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What hope for Somalia?

By Reuters Staff
May 23, 2008

Fighting in Mogadishu. Kidnaps of foreign aid workers. Hijacks by pirates. Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The news from Somalia seems to be relentlessly negative, writes Reuters Somalia correspondent Guled Mohamed. So it has been for the best part of 17 years since warlords overran the country in 1991 to usher in the modern period of chaos in this part of the Horn of Africa.

African Union peacekeepers have been unable to stem the violence; peace initiatives come and go with little impact; and the 14th attempt to restore central government is struggling as the Ethiopian-backed Transitional Federal Government finds itself up against a resilient insurgent movement including former members of the Islamic Courts Union that briefly held Mogadishu for six months in 2006.

However, tales of hope, entrepreneurship and solidarity abound among Somalia’s 9 million people.

How do you think Somalis can move forward? Can the diaspora wield its economic power to help? Has Ethiopia’s military intervention helped or hindered? Do the Islamic Courts represent the people as their fighters say? How can the world help, or should it just stay out and let Somalis sort things out themselves?

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IF the ‘world’ was serious enough, Somalia would not be what it is today – a failed state. As a Somali person, I always wonder why others like former Yugoslavia were prevented going our way. Is it because we are muslims? Is it because we are Africans? Can anyone tell?

The ‘civilised’ world has ignored the incivility of my country for too long. Me thinks the United Nations should hold a Somalia conference with the sole objective of setting up a UN adminstration – trusteeship.

To most of us, we have lost our nationhood, so a UN trusteeship is fine.

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It is the Somalis that are at fault for its Failed State. It is your Warlords that want to control your destiny. The “civilized” world had tried to help only to be attacked.
It was the Somalis that has welcome the Muslims and the world knows that Muslims do not like Western civilization.
It is up to the Somalia people to push out the warlords and the maniac Muslim murderers out of the country to reclaim the pride of a Nation keeping pace with the rest of the world.
Somalia will always be in disarray for years to come until the people of Somalia take control of their own country and joins the civilized world. Until then, the UN has more pressing matters to attend to.

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I am a Somali citizen who is a refugee in the United States. I can honestly say that the world did their best to intervene in my country. We have seen the efforts of the International Community in helping us curb the dogs of war. The success or lack thereof is chiefly due to our reluctance to change.

We should not blame outsiders who have since got tired of us during those 17 years of civil war. There was the UNOSOM, USA government, countless peace conferences funded by European Union, Arab States, African Union and a myriad of NGO\’s.

We Somalis are a race accursed with hot headiness. We are quick to anger and ever ready to fight each other. Even our traditional greetings is an open invitation for a fight. \”Ma nabad baa?\” (Is it peace? With its ever ready overtones for a fight)

We believe in this out dated maxim of an eye for an eye, a life for a life. We are the only people in the world fighting against our own kith and kin, yes our own fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and uncles over some obscure clanism ideology.

No wonder the whole world is tired of us and we have effectively been labelled a dying social dinosaur. In some publications, where the Somali map used to be is left blank. We are the world wide laughing stock.

The best thing is for the world community to leave us alone. Let us try to resolve our own difference without undue involvement. If need be let those who want to continue fighting fight to their death. Let us instead help those refugees and people who want peace.

USA, Ethiopia and her rivals cannot leave Somalia alone. We are located in a very strategic place in Africa. But let the Transitional Federal Government of Somali Republic and Islamists resolve their silly difference.

Unfortunately none of these two powers have the mandate or authority to rule Somalia. None was given by the Somali people. The Federal Government claims its power from clans, not from individual citizens. The Islamists claim to represent Somali people through a mixture of religion and riffles. Bullet raher than the ballot box continues to rule.

America is neither a friend nor an enemy of Somalia. Let us not fool ourselves that Somalia has friends. All our friends have long since abandoned us. Those who are still mired in the Somali conflict are doing so because of their vested interests.

Our neighbors are afraid that a lawless Somalia under Islamist ideology will harbor and embolden the Al Qaeda cells in this strategic location of the Horn of Africa.

Like every Somali citizen, I greatly applauded the semblance of peace that the Islamists have wrought. But by threatening our neighbors such as Kenya and Ethiopia and reviving the futile ambition of \”Greater Somalia\” the Islamists simply dug their own grave. That was their biggest undoing. To rule a nation you need the good will from your neighbours. They even want to kill thousand of Somali citizens, who because they have lived in exile have adopted foreign cultures and religions.

Somali people want peace not Ethiopian or Eritrean aggression in our soil. We do not want cowardly American bombing of \”Islamist and Al Qaeda targets\” when more innocent women and children die than alleged terrorists.

The best solution, is to accept the futility of trying to stitch together the once great Somali Nation. There is no such thing as Somalia anymore. What you see is a land of clans where political, economic and social security is based not on nationhood or even citizenship, but rather on membership to a particular clan.

Then is it not logical to ask Somalia to be sub divided among each clan?

Cannot each clan rule her traditional territory and administer it for her clansmen?

Is it fair to lump territories that are trying to have their own peace and economic prosperity together with lawless clansmen who want to fight and hide among innocent civilians?

Let Somalia be considered for subdivision among her clans. Then each clan can manage her own internal affairs if they cannot support the Transitional Federal Government. What is the need for a central government that is protected by a country’s traditional enemy?

As a Southern, I do not like the idea of Somalia’s break down. But this is an option we must seriously consider. That includes the international community\’s recognition of Somaliland.

Once this is done, and each clan finds the futility of isolation, they will eventually drop away their weapons and join a purposeful peace, unification and reconciliation which may resurrect the Great Somali nation.

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Oh come on. This recent stage of violence in Somalia is nothing like the ones in the 90s and early 2000s. The ICU stopped that. It wasn’t a semblance of peace. IT WAS PEACE! What happened next I have to say is disgusting. The Ethiopians entered Somalia and set up bases in Puntland and Baidoa. The Islamic Courts never threatened Kenya. All they did was say that they would declare war on Ethiopia if they didn’t leave Somalia.

The Ethiopians were there for only one reason. That was to back up the Transitional Federal Government which is a government in name only. It was composed of people who spent the best part of a decade killing innocent people. They are the people the UN,USA and the EU wanted to hand over to the Somali people. They haven’t changed their act. The Somali militants who claim to be Soldiers are raping and looting along with the Ethiopians.

This war is getting rougher at the moment but there is hope in the horizon. The TFG has gone even weaker and they lost all credibility they had with the people. They are stealing most of the money that they get. The Prime Minster admitted that. They’ve lost control of the country. The resistance is able to walk with impunity from the Southern tip to the North. The Ethiopians and the TFG are only in power in Baidoa, Beledwyene and Southern Mogadishu. Those are cities not provinces.

Somalis probably will be solved if people leave the Somalis alone. What can they do to threaten global peace? There aren’t any terrorists there. This is just another case of USA trying to install a government favourable to them. They did this in South America in the 50s-80s. They even tried to do that recently in Venezuela with a coup and they invaded Iraq.

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It is not logical to ask Somalia to be sub divided among each clan.
Somalis must unite as one to make Somalia a nation
But, as you said, “Somalis are a race accursed with hot headiness, quick to anger and ever ready to fight each other.”
It will be years before the Somalis will get together as a nation. Maybe they should grow marijuana instead of that other weed that makes you combative.

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Somalia is in Disaster in my opinion for reasons.

1, Warlords
2, The Dictatorship Minority in Ethiopia

The warlords have killed, maimed, looted, raped somalis for the last two decades all the while saying they were defending the rights of their community. People realised these criminals were just that, blood suckers who’s only intention was to continue their robbery,killing and environmental devastation. Some are still in positions of power thanks mainly to Meles in Ethiopia.

2. The Meles Regime has understood these criminals and in fact made some of them from scrach. The Meles regime armed these criminals despite the UN arms embargo. It was so amazing to some that a mafia like criminals who were robbing ordinary people,selling drugs and kidnapping people for ransom were being armed and facilitated by a neighbouring Country. An anology would be if France decided to do business with the Mafia in Italy and offered millitary surplus. Asked them to come the Ellysee Palace for conversation with the president and so. I am Writing article about these at the moment.

The way forward. The best way to resolve Somali problems is to create an international tribunal for Somalia and prosecute Warlords and members of Meles regime including him and A small number of Insurgent commanders like the one that killed M Ali in Beledweyne for religious reasons.

Assist the nationalist and ordinary people to secure their country and draft their own constitution with a UN help. A pularal vibrant Democracy would be created where the Somali can make a contribution and receive his just rights.

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Have a look at this article to support my argument.

Islamic Courts Union Stirs Kenya
By Kyle Dabruzzi

The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) has seemingly made their first strategic misstep in Somalia. This blunder, in turn, could provide the Transitional Federal Government (TGF) with additional support and it could also provide the United States an opportunity to help counter the ICU’s advance.

The recent escalation of provocative activities in Somalia has seen the ICU steadily advance towards the Kenyan border. Last Thursday, the ICU pressed to the border village of Liboi with 15 technicals (small pickup trucks with mounted weapons) before retreating back to their base in Afmadow. According to Abu Zeynab, a spokesman for the ICU, their advance was to “check the security in the area.” In response, Kenyan military helicopters flew over their side of the border, which caused the Islamists to retreat back to Afmadow.

This most recent provocation may be the first strategic miscalculation that the ICU has made. It might not seem like a miscalculation to the ICU, who may have an interest in spreading to northeastern Kenya. Many of the refugees who have fled to Kenya still have clan or family ties in Somalia. However, Kenya’s defense minister, Njenga Karume, declared that “anybody who might touch Kenya will face the full force of our military.”

For the past few months, the ICU has been extremely strategic in the way that they have advanced. They have seemingly made it a point to not threaten their neighbors while systematically surrounding the TGF in Baidoa. Additionally, they have generally been able to put on a good face for the international media, though the journalists and other media in the region reporting on a regular basis should be able to see through the facade. Nonetheless, the Islamic Courts Union has been very insistent that their advance forward has been peaceful. This most recent advance seems provocative enough to call the ICU’s “peaceful expansion” into question.

In addition, the Islamists appear to be reneging on their reputation of being peaceful. The BBC reported that the Islamists have vowed a “holy war” on Ethiopia.

Among other things, one reality was revealed in this most recent ICU advance and retreat: the ICU doesn’t stand a chance against a state military, and they know it. These recent advances have caused Kenya to toy with the idea of re-establishing its support for the Transitional Federal Government in Baidoa. If the ICU continues to provoke Kenya, it will likely result in Kenya’s entrance into this conflict.

