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Rebels reject Niger Delta peace summit

June 18, 2008

niger_delta_rebels.jpgNigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua moved quickly after taking office a year ago to try to  address the causes of unrest in the Niger Delta, where a violent campaign of sabotage against the oil industry has cut production and contributed to an unprecedented rise in world oil prices.

Yar’Adua announced plans for formal talks and freed two jailed militant leaders when he took office, but the peace process has made little real progress since then, with the rebel Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) continuing to blow up oil pipelines and kidnap foreign workers.
The government has called a summit for July meant to involve all stakeholders, but MEND and another group — the Ijaw Youth Council — have said they will not take part. Yar’Adua has said the summit aims to address the frustrations of the Niger Delta communities, who have seen their land and water polluted by oil production, but he has also said his government will not tolerate the presence of armed militants in the region.

What are the options for the government — at federal and state level — in tackling the problems of the Niger Delta? Should the government negotiate with armed militants? Are the militants anything more than common criminals, profiting from an illicit trade in stolen crude? What role should the foreign oil companies play in bringing peace to the region?


The ruling People’s Democratic Party(PDP) is wasting time setting up kangaroo Rivers State Truth and Reconciliation Commission where the former governor Dr. Peter Odili has been telling lies in defence of the PDP, the most corrupt and notorious political party in Africa. It has been a comedy of errors so far. the rogue gallery is a mockery of democracy and the rule of law.

The Niger Delta Summit is going to be another opportunity for the misappropriation of our revenue allocations by the political contractors in power and cannot bring the chief perpetrators of the Niger Delta crisis to book.

The Niger Delta crisis can be solved within one month if we have a fearless revolutionary leader like Jerry Rawlings of Ghana to sack the PDP and commence the arrest and trial of all the top dogs and pigs who have acquired illegal oil blocks they shared among themselves since 1979 to date.

The plutocratic oligarchy has been in power since 1979 when the retired General Olusegun Obasanjo handed over power to Alhaji Shehu Shagari of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) controlled by the Northern Mafia and they engaged themselves in political power tussle with military coups until they murdered Chief M.K.O Abiola who had fallen out of favour with them and killed General Sani Abacha who was too mad for them to control. Then to compensate retired General Olusegun Obasanjo, they rigged the presidential election of 1999 to let him win and become the President on the agreement that he would hand over to them in 2007.

From 1979 to date, they have plundered the Niger Delta region and squandered our oil revenues on themselves, their families, cronies and shareholders. They used the ill-gotten wealth to open the new generation banks. Check the members of the board of directors of each of the new generation banks and probe their sources of wealth and they would be traced to illegal oil bunkering, illegal oil blocks, corruption in the allocations of tenders in public office and they invested the misappropriated public funds in the private sector.

I am an insider and I left in 1992.

The serving and retired Nigerian Army generals, Naval officers and political big wigs should all be arrested like Jerry Rawlings did in Ghana and then probe them on how civil servants on salary could become millionaires and billionaires in dollars and pounds while in office.

They are not more than 500 and we can identify them all.

Until they are arraigned to face the Law, there can never be peace and economic stability in the Niger Delta region and the rest of Nigeria.

No Justice, No Peace.

The revolution will be live on air.


In anticipation to the development of Niger delta and nigeria at large,I want to comment until Nigeria have a mine of becoming wazobia there will be no peace, of course is a big country well known,but I think we stop to deceive ourself of being one country,it is well obvious that nigeria is a confidration,so it better we split so that we can be fucosing in diferent there is notting like peace in nigeria.niger delta are figthing for their right,the blessing God gave to them so let housa,yeruba and others socio political and ethnic groups also praise God for their aboudant blesseings.the world today is now a global village every one’s eye is now open trancendensely,so it was in those days that others ethnic groups nigeria gabage in gabage out the risources of niger the federal gevt should better suspen the provision of electing any body from other tripes to be the chairman of the peace sumit.Thanks.

Posted by georgebrazil | Report as abusive

There is hope. But Yardua needs to act in a more intelligent and pracitcal way. The idea of killing all past corrupt Nigerian leaders is imposible beacuse of the rate at which the ill-gotten wealth has infiltrated into the Nigerian system.

You might end of killing mre than 70 percent of Nigeria if you choose to kill all past leaders. A trace might will lead to many innocent Nigerias who at one time or the other received stolen government money

What i expect the Nigerian leaders to do is spend more money on education and human development. This is an area Nigeria lacks heavily and needs to invest so as to divest from total dependent on natural wealth mainly OIL to wealth creation.

Nigeria has to the indexes to become a thriving economy. It has Natural plenty of natural resources
Fertile land
No natural disasters

All Nigeria needs is visionary leader.

Posted by Sopirinye Jaja | Report as abusive

Probably these political crooks never saw it coming that the people of Niger Delta could arise to a revolution. But what kind of revolution would have to do with kidnapping foreign oil workers for some absurd rasom. These people have heavily armed and are familiar with the labyrinth creeks of the delta. Why don’t they terrorise those who stole oil-money, those who rigged elections and installed their own cohorts to benefit their families.
Nigerians have been hurt badly because what is rightly ours’ has been taken away from us. These political crooks should confess, be judged or be “removed” from the society.

Posted by Ahaoma Ukegbu | Report as abusive

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