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How will South Africa handle the World Cup?

June 15, 2009










International football body FIFA expects about half a million fans to come to South Africa for the World Cup, which starts a year from now.

The country is experiencing its first recession in 17 years but it is hoped that the
infrastructure being built for the World Cup and the expected influx of tourists will give the economya boost.

Ten stadiums have been set aside for the games. Those being built will be finished by February next year. There have been plenty of challenges, and delays in construction even led to rumours that FIFA would move the tournament elsewhere.

While fans want to come to South Africa, the country’s high crime rate is worrying. About 50 people are murdered here every day, and between 2007 and 2008 there were more than 36,000 rapes. So South African police are being trained to protect people during the World Cup.

Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo told Reuters Africa Journal: “We are working very closely with Interpol. They are in the process of establishing what is called a dangerous and disruptive persons data base which will assist us in identifying people that may pose a potential danger to the tournament as far as organized fighting and hooliganism is concerned.”

At a bus terminus in Cape Town — a spot that has become notorious for muggings — people were worried about crime.

“I know and understand that it’s not only about crime, you’re not only looking at getting robbed and things like that,” said Brian Lybaba Lontantana. “But it’s a big issue, and in our communities I don’t think it’s been addressed properly. That’s one major problem. I don’t know what are the steps in place to tackle crime. I don’t know what’s put down as far as crime is concerned. But I am worried about the people that’s going to come and watch the World Cup.”

Many Africans are proud that the games are being held on the continent.

“It’s a source of great pride for the continent to host the World Cup, said soccer fan Jerome Kamenan Kanga in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. “This shows how much African football has progressed over the years.”

Before the World Cup South Africa must first host the Confederations Cup this month. Teams such as Italy, Spain and Brazil will be in the country to compete.

For many, the Confederations Cup will show whether South Africa can indeed handle the World Cup.


Oh God this is gonna make our countries look worse than what it really is

Posted by Wolfy | Report as abusive

Did they make the right decision by giving the world cup to SA? This tournament is supposed to be a great colourful party but fans already got warned not to wear their nations colours outside the stadium as they would become easy prey for muggers and other criminals.


With last year’s massive violence and widespread killings of fellow Africans, many of whom made great sacrifices for the independence of the country, and the rather unconvincing response of the government to the problem of xenophobia, it is doubtful that South Africa will receive the world with any excitement. Africans should expect a very nasty treatment in South Africa.

Posted by Iki Iki | Report as abusive

The Vuvuzela is an annoying plastic trumpet also known as a stadium horn that is constantly blown at all soccer/football matches in South Africa. It sounds like a deafening mix of angry elephants trumpeting, a swarm of buzzing bees and a fog horn. What can we do? Go to Register with your name, country and email and then vote. Tell your friends and family to do so too. It is our intention to submit these votes to the relevant authorities who can do something about it. Together we can make our 2010 World Cup the best experience for all.


from the picture,it looks like a gold ring, hope the South Afica will be a huge success for World Cup,and the crime rates will be falling.


South Africa is beautiful country in Africa. FIFA is very famous in african and american countries. But African countries are not safe for the peoples who are coming from other countries.
You also told about the crime ratio of South Africa.
so the peoples are afraid to going for watching matches.
I want to know that the driving licence of african country easily take from adminisration or not.


White South Africans are not that interested in soccer: cup-2010/

Whites most likely will not attend games in which the local team play, but will support the games in which the better teams feature. As black’s cannot afford the ticket prices, some games might be quite poorly attended….

Posted by | Report as abusive

Doesn’t anybody have faith that God will provide for our country. I have seen a lot of change, however small they are. People expect miracles to happen over night. The fact is we are still growing. If we keep on thinking in a negative way, we will always just be a pathetic african nation. I embrace being a african and I can see my future in Africa.
God bless Africa. I just wish that we can see the good things and smile about them.
If anyone wants to challenge me with their negativity just know I am up for it.

Posted by wilhelmien | Report as abusive

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