Herein lay the opportunity. As of now, the US has already given Kenya six speed boats to help patrol its coastline. US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger indicated that “this is timely in view of the heightened concerns by Kenya about the potential exploitation of the Kenyan coast by criminal groups and terrorists.” Although the boats are ostensibly to be used to patrol the Kenyan coast, they may also be strategic in the event of an ICU invasion of north-eastern Kenya.

In addition, it is reported that Kenyan troops are now being deployed on the border of Somalia, near the El-Wakh village. Clearly, Kenya has become much more of an interested player in this crisis. With aid coming from both Ethiopia and Kenya, the TFG has now bolstered its defenses.
The United States is in a very unique position to help counter the ICU’s advance. Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi recently called on the international community to provide strong support for the TFG. The United States should heed this call. If the US continues to provide support for them via its neighbors, it is very possible that the TFG could gain the support it needs to re-take Somalia.

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How does that even support you? The article says that the ICU went near the Kenyan border. It didn\’t say anything about the ICU entering Kenyan territory. Hey guess whats right next to the Kenyan territory? Somalia.

All the article says is that the ICU were trying to establish control in the border regions. They have a right to do that. It just looks like the Kenyans over reacted.

In fact the article shines a bad light on Kenya. It\’s against international law to supply arms to Somalia. Kenya and Ethiopia did that. They broke international law.

oh and at the last part about the ICU not being able to take on state military. That would be true if it was a European or Asian country. But African militaries are so weak they can hardly control rebels. Look at Somalia now. 30,000 Ethiopian troops along with the militia of warlords who receive intelligence from US Navy ships have lost control of 80% of Southern Somalia. Just last week Kismayo promised the Insurgents 30% share of their profits if they were left alone. While that was happening. the Islamic courts in Central Somalia a place they haven\’t been in since November 2006 attacked the pirates. They killed 4 pirates and captured six.

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My opinion is that the rest of the world should help.

Africa cannot be ignored.


Carlos, that’s not funny… that other ‘weed’ is known as khat and you’d be surprised how much money it rakes in for those who plant it and its necessarily illegal in that part of Africa….

Somalia is only given attention when things go from worse to worst. Nobody dares do anything until a lone journalist dares go into that hostile territory and come back with footage of the brutality of the war. It sad but the Somalis themselves have a role to play in it.

And though many desire for peace in Somalia, the West primarily viewed as America MUST NOT INTERFERE with the peace process. Let the Somalis sort themselves out and deal with their issues, including the historical ones. This means dealing with Ethiopia who invaded the nation in the name of rooting out terrorists. That was not right. They must pull out, have the Somalis create their own center of power and lead themselves.

It’s a tricky situation but they must sort the mess themselves

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My point is that both the Islamic Court Union (ICU) and the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) are forever condemned as murderous vagabonds who have no place in a prosperous, peaceful and stable Somalia. They are directly or indirectly responsible for our country’s lamentable catalogue of suffering.

The whole world saw ICU revving their Technicals across Kenyan territory while ranting and raving about Greater Somalia. Perhaps their spate of victories had emboldened them. I was actually in Nairobi when the news was announced in the radio. The senior ICU leadership was trying to claim territories in Kenya and Ethiopia as Somalia’s own (never mind that ICU cannot even claim half of Somalia) thus endangering their credibility as the respected new rulers of Somalia. Their utterance even endangered the lives and future of thousands of Somali citizens seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

Anyone who assumes Kenya’s armed forces just because they have never gone to war are no match to the rag tag armies of ICU is in for a big shock. Let me not dwell upon this. Even assuming that Kenya’s army, navy and air force are that powerless, do not forget that just as Djibouti has defense pact with France, Kenya and Ethiopia have defense pact against Somalia.

They had signed this defense pact many years ago when Somalia had one of the most powerful and well-equipped army, navy and air force thanks to the same Uncle Sam whom we now condemn of interference.

In addition, lest you forget, Kenya has defense agreement with her colonial master, the United Kingdom.

Somalia may have similar agreement with Italy, but I doubt that the Azzuri which has Somali born players will even bother to use our historical ties to raise funds for our bullet riddled hospitals. The United Nations too is unhelpful nitwit who cannot do anything for us without US. That is why American war planes can come to our airspace and seaports to target practice, I quote, “missiles worth $2 million each only to hit a couple of camels on the butt.” These bombs actually kill our innocent civilians contrary US claims of killing terrorists only.

The rest of the world either shuts up with the forceful disgust they feel for Somalis or simply wait for the latest news on piracy to reach them and exclaim, “They should be bombed off the face of the earth!” It is worth noting that famine in our country no longer yields the response from donors as it once did. The whole world is tired of us.

This is the sad truth. Somalia has came to be regarded a rotten land of carcasses unfit even for hounds.

Warlords, TFG and ICU leaders have played their role in ensuring that we have no place in the comity of nations.

Who cares when Americans and Ethiopians are killing Somali citizens when ICU daily murders Somalis on basis of race, rumor and for adopting foreign religions, cultures and Western life style? Yet they themselves have no qualms at accepting funding from abroad, adopting foreign and murderous ideology from the Talibans and Al Qaedas of the day. Their kind of fundamental Islam has no place in moderate moslem Somalia.

Sadly this 17 years of civil war has resulted a whole generation of Somali citizenry born in foreign lands. Many more have lived most of their adult life in exile. For ICU to say that they will kill any Somali who does not profess to Somali culture and religion of Islam is the height of hypocrisy. Can you blame the many Somalis have assimilated in exile?

Even those who try to retain our cultural identity are getting more and more tired of waiting for peace in Somalia. We would rather shape their destiny through toil tears and sweat. This is what has led Somalis to start all these successful business enterprises you see within and without Somalia.

Our businessmen and women put to shame their counterparts in peaceful countries in Africa and even in West who live in relative peace and stability. For example Telcom of Kenya, a state corporation in charge of telephone and communication services, can neither provide not match the services provided by private telecommunication firms in Mogadishu’s war torn districts. Money remittance firms in Mogadishu could easily put to shame Western Union money transfer had it not for Bush Administration’s constant interference claiming such remittance is for funding terrorist cells rather than helping our relatives and families back in Somalia.

Little wonder that businessmen and women in Kismayo would rather pay a ransom of 30% to ICU just to be left alone to operate in peace. TFG cannot protect them. ICU threatens them. Security is the lifeline of a business enterprise. Or put it mildly, security guarantees human efforts, which require personal incentives, capital, tools and machinery – the purse strings of investors.

When two bulls fight it is the grass that suffers. This continued fight between ICU and TFG is the stumbling block of the self-determination of Somali people.
The real victims are the innocent civilians.

The Transitional Federal Government bombs civilian homes and markets because that is where the remnants of ICU uses as a safe haven from which to unleash a barrage of mortar fire, bullets, missiles and roadside bombs.

Who suffers from these dogs of war? Only Innocent and unarmed men, women and children.

Who is responsible?

Maybe it is the USA. Maybe it is Ethiopians and their enemy Eritrea. Maybe it is the UN. Maybe it is the AU. Maybe it is Kenya. Either or with the many options for blame, I hold TFG and ICU responsible.

If neither ICU nor the TFG can protect us what can we hope for?

Why not try our clans? This tradition has served us well for hundred or even thousand of years.

Have you noticed that areas under clan (s) administration have far more peace and prosperity than those under TFG/ICU?

Hence my suggestion that Somalia to be sub divided among her clans. Let each clan rule her area and make it peaceful and prosperous. We all have allegiance to our clans more than to a nation-state. Then perhaps when these clans realize that there is more that unite us (one language, culture, country, religion, etc.) than separate us to the contempt and hatred of our neighbors and world, come together with a purposeful peace to restore this great nation of Somalia.

Heaven knows that none of these two evils (ICU & TFG) have the welfare of Somalia at heart. They have literally placed us between the evil bullets and bombs and the shark invested deep blue sea of the Indian Ocean, and Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa. Their sole objective is power, absolute power at the expense of long suffering residents of Somalia and Mogadishu in particular.

The world knows that Islamic Court Union is not better than the Transitional Federal Government. We all saw the Stone Age justice that ICU had brought to Somalia, where they forcibly promote the outdated Stone Age laws: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth, Limb for a Limb and even a life for a life. All this they did just to give an illusion of their authority, which was nothing but a semblance to peace, law and order.

ICU and TFG are no better than the Warlords they had defeated.
Whereas warlords would simply shoot criminals in response to the desert crime and beat of war, ICU response can at best be labeled ‘mirage of justice’.

Consider this: Ahmed proves his case to Islamic Court Union that Bashir had shot dead his brother Cali with an AK47.

Judges decide that Bashir is guilty and should be tied and shot to death with another AK47 by the victim’s brother Ahmed until he is dead in full view of the citizens so as to avenge his brother’s killing. Is this a government justice? It only increases the hatred and vicious cycle of fighting and murder.

If this case is before a clan’s council of elders, Bashir express remorse and would be ordered to compensate Cali’s clan with more than a 100 camels and with an apology/community service. Killing Bashir as a revenge will not bring back Cali nor will it compensate the family that had just lost a breadwinner. On the contrary Cali’s family would be 100 camels richer, millionaires overnight.

Only return to our Clans will end our Leviathan. This Hobbesian Society where life is nasty brutish and short has gone on for seventeen long years and must end with clanism.

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I believe it is our fault by not abiding the universal rule, which says, please don’t kill innocent people, and we forget in what our religion taught us, we even not go back to use our tradition. Are we blaming the western society, there is a Somali proverb says (Niman tashan looma taliyo) If you can’t make a decision, who will do if for you? It is us (SOMALIS) need to sit down under shady oak tree and discuss how we will search the hope of our country. I am Somali citizen who is wondering when the hope will shine?

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The ICU was as much a mafia enterprise as any of the other players; warlords, TFG and all. They all derive their power from the barrel of a gun.

The fact of the matter is, ordinary citizen of Somalia have endured SUFFERING of world war 2 proportions and the civilised world has to come to it’s aid, even if it means Somalia loosing it’s so called independence.

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Bridgette Khedun and others

I want to know, how many of you xenophobes are out there is South Africa? If you are in majority, then it is only natural we take back World Cup 2010 and give it to country that don’t kill, rape and loot its non-citizen residents.

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Sorry about last post. It is mixup with other thread.

