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Zimbabwe election rage

June 30, 2008

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe attends his inauguration in HararePresident Robert Mugabe’s re-election has sparked cries of outrage from Zimbabwean bloggers and demands for international intervention.

Mugabe’s victory in Friday’s one-candidate poll was condemned in the West and by all three African monitoring groups who said the vote was deeply flawed.

“Now we wait for the Old Man (Mugabe) to swear himself in to a power that he does not have. We wait for him to claim a throne that he stole one-dark-night-that-is-our-country. We wait for real international pressure and solidarity to force a transition,” Zimbabwean protest poet Samm Farai Monro, better known as Comrade Fatso, wrote.

Official results of the June 27 election, from which opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew a few days before the poll, showed Mugabe, 84, received 85.51 percent of the vote.

Many bloggers said the figure was rigged.

“They are cooked results and unfortunately or fortunately rather, they are not valid to the world and around us,” wrote one blogger who called himself Nice-Shona-Guy on

Zimbabwe’s crisis has ruined a once prosperous country, saddling it with the world’s worst hyper-inflation and straining neighbouring nations, especially South Africa, with a flood of millions of economic refugees.

Inflation is officially 165,000 percent but analysts it is is closer to nine million percent.

One blogger linked the election results to inflation.

“Somehow, despite mass intimidation, gross violence, increasing poverty, murders, and hyper-inflation, Robert Mugabe’s popularity accelerated faster than our inflation figures — which is quite something”.

The majority of bloggers were against Mugabe although some of those posting comments questioned what right other African states had to criticise him.

“How can the African Union punish Mugabe they are guilty of worse things in their countries,” said Jon.

Human rights groups, monitors and witnesses have accused pro-Mugabe militias of forcing people to vote in some areas with beatings and intimidation.

The MDC said a state-backed campaign of violence had killed at least 90 of its supporters and injured thousands.

Bloggers also had tough words for South African President Thabo Mbeki, whose mediation attempts in Zimbabwe have so far failed.

“Zimbabweans let’s react by sending money to Zimbabwe for our relatives to move over to South Africa then Mbeki should realise his stupidity. Congratulations to (the) Mbeki and Mugabe marriage,” said Negondo on

More than 60 people, including Zimbabweans, died last month in wave of brutal xenophobic attacks on African immigrants which shocked South Africa.

Some three million Zimbabweans have already fled to neighbouring South Africa to escape the economic collapse of their once-prosperous country.

Tsvangirai also came under fire for pulling out of the run-off.

“You (Tsvangirai) are slowly letting the people of Zimbabwe down. It seems you are desperate to be the one in office and the one to rule the people. You should not be the one under pressure, that is for Mugabe. But you are falling into his trap and playing his game,” a blogger who called himself Chinja commented.

Despite a crisis that has reduced many Zimbabweans to poverty, their sense of humour continued to show on blogs.

Bev Clark wrote that in the context of frequent water and electricity cuts and spiralling hyper-inflation which has led to a worthless currency, there are some things not to say to a Zimbabwean woman.

They are: “Can I run you a nice hot bath?”, “You look like a million dollars” and “Would you like a candlelit dinner tonight?”

A loaf of bread now costs 6 billion Zimbabwe dollars.


The lack of action by the UK and USA in relation to Zimbabwe does more than anything to date to illustrate the fact that Iraq was only about oil. It also clearly demonstrates how weak and inept the United Nations really is.

The name Zimbabwe will come to haunt gutless and hypocritical countries in years to come, for the lack of action clearly illustrates their true political agendas – self interest above all else! Briton and Americans, first and foremost, should be ashamed, then, all members of the United Nations. Atrocities and genocide are being permitted by them.

Posted by Paul Barnett | Report as abusive

“The lack of action by the UK and USA in relation to Zimbabwe does more than anything to date to illustrate the fact that Iraq was only about oil.”

Mr. Barnett, I am forced to disagree with you on this. Iraq and Zimbabwe are two completely different situations. Zimbabwe is a regional issue, and can be handled regionally if the heads of state in Africa would present a united front. Until this happens, there is little anyone outside of Africa can do – U.N. included or not.

Posted by Bardas Sudislav | Report as abusive

By calling for fresh elections in Zimbabwe PM Odinga has broken rank with his AU leaders. When Mugabe agreed to electoral rules he did not expect them to be enforced. Admittedly he did go overboard; even his fellow AU dictators are blushing. To face the electorate in a free vote is unthinkable for Mugabe.

PM Odinga was a lone voice; but the truth is the truth. The dye was cast today; black leaders will from now confront fellow corrupt and oppressive black leaders. Africa will not be the same!

Posted by Wilbert Mukori | Report as abusive

Mr. Mukori,

I certainly hope your assessment is correct. I really do hope that this will change Africa from here on out.

