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How quickly can Zimbabweans expect economic change?

September 15, 2008

zimbabwe_talks_handshake.jpgFor Zimbabwe’s long-suffering people, the true meaning of the signing of a power-sharing agreement between President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and the opposition MDC would be how quickly it leads to an improvement in their daily lives. An economic crisis that began in 1998 has turned the once prosperous Southern African country into a basket case economy with the world’s highest inflation at over 11 million percent. Millions of Zimbabwean’s who have fled across the borders to escape unemployment and severe shortages are waiting to see if the political deal will result in economic rebound paving the way for their return.

The agreement negotiated by South African President Thabo Mbeki provides for the sharing of power between veteran President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Tsvangirai takes on the new role of Prime Minister with extensive powers, with Mugabe’s 28-year hold on power significantly eroded.

But will Tsvangirai wield sufficient powers to place the new coalition government on a new policy track needed for rapid economic reform? Will the international community be confident enough to unlock the needed economic rescue package to help accelerate economic change? How quickly can the collapsed commercial farming sector start to turn around? How will business raect to the new deal? Most important, how quickly will ordinary Zimbabweans begin to feel the impact of the power-sharing deal? Read the following insights from two leading analysts and have your say.

tupy1.jpgMarian L. Tupy, The Cato Institute

“The government should trust the ingenuity of the Zimbabwean people and allow their creative energies to rebuild teh country with minimum bureaucratic hindrance.” (Read full analysis)

makumbe1.jpgJohn Makumbe, University of Zimbabwe

“The major political party, the MDC, has devised a very promising economic recovery and rehabilitation programme for the transitional period. It is my considered view that if that programme is effectively implemented, the Zimbabwean economy could recover within as short a period as two to three years.” (Read full analysis)


MDC has got a good economic recovery programme and i think MDC is the one which should lead in policy formualtion and implementation and not the old Zanu PF.
Lets give Tsvangirai time and see.60% is better than 0%

Posted by Shelton Ndlovu,Univeruty of Zimbabwe Graduate 2007 | Report as abusive

Speaking from the pedestal of the lay men, most Zimbabweans are optimistic of this deal. to many, half a loaf is better than nothing, and in a way, anything that dilutes Mugabe’s stupor on power is as good. People feel like change has come, maybe not overnight, but surely they see Mugabe easing out of power somehow, not in a very distant future, that hope, is all a men needs until the break of a real day.


You won’t see much economic growth for a while because we are now into the season for seeding crops and there isn’t much seed available.

If you are an investor, surely a wait and see approach will be prudent for a while. Mugabe and his cronies may swallow the MDC like they did with past opposition.

Finally, the Zimbabwe people at the grassroots are a very optimistic group of people and this will give them hope. This is very important and I sincerely wish a speedy recovery occurs.

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

The deal marks the new beginning. Obviously from day one there will be a general reduction in speculation that has been driving inflation, this backed by positive sentiment on expected funding receipts and appointments in key institutions like the Reserve Bank and the Ministry of Finance, stability should start to be felt withing the first month.

Posted by FARAI SITHOLE | Report as abusive

I am happy with the deal and I think if all the parties involved are commited then we might see results within a short period of time. They must put in policies that attract investors.


I think it is good deal to all zimbabwean. Am happy for them, atleast they can have a bit of hope that sooner than later, the economic will recover. It is my hope that the Zanu PF people will respect the fundamental agreement of two gentle man and work together to bring back the country from the economic ruin. Zimbabwe is the food basket of the continent, she can still be if all hand are put on the desk and genuine heart is put to work. By so doing, the much foreign investment needed to boost the economy can starts to pour in.

Posted by tope ogidan | Report as abusive

The key words to the deal right now are commitment and hard work. As was clearly evident during the ceremony(speeches, facial expressions etc) there’s still a lot of hard work required to dismantle the distrust and animosity that has festered among the parties for so long. I wouldn’t want to envisage a collapse of the deal but if the parties, as in years gone by, put party interests and their egos ahead of ordinary Zimbabweans then we are heading toward the total collapse of the deal and even a worser political and economic crisis in the near future.


this is what the people of zimbabwe have been waiting for,now its the chance for the MDC to show how its done and l believe this year we are going to have a chrismas

Posted by carlton | Report as abusive

I think that the first thing needed in Zimbabwe is a free press. obviously followed by food, which is more difficult to distribute. tell Mugabe to take his troops to the border to stop whitey getting in and leave the people to Morgan and the MDC.

ken moody
united kingdom.


free press, free speach, free grub.


I find it strange, I am totally not against the new changes in Zimbabwe at all. I factually belive, some change, no mater how small, is a step forward.

I am Italian, a culture with a little past.And no ressemblance for the real historical world. DNA studies do show that our first Eva,enemates from africa. It is however impossible,that our true root’s are still being abused. This, from the likes of our dear puppet Mugabi.

You are old and filthy rich. STEP DOWN, HAS BEEN.

If anything, you show your pride within your little brain by keeping all to yourself only.

How dare you still exibit you self justified views.

You had a good economy. You abused this. By this I mean you are a big mouth, without any revelance in the true sense.

You Sir????. Have and still are abusing Eva’s, their Children, and your country at LARGE. “WAKE UP”.

Soon you should be the passed.

There is much foolish BLOOD in your hand’s.

Remember Sir, WHEN EVA RAN, she probably took the best with her. They adapted, survived and invented things. Probably like cars, fridges, even space craft. Now it might be your turn to “BUZZ OFf”.

With love and fair tenacity to you. Do not listen to Zuma. Rather the true Mandela, Graca, and the truth.

I only wish, I could spell check this. But anyway “Puppet”. I know, you cannot read signs.


Posted by Gianni Benati | Report as abusive

Hi ,?????

I write this to give Morgan, MY BIGGEST Hi SIR, My sincere condolences for the loss of your wife. MAMA Susan. Nteze Bro.

To you lovely children, Sorry. I was proud of your dad to tell us it was an accident. He is truthfull.

May he overcome this terrible moment. I know he will.


Our Family

Prudence, Gianni and Kiki

Posted by Gianni Benati | Report as abusive

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