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Ogden Are you reading the same article or are you just making stuff up? Where in the article you posted did it say that that the ICU entered Kenyan territory . It said that they went NEAR there. They were taking control of Somali towns in the Somali side.

Looking at your post. I can see you don’t have any knowledge of what is going on in Somalia. Kenya has a defence pact with Ethiopia? So what? Ethiopia has 30,000 troops in Somalia. Those “ragtag forces” have managed to dislog them from Southern and Central Somalia. There are only three places in Somalia where Ethiopia has managed to control. They have lost control of all regions of Hiiraan expect for the capital Beledweyne. Remember this is a province that didn’t fall in the hands of 2006. All of the regions surrounding Baidoa have fallen in the hands of ICU. Baidoa is only just being held. Insurgents are walking around attacking MPs. Mogadishu with the highest concentration of African Union,Somali Militants loyal to the TFG and Ethiopian army is divided. In the north the Islamic courts can walk out in open.

These are the people you are calling rag tag.

You seriously need to get your facts checked. When the ICU was in control. You didn’t have people starving. Aid agencies could drive from Mogadishu to Kismayo without seeing a single checkpoint. The Islamic courts never went around killing people based on clans. When they took over Mogadishu the first thing they did was to make sure that the relatives of the warlords weren’t harmed.

I have already sussed you up. What you want is for Somalia to be run like a western country by a bunch of warlords who’ll rape Somali women on the whim. Well you can take the defeatist attitude off somewhere else.

The war is for the insurgents to lose. Unless the screw up they will win. The Ethiopian ambassador has been talking about it. Trying to win the hearts and minds of people by feeding after a year and a half of abuse.

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I am just stating my personal experience in Kenya’s refugee camps. These are actually not far from the Kenya/Somalia border, and in fact my sister and I would go over to Somalia to fetch firewood for the cooking of our family’s UNHCR food rations.

As someone who actually lived in Somalia and in Kenya, I know what I am talking about. We fled the warlords and became refugees in Kenya, then returned back to Somalia because of the false peace and control by ICU and then we fled again because of this ICU-TFG quagmire. Now we are in the United States for protection and durable solution.

I have first hand experience with the atrocities of warlords, ICU and TFG.

I believe that this is a respected reuters blog, a place to air our diverse opinions without fear. It is not to a place to abuse people who try to air their different opinions, personal experiences and beliefs.

I respect those of us who think the ICU is the best. Many of my friends do the same. The same case applies to the TFG, which has a hate-love relationship with many Somalis.

There is ‘Hope for Somalia’ in a society where the clan provides one’s social, economic and political security. That is my opinion and I have no apology for it.

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Well I’m a Somali Kenyan. I know how Kenyans treat Somalis. They treat us like dirt yet they still expect us to want to stay in Kenya. I saw what the ICU did to Mogadishu. I’ve went there before came in power and after. The situation was remarkably different. I knew I could use my mobile phone in the street without a militia memeber coming to kill me If I didn’t give to him.

What are you talking about anyway? Clans provide political security? Not thats not true. The reason why Somalia is in this mess is because of clans. They refuse to let others in power if they are from a rival clan. Tribalism divided Somalia. What we need is the Unity of Islam to unite us has one people.

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The staff of the British propaganda house called Reuters conveniently forgot to mention the source of the violence in Somalia: the United States and its ally — the brutal dictatorship called Ethiopia.

Reuters prefer to focus on Zimbabwe because British interests and the interests of white farmers are involved. It refuses to mention the US/British/Australian financial sanctions that are killing the Zimbabwean economy.

Now, its staff pretend to care about Somalia without mentioning the source of the violence…

Shame on you all.

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Who says the ICU will provide what the Somalis have longed for over the last 17 years?

Yes, there was a semblance of peace but there were other grievances too… the issue of publicly celebrating with music, chewing khat (a favorite past time for many Somalis) and the closure of theatres… They managed to bomb a screening of an Indian movie once, perhaps to instill fear and discourage ordinary Somalis. I’m unsure of their reasons but are they any different from those who’ve been before them?

Like it was said earlier, why aren’t these men tried for crimes against humanity that hey have overseen and those which they’ve committed themselves? Most if not all have innocent blood on their hands.

The Somali people continue to suffer and whether or not the world sees through the facade Somalia’s leaders put up or not, the truth is and sad at that, that the Somali people are tired of the cycles of war that have cost them so much. Perhaps this is why they succeed wherever they go and have an enduring spirit.

Whatever the case, I think the world owes it to them to do this one thing; help where they can. And if this means not interferring, then so be it.

Perhaps the NGOs and humanitarian organizations fuel the conflict? How you ask? They bring in food and medical supplies to treat and feed the masses (please note I don’t mean they shouldn’t do this). But instead of these very essential comodities getting to the people who need them the most, they end up in the hands of “ragtag soldiers” and warlords and their militia who sometimes sell them at exhorbitant rates in the now infamous Bakaarah market, make a killing and spend on more weapons and/or fighters.

And where do the people get money to survive from? Money transfer agencies. They allows the locals to cash out remmitances made by their relatives abroad as the American government insists that the hawalas fund terrorism.

I don’t believe separating Somalia according to clans is the solution. Yes, Somalis have clan allegiances but why not try using blood compensation; “hal boqol” (100camels) for every waranleh (spear-carrier or man) felled and 50 for every woman’s life lost? It worked for years before things changed….

As far as the treatment of Somalis by Kenyans is concerned, I have to say, am Kenyan and I know how we can be sometimes but that’s not the general population. It’s a general assumption. Please keep in mind there are language and culture differences. In some cases, that could be the reason why…otherwise I can’t say much as to why this happens.

As far as Kenyans are concerned Aldhelm, I don’t think we’re so bad. Eastleigh is “Little Mogadishu.” Many Somali immigrants live there; both legal and illegal, and though your community may face what everyone else does;- life, at least we let you be… and Eastleigh’s very interesting. I like hanging out there with my Somali friends.

Yes, I have Somali friends from both Kenyan and Somalia. They possess good qualities I strongly admire;- their strong will, the desire to make something of their lives through hard work and enteprenurship, dedication and passion, not forgetting their love for family.

Perhaps it is because of their background, the hard times they have had to endure along with the prejudice. Whatever it is, it works well for them. I only wish those left in Somalia would do this more often. Perhaps the cycles of war would come to an end. I think putting the guns away would be a start. But is that likely to happen anytime soon? I don’t know.

I can only wish them the best as they try to solve the matter internally first, then perhaps ask for international intervention…

Somalia might just have peace one day. who knows :-)

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Semblence of peace? Clearly you didn’t go to Somalia before they took over and after they took over. I was there. IT WAS peace. They took several actions like shutting down porn studios and banning khat. Saying it’s a favourite pastime of Somalis belittles it. Opium is a favourite pastime of Afghanis. Should we let that flourish? Khat has been responsible for the deaths of hundrends. Warlords feed kids they kidnapped khat and made them carry weapon. These drugged up kids shot people. Now the same warlords are in the TFG. Also on the theatre issue. That was a complete propaganda. The Islamic Courts went and banned porn theatres. Their enemies decided to lie and say that the World Cup was banned. Which was a filthy lie. Since I was there to watch Germany get kicked out of the World Cup.

The people in Somalia who have blood on their hands are the TFG and Ethiopian troops. Amnesty International just recently published a report where they point outed the crimes of the so called government and Ethiopian troops. In One case they raped a 17 year old girl and when her younger brothers came to the rescue they gouged their eyes. All in the name of hunting for Insurgents.

Btw I’m a Kenyan Somali who spent a lot of time in Nairobi. I know how a lot of people react to Somalis. Especially the Kenyans around Eastleigh. The atmosphere there is like South Africa suspicious and anger by the local community at the fact that the Somalis are doing well. One of these days we will have a riots like the ones in Western Kenyan. Only this time instead of Kikuyus and Luos attacking each other It will involve Somalis.

Btw on a recent note. It turns out that Four Kenyan Soldiers have been killed by Islamic Courts. The Kenyan army moved soldiers to the border and these soldiers probably harassed Somali civilians. They did this before in the 80s.

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As African who had the opportunity of traveling through Puntland and Somaliland, I am convinced that the aspirations of the average parent in Somali is like it is anywhere in the world – a safe environment to raise their children and practice their craft.

I strongly believe the international community needs to give conditional recognition to Puntland and Somaliland immediately. The levels of hostilities in these two territories are similar to the endemic levels of strife in other African countries. The UN needs to convene a donor’s conference for these territories and massive levels of support for setting up structures on all levels of government, and educational, health and internal security apparatus.

A consequence of this will be that these territories will be shining examples to south and central Somalia. On the other hand Somalis from the south and central regions do not have to be refugees in other lands. The new local administrations in these communities should be set up to accommodate new arrivals in the spirit of African and Islamic solidarity. I was received warmly Somali men and women as a visiting African brother!

The problem of internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Puntland and Somaliland exists today because of very limited resources that the NGO community has in dealing with problem.

By the way, I dare say that in all my travels across the length and breadth of Africa, I have not seen a more vibrant civil society structure as exists in Puntland and Somaliland.

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Such is war and war is brutal; that’s why I’m an avid campaigner that the war in Somalia must end.

But what do you expect? Though people love seeing success all around them, in Eastleigh, it’s not the other communities that are flourishing. It’s the Somalis. From the beauty shops, to restaurants, to hawalas, matatu business, whole sale and retail dealers of all kinds of food, clothing and items; it’s the Somalis who are running things there. One of my friends likes to say there is no law, no government in Eastleigh except the one they make for themselves.
And walking there, one can’t help but agree.

Now let’s talk khat. As far as khat is concerned, yes it is a drug, yes it has cost many people’s lives and livelihoods. Yes it has destroyed many families;- and am sure you know, it’s not just in Somalia, even here in Kenya too. It seems to be catching on with the youth every passing day and no one seems to be doing anything about it, neither have the power to deal with it. The government agencies and organs can’t deal with it;- they’re toothless dogs. Perhaps it’s because of the cash flow generated to the different sectors of the economy; or not. Whatever the reasons, something should be done about it. I don’t support the use of the drug by anybody no matter the reason.

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Atrocities of Ethiopia.

The Ogaden region, which is predominately inhabited by Somalis, is undergoing according to international NGOs, an operation aimed at torching villages and hanging sympathisers of the local rebel group, Ogaden Liberation Front.