Posted by Bardas Sudislav | Report as abusive

If the African Union cannot stand up for decency and human rights, then it is like a sugar teapot: decorative but quite useless. A bit of hot water and it falls apart!

Where is the cohesive action against Mugabe the murderer?

The Union should hang its collective heads in shame, and if they think the media, human rights activists and organisations across the globe have not noticed how culpable it is, then think again AU, think again!

Appeasing murderers is a big mistake – shame on you!

Posted by The Truth Is... | Report as abusive

Mugabe and Zimbabwe should be suspended as members of the UN until a free election takes place in Zimbabwe

Posted by Emmanuel LEPOUTRE | Report as abusive

Its clever how African democracy is maintained, Just form Government of national unity and kill the opposition….

Posted by Noe | Report as abusive

Bardas Sudislav

In PM Odinga Africa has shown that it can produce visionary leaders and not the usual rotten egg heads. Tsvangirai has a simple choice join the new generation of leaders like Odinga by embracing democratic values in his leadership and not just in name.

PM Odinga ruled out the Kenya style solution for Zimbabwe for one reason it is stupid. We all agree that a free and prosperous nation can only be founded on free electoral will of the people. It is stupid to then disregard that to appease a dictator! No doubt the AU forced Raila Odinga to accept the stupid arrangement in Kenya and little wander he never considered it for Zimbabwe.

Many of the AU leaders are only interested in accommodating Mugabe; till now they would have got away with it. Now, it is what the people want.

Mugabe is nothing but a paper tiger. He has already deserted all the thugs who have been intimidating and murdering the opposition. They all woke today and found they, like everyone else had nothing to eat. Some are thousands miles away from their rural home and are now finding that the Z$10 billion bloody they received is not enough to get them back home! State operatives were forced to vote in the presence of their commanding officers because the regime could not trust them give it their blind royalty.

Mugabe is scared stiff of a free and fair election. And that is the bottom line the people of Zimbabwe want!

China is reportedly going to block tough UN sanction against Zimbabwe (Reuter reported). Well, that is to be expected; China has always sided with Africa’s corrupt and oppressive leaders. The winds of change are blowing right across Africa; the Chinese are free to hang with the rotten egg heads, but hang they will!

Badras, I will bet my bottom dollar (and I am not one given to betting) Africa will have more and more democratic regimes at each successive AU summit. I will love to say to you “I told you so!” on this page- and will!

Posted by Wilbert Mukori | Report as abusive

As Free Thinker, we know that in the process of resolving crisis, it is useful for the people to let them use their own mind in order to find the key to the solution related to their issues. In other words, we beleive that the people of Zimbabwe have the ability to find the solution to their own crisis. They do not need the help from European Union either other countries. Solution to the Zimbabwean crisis must come from inside… For that, Zimbawe must be free from out inside interference. In short, we see that Tsvangirai needs help. Certainly, he really needs to be free from his foreign masters.

Posted by Tendaie | Report as abusive

Tendai,,,why spell your name Tendaie…are you trying to Westernise it, first we need to free you from the Western Propaganda then free your leader Mugabe.No wonder why you were beating your brother on a payout of 10million Zim dollars, this shows how Mugabe has damaged your sense of reasoning after 27yrs of independence.

Posted by Nomalanga | Report as abusive

While reading the different opinions relating to Zimbabwean issues, we observe that consciously, you avoid to talk about the causes of the Zimbabwean crisis. Why that? If you discover the causes, you will understand that Zimbabwe case is Zimbabwe case. And the causes take form from outside of Zimababwe.
It is painful and disrespectful for african people to
see how some african puppets leaders or self called experts try to handle this crisis. We frnkly believe that President Mugabe is right, and he must fight for the global freedom of his people. We are proud of him and his team. It is not that because European union says something that we have to parrote this. We say NO. This it is the behavior we have to condemn. it is a patriotic duty to supprot President Mugabe in his fight for gobal independence of Zimbabwe, of Africa…

Posted by Tendaie | Report as abusive

Oops – Tendaie has an unfortunate typo ” supprot President Mugabe..” Yes that is what it is “rot”!!Oh and there have been a few more eminating from Sharm El Sheik .. Like when Bob called Gordon Brown the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe! Then of course George Charamba telling the Europeans to “go hang”….careful George you might find that it is you that ends up hanging.

The Hitleresque propaganda lines of the ZANU PF regime almost seem like they come from another era. Hearing them in 2008 is quite bizzare. By the way Tendaie – what is “global independence”? Sounds like a new line from the cretins at the Herald – front page – “Zimbabwe seeks independence from the globe” – now there is a solution send Bob and all of his sycophants to the moon – leave the rest of us in peace.

Posted by Tashinga | Report as abusive

This whole thing is sad. Zim had a chance to be one of the “big players” in Africa.  ?uc_comic=cszpe&uc_full_date=20080705



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