sell stolen property and trade in drugs . What is happening now is the radical surgery needed to debride the ulcers in society . With the slough removed the wounds can be clinically assessed and a treatment regime formulated . We are the guardians of the future of our homeland , this country and we owe it to the future generations to housekeep properly , sometimes sanitation procedures might be a necessary evil but unavoidable .


B khedun you seem to be prepostirious and a moron of the century you mind the english while the major fact of alliens are forsaken
however eviction is the call from me but the actions behind it are totaly(wholisticaly)wrong

Posted by thandolwethu | Report as abusive

Being a South African and owing to the fact that I am sitting on a oil rig in Malaysia I have to rely on print and streaming media to keep up to date with what is happening in my home country, I am sad (almost in tears) to see this type of behavior. Sure everyone has had their little bit to say about the attacks and the tens of thousands that has had to leave their lives behind and flee. Everyone or most everyone has played the blame game and this is not intended to blame anyone for what is or has happened, it is just my thoughts.
When starting this off, I have one question for anyone and everyone reading this. I don’t necessarily want an answer; you can keep it to yourself. If you chose to answer, take some time and think about your answer. What is a South African? Does being black or white or any other color make you more South African than the next person?
I have had various people say that you are South African if you were born here or have reached citizen status by following the proper channels. Surely it should run much deeper than simply holding up your ID book for the world to see?
In my opinion a South African is a person with a deep set sense of pride in our country and the route it has come. I have thought on more than occasion that I want to immigrate, honestly, even more so now. Yet I still have this deep sense of loss whenever I think of me packing up and leaving South Africa.
I believe the dreams of the freedom fighters never included this type of senseless violence. They fought so we can have the freedom to build a country to be proud of, to be a shining beacon of hope and opportunity. As a nation not, as a specific color but as a nation. We are a nation of many cultures, many religions and many colors.
I dream of a South Africa where I can go to bed at night, without closing my windows, locking the burglar door and the door. Then activating the alarm and locking the burglar door in the passage.
I dream of a South Africa where I can take a walk down the street laughing and being happy with friends and family.
I dream of a South Africa where people of all races, religion, creed and heritage can live as one, work as one nation to build a country that is and will be the shining light of hope and success on this continent.
I dream of a country that I can stand proud and say to any nation in the world “I AM SOUTH AFRICAN”.
I dream of a country where I can lay down one day and release my last breath, knowing my children inherited a country that will support them, provide them with gainful employment and most of all safety.
In all of this, I have come to realize one thing, a South African cannot be classified by race, color, creed, religion or even heritage. Being South African to me simply means embracing our past and making it work for our future. Being South African to me, means doing my bit, however small, to help turn this country into that which everyone needs and desires most, a place to call HOME……

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

And the trains keep trundling into the night

Posted by Milk_the_Cow | Report as abusive

I think the person who hit the nail on the head was the first post by blackantelope. Mbeki is paying the consequences of refusing to realize that the chaos in Zimbabwe could and would eventually spill over to the rest of the region. Get rid of the Mugabe regime now !!!! And after that lets deal with the Mbekis and Zumas.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Bridgette Khedun and others

I want to know, how many of you xenophobes are out there is South Africa? If you are in majority, then it is only natural we take back World Cup 2010 and give it to country that don’t kill, rape and loot its non-citizen residents.

Posted by M Aden | Report as abusive

To: Bridgette Khedun and others

Please name a single country which has not experienced racism or xen in any form at some point.

If your criteria for hosting 2010 is based on racism and xen, then Germany, UK, Ireland, USA, Australia etc…should never be allowed to host any global tournament ever. In fact, we would have no global tournaments at all.

It is a pity that this has happened, but 2010 is here to stay!


Sori Bridget and others. My post is directed to by M Aden


The rest of the world needs to stand up and see just how wrong they were to push for the ANC to govern the country. They in 14 years have not been able to govern, but they have milked it to the fullest extent, the politicians, have all drank from the gravy boat, the country is on it’s way down like most other african countries.

I am not saying apartheid was right, but the law of the land was upheld, in a way that everyone got something.

Now you all waiting for what? The ANC to take control of what is going on, I can’t see it happening…

I am also tired of hearing that it is apartheid’s fault for the situation the country is in, you wanted what you got, blame yourselfs, for doing what you have not the old goverment, they were out 14 years ago.

Posted by expat jhb | Report as abusive

James Rain.

You wrote; ‘….It is a pity that this has happened but 2010 is here to stay!…’

THE issue is not that there lots of xenophobe killers in SA but because the South African government is clearly not able to protect and guarantee the security of its foreign residents from xenophobes like Ndumiso and Bridgette Khedun, if follows then, that world cup 2010 be taken away from SA and given a more civilised country.

Posted by M Aden | Report as abusive

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