Reports abound about villagers complaining about government troops killing young men, women, children.

During Ethiopia’s 2005 general elections, police killed about 193 protesters when the government-manipulated electoral commission declared victory for Mr Zenawi’s ruling party.

Opposition leaders, who claimed they had won the election outright, decided to stay away from their seats in parliament.

Mr Zenawi’s regime arrested more than 100 opposition politicians and charged them with treason.

They were only released when the international community pleaded for their release, after spending two years in jail.

Ethiopian troops are being killed in Somalia almost every day by landmines, fighting or by Somali insurgent snipers. Imagine how many more are being injured.

They could run into their hundreds.

If sending innocent soldiers into a sure fire killing field for no good reason is not a crime, what is a crime?

A large chunk of the country’s troops is fighting Eritrea, in a barren town called Badme.

Thousands of soldiers from both sides were killed in the 1998-2000 useless war. If that is not a crime what is?

In the past, Mengistu oppressed Ethiopians for opposing his rule, and the present, when a Western-backed Zenawi commits human atrocities against the same people who suffered under Mengistu and expected a change.

In 1991, when Mr Zenawi’s ragtag militias drove out Mengistu from the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopians were made to believe that a new era had dawned for them.

How wrong were they! About 17 years of Zenawi’s rule has produced no single free newspaper in Ethiopia and the opposition feels insecure as ever.

The past of Mengistu has almost caught up with the present of Zenawi!

Even, those in the know believe present abuses in Ethiopia eclipse, in terms of intensity and brutality, those of Mengistu, who employed old styles of punishment, like mainly secretly assassinating opponents.

According to international NGOs, the government is starving residents in Ogaden, denies reporters access to the semi-arid region and shamefully claims that it is serving justice to Mengistu.

What a shame!

Only last month, Amnesty International accused the Ethiopian troops, backing Somalia’s titular government, of collective punishment against civilians.

It said the troops killed, gang-raped and gouged out eyes of Somalis in a report replete with chilling accounts of witnesses.


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Koye I don’t you know much about Somalis. For Somalis the idea of unity is the highest of all ideals. That is why the support of the Islamic Courts is so high. People are sick and tired of warlords threatening,killing and dividing Somalis.

Recognising Somaliland and Puntland is HUGE mistake. It will make a lot of Somalis angry and yet an another division. Just like the betrayal of the Somalis forced to live in Ethiopia and Kenya. Besides now is the wrong. Puntland is fracturing as we speak. They have been infiltrated by Islamic Courts fighters who are assassinating Intelligence officers who work for the Americans. Their airport just got shelled couple of days ago. In Somaliland the so called Hidden Democracy. The Warlord in Power just decided that he would rather stay in power then let the people elect a new prime minster.

You want the war in Somalia to end? Well it will end when America,Kenya and Ethiopia stops interfering. In the 90s Ethiopia and Kenya were sending weapons to their favourite warlords. Weapons used to kill innocent people. When the Islamic Courts became powerful Kenya tried to seduce ICU but when they realised that the ICU weren’t easily influenced they helped the TFG.

If Somalia was left alone. What would happen is that the warlords in the TFG would run away has the TFG collapses in face of public anger. Most Somalis hate them because they let Ethiopia invade Somalia. The ICU would take control of Southern Somalia and most likely Puntland. Somaliland would give up it’s idea of independence once it has a strong opposition. This will take a year or two to happen.

Do you know why Somalis are flourishing? Because they stick by themselves and their votes don’t have lot of effect. With the rest of the Kenyans. The Luos vote for themselves and the Kikiyus vote for themselves. Each President always favours his people over others and they steal from the aid money sent to Kenya. That is why Somalis decided to stick together. Kenya isn’t like the UK where everyone is open and free to do businesses.

By the way if you don’t support the use of khat why are you against the ICU banning it? Enimies of the ICU go on about “protests” that happened in Kismayo when the ICU banned khat and several teenagers were shot. What actually happened was that the ICU banned khat and most of the people in Somalia were happy. Expect for two kinds of people. The ones taking khat and the ones selling it. They had a violent protest and attacked security guards who shot back.

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I would like to respond to your comments appearing in quotes:

“For Somalis the idea of unity is the highest of all ideals.”

If this were the case, then the moment Siad Barre was overthrown would have became the rebirth of democracy in Somalia and this uncivil war would have been avoided.

“That is why the support of the Islamic Courts is so high. People are sick and tired of warlords threatening, killing and dividing Somalis.”

Every new conqueror is at first welcome as a savior. When the Somali people found out that Islamic Court Union was threatening, killing and dividing Somalis on basis of tribe, social class, religion and political opinion, the savior became the oppressor. The current ICU terrorists are no longer welcome in many civilian areas.

“Recognising Somaliland and Puntland is HUGE mistake. It will make a lot of Somalis angry and yet an another division.”

Somalia is not united and is already divided along clan lines. There is no iota of unity there. No one clan cares about the other. If warlords, Somalia’s titular government and murderous diaper-heads of ICU cannot stop the killing and restore peace, why should we not allow the self determination of Somali people in Puntland and Somaliland?

Who are we to judge what is good for the inhabitants of these regions? These people should not be held hostage by silly murderers who control only the capital city, Mogadishu. Their future should not be begged with peace in Mogadishu.
I strongly advocate for these regional clans who come together for the sake of peace, economic development and security of their citizens. No one, Transitional Federal Government, Islamic Court Union, Warlords and least of all a foreign power has the mandate to order around Somali people in Puntland, leave alone Somaliland.

“Just like the betrayal of the Somalis forced to live in Ethiopia and Kenya. Besides now is the wrong. Puntland is fracturing as we speak. They have been infiltrated by Islamic Courts fighters who are assassinating Intelligence officers who work for the Americans. Their airport just got shelled couple of days ago. In Somaliland the so called Hidden Democracy. The Warlord in Power just decided that he would rather stay in power then let the people elect a new prime minster.”

This just shows what happens to areas that try to divorce themselves from the daily violence in Mogadishu. Warlords, Islamic Court Union and Transitional Federal Government will all try to outdo one another in meddling in the affairs of peaceful and autonomous regions.

It is shows the criminal intent on the part of Islamic Court Union because of their sad justification for murder ‘…intelligence officers who work for Americans…’ No, these are innocent Somali citizens and the hands of Islamic Court Union do reek and smell with blood. We cannot kill people and expect to get away with a cheap explanation like that.

That it why the once vetted saviors are now seen as diaper-heads who cannot see the wood for trees.

On the problem of Kenyan Somalis, this a big problem with minority people all over the world. Somalis in Kenya and Ethiopia are no exception. The majority tribes, the Kikuyus and Luos will always try to dominate the political and economic sectors of Kenya. I know that Kenyans hate Somalis (they envy our business acumen Garissa Lodges are being replicated everywhere; fear job loses in jobless economy; abhor Mogadishu land, air and sea violence; blame us for gangsters with sophisticated arms in Nairobi; cannot understand Somalia’s long war and whatnot.

But it is simply impossible to compare the challenges of Kenyan or Ethiopian Somalis with the daily genocide in Somalia.

Yes we all want the war to end.

“Well it will end when America,Kenya and Ethiopia stops interfering. In the 90s Ethiopia and Kenya were sending weapons to their favourite warlords. Weapons used to kill innocent people. When the Islamic Courts became powerful Kenya tried to seduce ICU but when they realised that the ICU weren’t easily influenced they helped the TFG.”

America, Kenya and Ethiopia did not start this war. Somalis themselves started this after failing to agree on who will become president once Siad Barre was gone.
After warlords started killing themselves, raping their grandmothers, killing young children and widowing their mothers, these warlords and refugees flee into Kenya and Ethiopia for refuge once they see the might of Islamic Court Union.
But ICU turns out to be no better than the warlords they had ousted. I know this is debatable. But these Islamic Court Union officials wasted massive goodwill and became oppressors and murderers themselves.

When large numbers of refugees from Somalia enter neighboring countries, they destabilize the society that gives them hospitality. Refugees changed Kenya’s economy (Eastleigh was low income area before Somalis came to turn it into the miracle called ‘Little Mogadishu’, almost at par with Nairobi’s Central Business District. Prices of rent and other commodities have sky rocked and ordinary Kenyans have had to vacate their rented homes and work places because greedy landlords were cashing in on the dollars and selling away their property. Many refugees managed to use their wealth to get Kenyan citizenship or to simply buy passports at Nyayo House, the Immigration Department. The porous and long border also allows criminals to bring in sophisticated weaponry into Kenya. Many refugees who do not wish to stay in the camps escape to the city and become war-hardened criminals whose finger prints the police can never trace.

In a country where the police are ill equipped, poorly paid and cannot even tell the difference between an Ethiopian and a Somali, let alone Kenyan-Somalis and Somalians, these are just few examples why Kenya has a legitimate stake in peaceful and stable Somalia.

Warlords even rent khat plantations in Meru, operate airlines flying to and from Mogadishu, own palatial homes in Nairobi from where they direct the murder in Somalia via satellite phone.

AID workers, UN personnel, and foreigners are based in Nairobi. They are there not because they love Somali less but because they love the dollars more.

When we abduct, kidnap and murder these foreigners aid workers, naïve tourists, including biased journalists we expect the world opinion to be unfavorable and Somalia to be held accountable.

We cannot ask to be left alone but in the same breath ask for aid, as if that is not rude enough, keep sending a steady supply of desperate and war weary refugees to their death in Kenya and Ethiopia.

I do not know for sure if Kenya ever sent weapons to Somalia. They are too poor to even combat their own spiraling crime like the Mungiki, and as a good neighbor refused to militarily get involved with Somalia.

The biggest single supplier of illegal weapons to Somalia is well known and documented by UN and needs no elaboration here. In any case there is no innocent party in Somalia. I think it is safe to say that Islamic Court Union is armed by her foreign master Eritrea, while the Transitional Federal Government of Somali Republic is in turn armed by Ethiopia.

What Somalia needs is a functioning authority that can control all these wars and fighting and put to an end the refugee crisis that is now bordering genocide.
Somalia’s neighbors are tired of this irresponsible and unjust responsibility that expects them to meet the expense of maintaining millions of refugees, when their own people are dying from.

The macroeconomics alone are mid bogging without factoring in the environmental impact, social and political tension.

One can never emphasize the strategic interest USA, Kenyans and Ethiopians have in ensuring that Somalia is peaceful.

