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Zuma: some views from abroad

April 18, 2009

Jacob Zuma is cruising towards the South African presidency and the main question now is the size of the ANC’s majority.

So what do people from other African countries think of the man who will take over the continent’s most powerful economy?

Reuters Africa Journal asked a few.

“South Africa is one of the biggest democracies that we have and I have got a lot of confidence in their election process and what I think about Zuma,” said Phaenius Mushayi from Harare.

“I think Zuma is a very integral leader. I mean he has been there in ANC and he has stood behind the people, he has stood for the people and a lot of people have confidence in him.”

Another resident of the Zimbabwean capital, Mbuso Makodza, took a less rosy view.

“I think the future of South Africa, for me, they have got a lot of challenges. Of course they have got the independence in terms of ruling, but in terms of the economy, the economy is still controlled by a lot of whites and I still believe the
black man doesn’t have a say in the economy.

“Those who have got a say are the people who have benefited from black economic empowerment, and it has benefited just a few people.”

Two residents of Nairobi were pretty optimistic about prospects for South Africa under Zuma.

“When I look at South Africa I wouldn’t be so much worried about their future because they have weathered a lot of storms in the past,” said Steve Onganga.

And this was Joyce Awino’s view: “Zuma, I’m happy because I know he’s going to win and he’s going to bring the country to be a change. So that is why we are happy ….”

So, in an admittedly unscientific survey of the view from Africa, that’s three in favour and one not so sure. Who is right?


Zuma is controlled by Cosato and the SA Communist Party,who fired Mbeki and put Zuma in the chair,ultimately they will go the Africa way,like the rest of Africa–steal and rape from the whites,blame the West and take no responsibility for the “UHURU” actions of the uncivilized masses.

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I will be surprised if Zuma turns to the very left during his mandate and it is not fair to say that he is negative about the foreign investment. People have sympathized with Zuma because they viewed his corruption case and his sacking from the government as a harsh punishment; it is within those lines that people voted for him. Furthermore in a country so structured such as this, there is no much to change than to have the right policies to respond to people and investors expectations.


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