If the Transitional Federal Government and Islamic Court Union are only interested in murder and assassination for their survival, Somalia’s future is bleak indeed.

By equating themselves to Somalia they fail hopelessly. Somalia is bigger than ICU, WARLORDS, TFG and all those CLANS put together.

The best thing as I have repeatedly suggested, is to try and think beyond the triumvirate that control Somalia: TFG, ICU and Warlords. The answer must lie from without and not within.

In other words let any area that has alternative relative administration, relative peace and security be recognized as autonomous and funded by the international community.

That is precisely why Somaliland and Puntland have a strong case for recognition, which however cannot be honored for political reasons.

The reason the world is not entertaining this separation is that this is setting a precedent for other tribes who will see secession as the easy path to nationhood.

Every country that has a minority will struggle with secessionists.

“If Somalia was left alone. What would happen is that the warlords in the TFG would run away has the TFG collapses in face of public anger. Most Somalis hate them because they let Ethiopia invade Somalia. The ICU would take control of Southern Somalia and most likely Puntland. Somaliland would give up it’s idea of independence once it has a strong opposition. This will take a year or two to happen.”

TFG was formed in Kenya and had a broad mandate of almost all the clans in Somalia. Again this shows the power of clans in Somalia. Each clan spokesman can speak for his people, decide to support or reject the TFG or ICU and even declare war on the same and on other clans.

TFG, formed by a coalition of clans is the reason why it has the rest of civilized world’s respect and by the recognition of the United Nations.

Now however due TFG’s silly move of bringing a traditional enemy into our soil, the clans are withdrawing their support.

Normally Clans should be supporting ICU now that TFG has failed. But the ICU are trying to outdo themselves with atrocities and crimes committed against innocent Somali women and children.

If I was the ICU propaganda chief, I would first concentrate on strengthening my hold on the country, befriending our neighbors, respecting civil liberties because Somalis are traditionally moderate Moslems unlike Talibans. Somalis will resent, and God knows what happens when you try to force a Somali to do or not to do something by force. It always fails in the long run, due to the fact we do not forget a grudge and have long memory. I would never have attempted to ban miraa, but would control the trade. It will simply go underground. I would understand that image is everything and never hold kangaroo court where I can execute people in public for alleged crimes. Above all Somalis are fierce and freedom loving people who would rather die than be enslaved. What they wear or not wear should never concern ICU. God is powerful, most Gracious and Most Merciful. He has more than enough capacity to deal with his enemies.

I would never ever confuse religious duty with state duty.

What is weakening Somalia is the powerful rival clans interests. TFG will not collapse because of ICU. It will collapse the second the clans forming it withdraw their support. In fact at any conventional war they will win hands down against ICU.
The representative of Somalia (note again the importance and power of clans over the individual) as is recognized by the United Nations is the Transitional Federal

Government will always get help elsewhere even after Ethiopians leave.

As a legitimate transitional government, TFG has the right to seek help from her neighbors. Kenya may or may not have wisely declined to provide arms. Ethiopia decided to help because of the threats being made by Islamic Court Union, who declared war on a foreign state as if they rule Somalia.

Americans hate our guts and need no elaboration here.

Ethiopians do not love us and care less if and when camels alone become the sole inhabitants of Somalia.

They care that if ICU overruns the TFG they would then attack Ethiopia and maybe Kenya later. Is it our history and destiny to have problems with ALL our neighbors?

We describe Kenyans as people who are ugly with thick noses and hard hair. We call

Ethiopians are given even worse names, which pardon me I cannot mention in a respected blog, even though they are more European featured than us?


“Do you know why Somalis are flourishing? Because they stick by themselves and their votes don’t have lot of effect. With the rest of the Kenyans. The Luos vote for themselves and the Kikiyus vote for themselves. Each President always favours his people over others and they steal from the aid money sent to Kenya. That is why Somalis decided to stick together. Kenya isn’t like the UK where everyone is open and free to do businesses.

I think not Somalia; because there is nothing flourishing there. Buy yeah, Kenyan-Somalis are flourishing and benefiting from the spoils of war in Somalia.

As for Kenyan Somalis facing oppression in Kenya, I agree it is true.

There was a tribe that supported the shifta menace (Somalia’s attempt to annex part of Kenyan territory in the 1960’s?) and endangered the territorial integrity of Kenya by fighting for Somalia should not be treated with suspicion?

This tribe is the Kenyan Somalis tribe.

If Greater Somalia had succeeded where would Kenyan Somalis be today?

Today they claim to be Kenyan citizens and look at Somalia with disgust, benefit from the war while hiding terrorists and criminal elements among them. Many sell their Kenyan passports and help refugees become Kenyan citizens; tomorrow when they hear that Somalia has became peaceful with many opportunities, they would suddenly claim to be Somali citizens and hurry to leave poor old Kenya, maybe forever.

At least the Luos and Kikuyus do not have another place to call home and have never tried to sell off their homeland to their neighbors.

There is never such thing as open and free society – only free and open political space for us to live and work without fear or favor. UK is no more open than USA; they respect our rights without palm greasing. These three countries are all the same in every aspect except spending power. The moment they so much as suspect one is a terrorist by name alone, they will act irrationally suspend basic human rights.

By the way Kenya has more than 42 tribes with more that unite them than that separates this silly single tribe that is Somali.

“By the way if you don’t support the use of khat why are you against the ICU banning it? Enimies of the ICU go on about “protests” that happened in Kismayo when the ICU banned khat and several teenagers were shot. What actually happened was that the ICU banned khat and most of the people in Somalia were happy. Expect for two kinds of people. The ones taking khat and the ones selling it. They had a violent protest and attacked security guards who shot back.”

Islamic Court Union does not have the license to kill you because you want to chew khat. In fact nobody elected them to judge us. Somalis are moderate Moslems and have the right to watch what they want, listen what they want, eat and drink what they want without bearded diaper-heads nosing in our personal and domestic affairs.

History shows that governments trying to interfere with the basic human rights of citizens are doomed to fail.

Do not support any of the current antagonistic groups. Support your Clan and their efforts to take care of orphaned children, of widows and provide social, economic and political security fro the wounded and disabled.

A clan is not a Tribe. They are composed of your kinsmen. Somalia has no tribe other than itself: the Somali tribe. It is like the Kikuyu fighting among themselves and then seeking peace in their clan areas. That is what I advocate for since it is onl unique in Somalia. A clan consists of people from your lineage and is like a family going back to hundreds of years. When you get into trouble they help you. When you are too poor to get marries the clan helps pays your dowry. If you want to go abroad they organize, etc, etc.

I am not too naïve to advocate tribalism in Somalia. I could have used rgionalism, But that is hiding from the truth.

Finally another difference between Clanism and Tribalism is that one wishes to take care of her members in a very difficult period while the other wants to take over a whole nation to the exclusion of others.

Therefore think of ICU as a serpent’s egg which, hatched, would, as his kind, grow mischievous, and kill him in the shell.

Long Live Somalia! Long Live Clans!

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The crisis in Somalia has over the years defied odds to become a major turning for Eastern Africa and Africa in general. Isnt there a dignified way Somalia leaders can sort out their problems? Must it be war and war for ever?

Posted by Mark Oloo, Kenya | Report as abusive

“If this were the case, then the moment Siad Barre was overthrown would have became the rebirth of democracy in Somalia and this uncivil war would have been avoided.”

The problem was that the people who fought Siad Barre in the North wanted to leave Somalia. They weren’t interested in a united and free Somalia. They wanted to recreate British Somaliland. They aren’t original. There are thousands of milita members in Africa who want to secede a part of what ever country. The Somali PM at the time disarmed the army in the vain hope the rebellions would end. It didn’t. The people who took over in Southern Somalia couldn’t agree who was going to the leader. Very common problem in Africa. Just look at Kenya. Kibabi didn’t feel like leaving after he lost. And just like Kenya the people in Somalia split themselves. Each challengers to the presidency encouraged their tribes to attack the other.

“Every new conqueror is at first welcome as a savior. When the Somali people found out that Islamic Court Union was threatening, killing and dividing Somalis on basis of tribe, social class, religion and political opinion, the savior became the oppressor. The current ICU terrorists are no longer welcome in many civilian areas.”

Actually thats very wrong. The Islamic Courts only killed miltia members. Believe me the only people who feel sorry for drug addicited youths who shoot innocent people for money and drugs are their parents and their gangs. The civilians don’t care and don’t want them. The only time the Islamic courts had problem in 2006 was when they kept banning Khat. People couldn’t stand the drug ban. Look at Somalia. When Ethiopia invaded the puppet government had a chance to prove themselves. What did they do? They raped women and looted from civilians. They are the ones who have lost the welcome. Look at the maps of the places the ICU have reconquered. They have more then 80% control of Southern Somalia. They just recently opened a court in Jowhar because the people were complain of lawlessness. That town is 90kms away from the Capital city Mogadishu. If they were really hated all the government has to do is drive up there and watch the cours run away has the civilians kick them out. The opposite is happening. When ever the Islamic Courts enter a new town the soldiers run away and the civilians greet them. Civilians who have experienced 6 months of ICU rule in 2006 and 18 months of TFG rule.

“Somalia is not united and is already divided along clan lines. There is no iota of unity there. No one clan cares about the other. If warlords, Somalia’s titular government and murderous diaper-heads of ICU cannot stop the killing and restore peace, why should we not allow the self determination of Somali people in Puntland and Somaliland?”

Murderous diaperheads? Someone clearly doesn’t know anything about the ICU. First of all there is no peace in Puntland. I don’t know where you got your facts from. Puntland is in the process of breaking up because the local people in Puntland are angry against their so called leaders who have stolen money and have now embarked on a foolish scheme to drill for oil so that the money can end up in European banks. Somaliland is a different case. It is based on neither clan or nor will. The county is based on British Somaliland. In fact half the people living in that country don’t want independance let alone to be controlled by the Somaliland government. They were forced to do so when the Somaliland army invaded Puntland. Both of these countries are wrecks waiting to happen. The people are unhappy and forced to accept commands by their leaders. It’s no wonder why ICU can walk freely in those areas.

It is shows the criminal intent on the part of Islamic Court Union because of their sad justification for murder ‘…intelligence officers who work for Americans…’ No, these are innocent Somali citizens and the hands of Islamic Court Union do reek and smell with blood. We cannot kill people and expect to get away with a cheap explanation like that. ”

How in Gods name are they innocent? These people are working for the Americans and Ethiopians. They capture innocent refugees from Ogaden and ship them back to Ethiopia. They attack their fellow Somalis so that they can get paid by their foreign masters. These people have no shame and no one should feel sorry for them.

“That it why the once vetted saviors are now seen as diaper-heads who cannot see the wood for trees.”

There are only three kinds of people who hate the ICU. People who’s clans favour a split Somalia or one run by the TFG. People who have no idea the situation in Somalia and those who see everything Islamic has evil.

But ICU turns out to be no better than the warlords they had ousted. I know this is debatable. But these Islamic Court Union officials wasted massive goodwill and became oppressors and murderers themselves.”

Give me one example of where they killed innocent people. What you are saying is the opposite of what is happening. The people in the towns they used to control are cheering them when they come back.

“America, Kenya and Ethiopia did not start this war. Somalis themselves started this after failing to agree on who will become president once Siad Barre was gone.”

They didn’t start it but they fueled it. Would you not blame the man giving the arsonists his fuel and matches? To find them innocent you have to put your head in the sand.

We cannot ask to be left alone but in the same breath ask for aid, as if that is not rude enough, keep sending a steady supply of desperate and war weary refugees to their death in Kenya and Ethiopia.”

The only people asking for AID are the NGOs. The TFG wants all food and money to go through him. The ICU didn’t call for AID neither did they interfere with AID deliveries. When I was in Mogadishu I managed to talk to a UN guy. He told me that the ICU don’t care what they do has long has they don’t give haram food. The bonus is that they didn’t get attacked by pirates or bandits.

“I do not know for sure if Kenya ever sent weapons to Somalia. They are too poor to even combat their own spiraling crime like the Mungiki, and as a good neighbor refused to militarily get involved with Somalia. ”

They have been doing that for a very long time. How can you have an opinion of something if you don’t know? Besides the reason why the Mungiki were out of control is because the government refused to do anything about them. Kikyu politicians were using the Mungiki to their benifit. That is until the Mungiki started to get out of hand and the people started to complain about them.

“The biggest single supplier of illegal weapons to Somalia is well known and documented by UN and needs no elaboration here. In any case there is no innocent party in Somalia. I think it is safe to say that Islamic Court Union is armed by her foreign master Eritrea, while the Transitional Federal Government of Somali Republic is in turn armed by Ethiopia.”

Unlike the TFG the Islamic Courts get their weapons from multiple source. From Ethiopian,Ugandan,Somali soldiers,Eritrea and from Yemen. The ICU is also independnat. Recently Eritrea embezzled some money from them. ICU members complained about the negative effects of Eritrea in public. Unlike the TFG who watch has Ethiopian troops rape Somali women.

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A Press Statement from ICU two years ago is pasted below my post.

What do you see now on the ground?

Any idiot supporting them is a foreigner and against the Somali people they are killing!

Off with you brainless n’er do wells!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To: United Nations Political Office in Somalia, UNDP Resident Representative, The League of Arab Nations, African Union, Organization of Islamic Countries, IGAD, European Union, Department of State, United States Government, United States Embassy in Nairobi, Italian Embassy, French Embassy, British Embassy, German Embassy, Djibouti Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy, South African Embassy, Egyptian Embassy, Nigerian Embassy, Saudi Embassy, Yemen Embassy, Sudan Embassy.

Date: June 5, 2006
The Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu, have decided to break the silence between us and the international community. We made this decision in order to clarify the situation in Mogadishu and to bring the true picture of the conflict in the city and present it to the international community.

The Islamic courts have been established in Mogadishu in mid 1998 and are clan-based that serve their particular communities. For example Polytechnic(for Shabelle sub clan), Ifka Halane (for the Eary Sub-Clan), Yaqshid (for the Harti-Abgal sub clan), Circole (for the Saleban Sub-clan), Milk Factory (Duduble sub-clan), Al-Furqan (Sa’ad sub-clan) Xariryale and Daynile (Murusade clan), Balad (Wabudhan-Abgal Sub-Clan) etc. The main objectives of these courts to provide a minimum security, law and order to the communities that established them. The courts assume these responsibilities out of patriotism and service to our people, country and communities.

The Present Conflict

Sheikh Sherif Sheikh Ahmed – Chairman, Islamic Courts Union

A Retrospective analysis of why the Somali Federal Government could not locate in the capital city, Mogadishu was due to the “warlord” ministers of the Somali Federal Government who refused to be engaged in the Somali peace process and choose to keep the country hostage. These warlords refused to disarm, surrender their illegal checkpoints and transform to be national leaders.
The present conflict has been fueled by the wrong information given to the US Government by these warlords who have denied their basic human needs for security and development and kept the Somali people hostages and terrorized them for the last 16 years. Their expertise is to terrorize people and they were able to use it and terrorize the American government by misinforming them about the presence of terrorists in Somalia. These warlords are allegedly supported by the American government ignores the long criminal history of these warlords and the war crimes they committed against their own people. The alleged support of the US government to these warlords has considerable contributed to the recent fighting in Mogadishu and the killing of the Somali people who has suffered so long in the hand of these warlords.
Finally, after 16 years, the Somali people have decided to liberate themselves with the leadership of the Islamic court. The present changes were brought by the appraisal and refusal of the Somali people the anarchic situation installed by the warlords and said enough is enough!
We would also like to address some of the misinformation and accusations fabricated by the warlords and wish to provide the international communities with accurate information that will assist them to support the desires and the will of our people who wish to be free form violence and anarchy,

International Terrorism:
1) Somalia is a homogenous society, and any outsiders can be spot immediately. We are Muslim 100%, speak the same language and have cultural heritage that is very hard to understand for outsiders. We have a complex clan based system that is not easy for non-Somali to understand, let alone hide in the country. We categorically deny and reject any accusation that we are harboring any terrorists or supporters of terrorism in the areas where the courts operate.
2) We also confirm that our goals and objectives are to establishment law and order in our country and free our people from oppression.
3) We share no objectives, goals or methods with groups that sponsor or support terrorism. We have no foreign elements in our courts, and we are simply here because of the need of the community we serve.
4) We invite the International Community to visit the area where the court operates and see for themselves if there are any terrorists elements being harbored or living in this area. We commit ourselves and our clan elders to this position: to be open and honest in order to spare the Somali people the violence and the suffering being perpetrated by the warlords. We have nothing to hide from the international community and we strongly believe that, once they realize what we do and what we have achieved, they will support our initiative and efforts to bring peace and stability to Somalia.
5) There is also the accusation that we intend to establish an anti-US and Western government in Somalia. This is not true. Such an agenda is against our objectives and goals since this would contradict our wish for there to be a peaceful Somalia. This falsehood is being fabricated to get support from US Government by groups who have terrorized the people of this country for the last 16 years.
6) We want create an environment that could enable our people to decide their future. We want the Somali people to decide which form of governance they want and choose their leaders for the first time in decades.

We would like to summarize our goals and objectives as follows:
1) To establish a system of governance in Mogadishu, and remove all the checkpoints and terror points that the warlords have set up and disarm all criminal elements that endanger the peace in the city;
2) We want to contribute to the rebuilding of our country and create a peaceful environment and a country that is at peace with itself, and with its neighbors and with the international community.
3) To rehabilitate and rebuild all the city infrastructures specially those that belong to the city governments, including its sea ports, airports, road, bridges, schools, hospitals, universities and have committees of the intellectuals running and operating of these facilities;
4) We would like to establish a friendly relationship with the international community that is based on mutual respect and interest and seek their support for the Somali peace process and respect their desire for peace.
5) We seek support for our communities who have been denied all the basic human needs such as security, liberty and development as accepted universally and in accordance to the human rights laws;
We thank you in advance for your kind patience, understanding and support.

Sheikh Sherif Sheikh Ahmed
Chairman, Islamic Courts Union

Source: The Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu, June 6, 2006

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Somalia’s issue will never be resolved unless the issue of Somaliland is addressed. That is what i’ve been saying for the past 17 years and still saying.

Conferences, meetings, reconsiliation gatherings, forceful operations and deadly attacks have been waged in Somalia and nothing brought a fruitful results because the issue of Somaliland is ignored.

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US, EA gunrunners violating UN’s Somalia arms ban

Some military officers assigned to the African Union’s peacekeeping force in the country are accused of selling weapons seized from Shabaab insurgents. KEVIN J KELLEY reports

The United States government as well as individual Ugandans and Kenyans are violating the United Nations ban on arms trading with Somalia, a UN monitoring group charges.

Shockingly, the violations involve officers of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces peacekeeping contingent inside Somalia who are apparently selling arms back to the very same groups that are fighting them in the continuing insurgency in that war-torn country. Worse still, the UPDF top brass, despite having been informed of the allegations, appears to have done nothing about them. Nor does the African Union, under whose aegis the Ugandan troops have been deployed, appear bothered to investigate the UN group’s charges.

Also worrying is the report that arms have been smuggled into Kenya to supply an unnamed “militia group.”

US violations are said to include a missile attack on a target inside Somalia along with “intensive and comprehensive military training” conducted inside Ethiopia for officers from the breakaway Somalia region known as Somaliland.

Ugandan military officers assigned to the African Union’s peacekeeping force in Somalia are accused of selling weapons seized from Shabaab insurgents. Many of these arms make their way back into the hands of the Shabaab, the group said in a report released a week ago.

Kenyans have been smuggling weapons from Somalia for purchase by a Kenyan militia group and other clients, the UN monitors indicate.

The panel further cites Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yemen as major violators of the embargo imposed by the UN Security Council in 1992.

The monitors say they regard the presence of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia as a violation of the arms embargo. Ethiopia invaded Somalia late in 2006 to beat back the forces of the Union of Islamic Courts that were threatening the survival of the Transitional Federal Government.

The TFG itself, as well as Shabaab insurgents and various warlords, also regularly engage in proscribed arms deals, the UN monitors say.

“According to arms traders,” the report states, “the biggest suppliers of ammunition to the markets are Ethiopian and Transitional Federal Government commanders. The Mogadishu arms markets are doing a booming business and, according to precise information received by the Monitoring Group, their clients include parties in Kenya.”

The report details arms deals involving Kenyans that took place in February and March.
In the first, weapons were allegedly ordered from Somalia by Kenyan-Somali cattle traders on behalf of clients that the report does not name. The arms were transferred in two separate shipments hidden in a truck carrying foodstuffs and taken across the Kenya-Somalia border en route to Isiolo, the report says.

Isiolo was also the final destination of AK-47s and other weapons from Somalia that entered Kenya in March, according to the UN report. The buyer this time was “a militia group in Kenya” that the monitors do not identify.

The Kenyan government contributed $2 million to the Transitional Federal Government, according to the UN report. This money could have been wrongfully used, the monitors suggest, noting that “no safeguards exist against the diversion of such funds towards the financing of arms-embargo violations.”

Ugandan officers stationed in Somalia have been selling stockpiles of weapons and ammunition from seized Shabaab arms caches, the report states. Some of the lighter arms, such as AK-47 assault rifles, make their way back to Shabaab fighters, who may use them in attacks on the Ugandan troops. Heavy weapons sold by the Ugandans, such as Zu-23 anti-aircraft guns, end up in the hands of authorities in Somaliland and the separatist region of Puntland, the report adds.

Members of the UN panel presented these findings to Ugandan government officials last December. Gen Aronda Nyakairima, chief of defence of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, promised to conduct an immediate investigation and to communicate its results to the UN prior to January 1. But as of early April, when the monitors completed their newly released report, the Ugandan government had not responded to several UN follow-up requests for the promised information.

The African Union also has not replied to a November 14, 2007, UN letter requesting a meeting to discuss the monitoring group’s charges concerning the Ugandan members of the Somalia peacekeeping force.

“Several Somaliland army officers have undergone combat training in Ethiopia, delivered by instructors from the Ethiopian National Defence Force and the United States Army,” it adds.
It notes that the 1992 UN arms embargo resolution was extended in 2002 to include “training related to military activities.”

These sessions involving training for special operations and counter-terrorism are said to last six months and to be conducted at three military bases around Addis Ababa.

Somaliland officers receive “a significant financial incentive and new uniforms to participate in the training, which is very intensive,” the report says. “Upon their return to Somaliland, trained officers are generally put in command of a brigade, while continuing to receive a salary from the Ethiopian military. The training is part of wider assistance given to the Somaliland army, which allegedly includes arms and field material.”

The UN monitors also note that a US government spokesman confirmed an American missile strike on March 2 on targets in the village of Dobley in southeastern Somalia.

“The Monitoring Group considers all weapons delivered to Somalia a violation of the embargo, irrespective of the manner in which they were delivered,” the report states.

It notes that a letter requesting additional information was sent to the US government on March 12. No reply had been received by the time the report was submitted to the Security Council in April.

A UK Royal Air Force military plane landed at Berbera in Somaliland on November 26, 2007, carrying undisclosed cargo, the report adds. The British government said in a December 28 response to a UN query that the flight was part of “a routine liaison” that UK diplomatic staff in Addis Ababa maintain with Somaliland authorities. Further flights of that kind are expected, the British said in their reply to the UN monitoring group.

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(CNN) — Suspected Islamic insurgents fired mortar rounds at a plane carrying Somalia’s transitional president, but no one — including Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed — was harmed, a presidential spokesman said.

The attack happened while the plane was about to take off from Mogadishu’s airport Sunday around 11 a.m. local time, spokesman Hussien Mohammed Huubsireb said.

“Al-Shaabab has actually tried to harm to president, but thank God nobody was hurt,” Huubsireb said.

Al-Shaabab is an Islamic militia that is trying to seize control of Somalia. It is a splinter group of the Islamic Courts Union, which ousted Somalia’s transitional government in 2006. The ICU was deposed in December of that year following Ethiopia’s military invasion.

Bloody battles between Al-Shaabab and the Ethiopian-backed government forces in Mogadishu have forced residents to flee the capital.

More than 40,000 displaced civilians have taken shelter in dozens of makeshift settlements west of Mogadishu, described by the United Nations as “precarious conditions.”

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Pirates grab cargo ships off Somalia coast
Hijacked Dutch ship arrives in Somalia
Somalis say Ethiopian troops killed 17 civilians
Sunday’s mortar attack is the second assassination attempt on Ahmed. The president survived a car bombing in September 2006 outside Somalia’s parliament in Baidoa that killed at least eight others.

Somalia’s Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi has been more frequently targeted by the Islamic insurgents seeking to destabilize the government.

Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and sparked brutal clan infighting. Somalia’s current transitional government is trying to maintain control of the capital, with the help of the better-equipped Ethiopian forces.

But the presence of the Ethiopians has united various Islamic militant groups in Somalia, including Al-Shaabab, who are trying to oust the Ethiopian forces and gain control of Mogadishu.

The United States classified Al-Shaabab as a terrorist organization in March, partly because of what Washington says is the group’s close ties to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda militant group.

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I am deeply disappointed by the comments of my fellow
somalis in here. The probvlems of Somalia were started by us the Somalis, and it can only stopped by us the somalis. Somalia belongs to its people, and to blame other forces such as Ethiopia, The United Nations and the so-called International Community, serves only to prolong our suffering.

For those who studied and continue to study the Somali culture, would know that we Somalis believe that there is nothing between LIFE and DEATH. If we cannot live freely in this life then death is the only option.

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It seems some of the writers are just posting for bigotry like Carlos.The Weed you are talking about is Ethiopian Kenyan products not from Somalia and Somalis are not drug users as known nor producers. commenting about the present issue, Yes we are part of the problem but a foreign involvement is always present. Look the northern part of the country by the name Somaliland now. No outsider no problem and that proves we can do as somalis. yes we are Mslims and more Africans therefore what do you expect a society rulled by interest?


By ANITA POWELL, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jun 9, 2:26 PM ET
SHASHAMANE, Ethiopia – Like so many other victims of Ethiopia’s hunger crisis, Usheto Beriso weighs just half of what he should. He is always cold and swaddled in a blanket. His limbs are stick-thin.


But Usheto is not the typical face of Ethiopia’s chronic food problems, the scrawny baby or the ailing toddler. At age 55, he is among a growing number of adults and older children — traditionally less-vulnerable groups — who have been stricken by severe hunger due to poor rains and recent crop failure in southern Ethiopia, health workers say.

“To see adults in this condition, it’s a very serious situation,” Mieke Steenssens, a volunteer nurse with Doctors Without Borders, told The Associated Press as she registered the 5-foot-4 Usheto’s weight at just 73 pounds.

Aid groups say the older victims suggest there is an escalation in the crisis in Ethiopia, a country that drew international attention in 1984 when a famine compounded by communist policies killed 1 million people.

This year’s crisis, brought on by a countrywide drought and skyrocketing global food prices, is far less severe. But while figures for how many adults and older children are affected are not available, at least four aid groups interviewed by the AP said they noticed a troubling increase.

“We’re overwhelmed,” said Margaret Aguirre, a spokeswoman for the International Medical Corps, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based aid agency. “There’s not enough food and everyone’s starving, and that’s all there is to it.

“Older children are starting to show the signs of malnutrition when normally they might be able to withstand shocks to the system,” she added. “What’s particularly concerning is that the moderately malnourished are soaring. It’s increasing so much that it means those children are going to slide into severe malnutrition.”

Ethiopia is not alone in suffering through the worldwide food crisis, which is threatening to push the number of hungry people in the world toward 1 billion. Last week, a U.N. summit of 181 countries pledged to reduce trade barriers and boost agricultural production to combat rising food prices.

But in Ethiopia, food production is hampered by drought, meaning the country has been hit with a double blow. Drought is especially disastrous in Ethiopia because more than 80 percent of people live off the land. Agriculture drives the economy, accounting for half of all domestic production and 85 percent of exports.

Sending more food is one solution, but there already is a global crunch as rising fuel prices drive up the cost of fertilizers, farm vehicle use and transport of food to market. Biofuels, which are made from crops such as sugar cane and corn, are another contentious issue, with critics saying they compete with food crops.

The problem is echoed across Africa, from Kenya and Somalia and farther west. Exacerbating the global rise in food prices, which has sparked protests and riots in several West African nations, is an annual decline in food reserves across the high desert-like region called the Sahel, just below the Sahara Desert.

The so-called “lean season” that begins around June is marked by near-empty grain stores, with the next harvest not due until around September. Locust invasions and poor rains in recent years have only worsened the condition, which leads to deadly malnutrition among young children.

Aid agencies in Ethiopia are issuing desperate appeals for donor funding, saying emergency intervention is not enough. Ethiopia receives more food aid than nearly every other country in the world, most of it from the United States, which has provided $300 million in emergency assistance to relief agencies in the past year.

But despite the international help, the country is again facing hunger on a mass scale. Part of the reason, according to John Holmes, the top U.N. humanitarian official, is the country’s climate, chronic drought and the large population of 78 million people.

“The World Food Program feeds some 8 million people already, together with the others in Ethiopia,” he said. “But we may need to increase that, because of drought.”

The U.N. children’s agency has characterized this year’s food shortage — in which an estimated 4.5 million people are in need of emergency food aid — as the worst since 2003, when droughts led 13.2 million people to seek such aid. In 2000, more than 10 million needed emergency food.

Studies by the International Medical Corps in southern Ethiopia — the epicenter of the crisis — show that up to one in four young mothers is showing signs of moderate malnutrition.

Ethiopia’s top disaster response official, Simon Mechale, insists that the food situation is “under control” and will be resolved within four months. But in the countryside, there are signs that drought has taken a more serious toll.

At a recent food distribution in a village some 155 miles southwest of the capital, more than 4,000 people showed up for free wheat and cooking oil, but only 1,300 rations were available.

Harried health workers picked through the impatient crowd, sorting out the sickest children. Frantic mothers proffered their withered infants, hoping the children’s poor state would earn some food for the family.

Ayelech Daka said her 6-year-old son, Tariken Lakamu, has been living on one meal a day for the past three months.

“He was very fat three months ago,” said his mother, Ayelech said. “He was normal.”

Now, he’s skin and bones; he vomits just seconds after taking a bite of a ration offered by an aid worker.

“I’m weak,” the child said. “I feel sick. I don’t get any food.”

Another mother, Ukume Dubancho, rocked a listless infant, trying to squeeze out drops of breast milk for her children, ages 4 months and 4 years, both of whom show signs of severe malnutrition.

Villagers said they simply cannot afford the food on the market. The few mature ears of corn in the market were selling for about 11 cents an ear. Last year, when the rains were good, that money would buy six or seven ears.

“I am not able to walk, even,” Ukume said. “I walk for one kilometer and I have to rest.”


Associated Press writer Ed Harris in Lagos, Nigeria and John Heilprin at the United Nations contributed to this report.

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It seems to me that there should be a law against using the internet if your not smart enough.


That press release that you have given is so obviously fake that it hurts just to read it. The Islamic Courts didn’t even exist in 1998. They started up in 2000s.

This is the biggest problem with Somalis. They betray their fellow Somalis and like the dogs of foreigners just so that they can get hold of a little bit of money and power.

This so called peace deal which was signed is fake. All it does is rubberstamps the occupation and allows the TFG and the warlords who committed war crimes to stay in power. Thank god AL-Shabab and the rest of the ICU say tbe light and refused to even go to Djibouti. There is only way one Somalia is going to be cleansed. That is by chasing out the Ethiopians and their dogs with bullets.

The good thing is that the Ethiopians and their dogs have been confided to three areas. Baidoa,Beledweyene and Southern Mogadishu. The TFG and the Ethiopians have left all of their bases in the south and congregated in these there areas. The fighters have infiltrated Baidoa already assassinating TFG MPs. By this time next year if no other country invades. Somalia will be free. Puntland will continue to disintegrate and Somalilanders will give up their colonial dreams,

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the 21th century was a century of war and conflict.leading to disasters, pain, massacares, poverty, and enormous destruction.many people were killed. massacred, abandoned to hunger and death, and left without home or shelter, protection or support.for the simple reason that their ideologies were opposed to each other, they dragged societies into conflict and turned brother against brother.

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the current situation may seem to be very negative at first look, whereas in reality each negetive development signals the approach ofa blessed period.war,destitution, famine,oppression, and tyranny against somalias and muslims ac ross the world are signs of the aand times foretold by our prophet(may god bless himand grant him peace). that all of these events are taking place is also a clear sign that the global rule of islamic morality is approaching, as prophesized by our prophet(may god bless him and grant him peace) (god knows best)

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The situation isn’t negative. The resistance are winning. For more then a year and a half the so called Transitional Federal Government refused to discuss the matter of Ethiopian withdrawal. Just suddenly they decided to talk about. All though the peace agreement is a sham that rubber stamps the occupation.

Most of the reisistance fighters have ignored the peace agreement and continued to attack the occupiers. In fact just yesterday. A squadron of Al-Shabab fighter entered an Ethiopian Somali town on the border with Somalia and kicked the Ethiopian forces.

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I wonder about the statement of M Adam. telling about Un trusteeship. I have to tell you that all the trouble that is going on in Somalia for A period of 18 years is caused by the westerns and the Un . the Un is a new kind of imperialistist, but they fool those who do not know their ploy and traps so beware of them. the western are Human enemies. they too far worse that Communism

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Somalia can be saved in 24 Months.

1. Drive out the Ethiopians
2. Dismantle the Sham Transitional Government
3. Bring back the Moderate Elements of the UIC
4. Hold Elections

Like almost all of the world\’s problems, the issue with Somalia is politics. How do you unite the country where the primary allegience is to the clan. There is only one way to unite the various clans and that is through the unifing and morally elevating force of Islam. That is why the best, most uncorrupt, unifying and stable government Somalia has ever had was the UIC.

The west should have engaged the courts and wooed them away from extremist influences. Support and aid would have done very much to help the country under UIC control. But the Bush administration is full of right wing nutjobs. The Ehiopian invasion was a disaster. The policy against Eriteria is a disaster. Bring the moderate forces of the UIC back. Send in state department political advisors. Offer small amounts of aid to get the government up and running, shouldn\’t cost more than $50 Million an year (how much we spend in Iraq 4 hours). Ensure rule of law, private property rights and fair elections. All can be done under the UIC.


Somalia will not know peace untill the world stop being hypocritic. When the Islamic Court Union temporarily took power, things were going in the right direction. Then a fearful nation that can’t afford to feed its people (Ethiopia) destabilised the whole progress thing. I mean the only way for Somalia to know peace is to hand it over to Islamic Courts Union and put them under pressure to bring in greater change, that is, reduction of crime, peaceful negotiations and ultimately free and fair elections. That how I see it. Somalia will be headed in the right direction. Only when Islamic Courts Union rule. This systematic discrimination of Muslims by the International communities must stop. As of Somali Diaspora, they should have no say in the running of the country. Let them stay where they fled and keep their lips closed. They are cowards who don’t want to sacrifice anything for their land. They are not fit to be called Somali anymore. They are what used to be Somalis.

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Pule Nong,

I am amazed at your ignorance and sheer stupidity. A Somali is a Somali, no matter where he or she is. We are no less patriotic just because we are in the West. In any case we keep the economy of a stateless nation alive. If you want to die in Somalia for a futile and useless tribal war go ahead and die!

It is pure stupidity to assume we should sit put while mentally ill militias like Islamic Court Union are killing our people, making otherwise hard working people refugees and internally displaced persons. A dog and a pig has a better life in Somalia than a Somali citizen under the current political climate which ICU is encouraging.

ICU has no authority to rule Somalia. The real authority is the Transitional Federal Government, formed by Somalia’s clans.

Ethiopians had every right to defend themselves from the empty threats of “bearded diaper-heads” as one commentator put it.

What is more ICU has no government credentials … like these jew dogs who hurl bombs to kill women and children in Palestine in hope of achieving a futile dream.

Finally think of a situation where ICU will drops their murderous guns and joins in a general election once the mandate of TFG ends. Let them try this path if they think they are very popular among the citizenry.

Allah will one day send to hell all these murderers in Somalia and their illiterate mouthpieces of ICU while blessing peacemakers and orphan supporters abroad!

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Suspected Al shabaab militiamen from Somalia attacked a police post along the Kenya-Somalia border.

The heavily armed gang stormed the Dadajabulla Police Post on Saturday night, released suspects, injured two police officers and escaped in a police vehicle.

The militiamen, numbering more than 50, also seized five rifles and ammunition. Nine prisoners, including three suspected terrorists, escaped with the attackers in the 9pm attack.Witnesses said they suspected the militia to be members of a group calling themselves Al Shabaab.

The attack came two days after the Police Commissioner Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, assured Kenyans that all borders were safe.

The injured police officers were taken to the Dadaab District Hospital and arrangements were being made to fly them to Nairobi for further treatment.

The attack, it is believed, was prompted by the arrest of three suspected terrorists from a bus that was headed for Wajir from Garissa.

Administration Police officers had at about 4pm screened the bus and detained the three over what they termed terrorism links.This was after one suspect wearing a buibui usually worn by women was found. Their mission in the area could not be established.

A passenger in the bus said one man identified himself as a British national whenever they were stopped at roadblocks. Sources said two of the suspects were traveling as Said Haret and Hashim Saleh. It was not clear by last night what their real names were.

The officers contacted their seniors at the nearby Liboi Police Station and requested for a vehicle to transport the suspects to Garissa divisional headquarters.

A Kenyan police Land Cruiser was immediately sent to pick up the suspects. The officers in the vehicle were shocked when they arrived at the patrol base and found it surrounded by militiamen who opened fire, injuring some officers.

It is not clear how the militiamen learnt that the three had been detained, but police linked them to terrorism.

North Eastern PPO, Mr Stephen Chelimo, said arrangements were being made to bring back the police vehicle and weapons seized by the gang.The police vehicle is said to have been spotted being driven past Dobley, about 5km from the main border.

Dobley region is run by Islamist militia who are trying to take over leadership in Somalia.

The Kenyan/Somalia border is porous and a number of police officers have been killed in attacks staged by militiamen.

Somali Transitional Government has no authority and is facing a major rebellion from several Islamic militiamen.

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Are these the people you want to rule Somalia?

53 killed as battle rages in Somalia

Publication Date: 7/3/2008
MOGADISHU, Wednesday

At least 53 people were killed in Somalia when Islamist insurgents clashed with Ethiopian troops and Ugandan peacekeepers in separate battles, a human rights group said today.

The latest flare-up in the 18-month-old insurgency came a week before a UN-mediated ceasefire between an Islamist faction and the interim Somali government is to take effect.

The interim government and Ethiopia both declined comment on the clashes or any casualties.

Hardline Islamists have been waging an almost daily Iraq-style insurgency against the interim government and its Ethiopian backers since they were ousted from Mogadishu and most of southern Somalia in 2007.

“A total of 47 people died yesterday in central Somalia and in the capital Mogadishu last night,”

Ahmed Sudan, chairman of the Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights organisation, told Reuters 47 people were killed on Tuesday and overnight in central Somalia and Mogadishu. He said six more had since died of their wounds.

Sudan said 11 civilians were killed when Islamists ambushed Ethiopian troops and Ugandan peacekeepers in the capital Mogadishu overnight, while dozens of others were wounded.

Another 36 people, including civilians and insurgents, were killed when rebels struck an Ethiopian troop convoy in Mataban, 410 km north of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Among the dead on Tuesday were Moalim Farhan, commander of the militant group that attacked the convoy, and Abdullahi Ali Farah, also known as Sheikh Aspro, a spokesman for the insurgents told Reuters. Aspro is deputy to hardline Islamist Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who is on US and UN lists of al Qaeda associates.

“We buried 27 Somalis,” shopkeeper Ismail Olad told Reuters from Mataban. “We do not know the number of Ethiopians killed.” Somalia has been mired in anarchy, functioning without a central government since the fall of a dictator in 1991. Piracy has become an increasing problem in its waters.

A Somali ship was hijacked on Sunday near El-Ma’an sea port, close to Mogadishu.

“The ship, MV Solsea, was on its way to tow another Somali fishing vessel which developed mechanical problems near El-Ma’an when pirates seized it,” Andrew Mwangura, director of the Kenyan Seafarers Assistance Programme, told Reuters.

Are still held captive

Three Germans are still held captive by Somali pirates in a forest near the Gulf of Aden in the northern Puntland region, while five Somalis working for an Italian aid agency, who were seized on Monday, are still in captivity.

The UN children’s agency UNICEF called on the world to act to avert famine in Somalia and other parts of the Horn of Africa. It said acute malnutrition rates in Somalia were now above 20 per cent. (Reuters)

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I say on open seas impose a law similar to Texas’s Castle Law. Arm the ships and handle the pirates as they want to handle you. Leave them floating, sharks gotta eat too. The millions being paid out would more than cover armed personel and or anti piracy equipment. These people could care less about you, me, or anything but money. Even the elders look up to these criminals. If the shipping companies would start throwing a little lead at them,things would change. They know that the worst thing they have to face is a firehose. Big Deal!!

Posted by D Moore | Report as abusive

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