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Was it right to grant refugee status to white South African?

September 2, 2009

Canada’s decision to grant refugee status to white South African Brandon Huntley has drawn anger from the ruling African National Congress, which described it as racist, and has again stirred the race debate in South Africa 14 years after the end of apartheid.

Huntley had cited persecution by black South Africans as the reason why he could not return to the country of his birth. The chair of the Canadian panel that granted his request said he had shown evidence “of indifference and inability or unwillingness” of South Africa’s government to protect white South Africans from “persecution by African South Africans”.

“I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb’ due to his colour in any part of the country,” the chair of the tribunal panel, William Davis, was quoted as saying.

In his application for asylum, Huntley said he had been a victim of multiple crimes by black South Africans and added that white South Africans were a target.

He pointed at the country’s Black Economic Empowerment policies as institutionalised reverse racism that has ensured that he has no opportunities.

The Ottawa Sun described how Huntley first came to Canada to work as a carnival attendant on a six-month work permit in 2004, came back in 2005 and then stayed on illegally until he made a refugee claim in 2008.

Anyone visiting South Africa will certainly see plenty of evidence of white South Africans doing extremely well and generally having a higher standard of living than the majority of black South Africans. White South Africans head many top firms while the highest crime rates are not in the suburbs of the affluent, but in the poor black townships.

Many members of minority groups do complain, however, that they are discriminated against in the Rainbow Nation, led by the ANC since Nelson Mandela took office as president in 1994.

Was Canada justified in giving refugee status to Huntley or was the decision racist? If white South Africans can claim refugee status then who can’t? Is the ANC over-reacting and missing a sign of disaffection by a large minority group?

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I think the biggest mistake South Africans made was to forgive white people for apartheid. They have shown no remorse and never miss an opportunity to put down South Africans. I remember when South Africa was vying for the 2006 Soccer World Cup droves of white people appeared on British televisions urging FIFA not to give the cup to South Africa.Also, have you noticed the always negative stories about South Africa in the media? Its no surprise that most journalists representing the international media in South Africa are white South African.

Posted by Worried African | Report as abusive

Canada made a mistake here. Huntley has shown the signs of criminal behaviour by living in the country illegally for 4years and not going through the proper immigration channels like everyone else. He’s a former sprinkler saleman turned con artist who’s thrown his country under the bus.Since refugees can’t select where they are placed within the country, maybe Canada will rectify their error by placing Huntley in Bear country to replant trees.

Posted by canadian abroad | Report as abusive

Canada has its own laws, and in it it can grant refugee status to anyone it wishes. With media always sensationalizing, its hard to get the ‘real’ truth. Many papers and news sites reads heading “ANC says Canada is racist” yet I see no quote where they did say that.The only ANC quote that comes close is “Canada’s reasoning for granting Huntley a refugee status can only serve to PERPETUATE racism,” (In other words, they say it could “be the cause of”Aside from that the ANC is likely embarrest for still not getting crime under control, and will probably try to push blame to a foreign power to fool the uneducated.

Posted by beezle | Report as abusive

Canada did the right thing. All “first world” nations should follow this example, an ethnic minority was treated horrifically (attacked many times as well as the killing of his brother) by the majority of his nation. If only we would look at all refugee cases like this, without seeing what color of the brutalized, just that they need help and they cannot get it in the nation of there birth.

Posted by Hi | Report as abusive

As a white person who has lived in Africa many years, and saw her 8-years old sister raped and killed by black mobs in Congo, before being shot and left for dead, I totally agree with the decision made by the Canadian authorities. Racism goes both ways and whites are targeted for all sorts of crimes all over black Africa, theft, cons (Nigeria letters being only but one sad example), kidnappings, are common events no one will talk about because of this dreadful word: racism. At last, the truth will be easier to say now. Thank you Canada!

Posted by Alex Hunter | Report as abusive

Why am I too frightened to shop at certain “black” supermarkets? Why do blacks punch my car in traffic and threaten me when other cars with black occupants are not subjected to the same treatment? Why am I expected to stand at the back of the queue when black people are allowing their friends to jump ahead of me and laugh when I complain?Try living on a low income and try to survive in a South Africa that has proven itself xenophobic. The white politically correct “rainbow nation” crowd are the rich elite that spend enormous amounts on private security. They do not have to use public transport (I can’t because I have a walking stick and black taxis do not accept disabled people), and send their children to expensive schools. Whites that are not rich are victims of discrimination.No Black South Africans will speak out on behalf of whites because they are taught that revenge for apartheid is good (see Julius Malema’s comments).Why do we have laws that differentiate between people based on their skin colour? Is the next step concentration camps for whites? When is the world going to have the courage to question the greedy, corrupt, communist controlled ANC?

Posted by White male pensioner | Report as abusive

I totally support the Canada’s decision. Brandon Huntley had his live in real danger. And these constant African accusations of racism when a Western country has something that they don’t agree with, must stop.


I totally support Canada’s brave decision. We whites live in fear of being raped, robbed and attacked 24/7. Thank you Canada, now it will be easier to talk to our ANC government about racist crime against whites in South Africa.

Posted by Petrified White Person | Report as abusive

TO: Worried African – let us wait until after the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa and only then ask ourselves whether the “negative stories” of the whites were wrong. Crime is out of control in South Africa. We are prisoners in our homes and we live in constant fear of being killed for even the most trivial of belongings that we have. We experience the National Sport of South Africa to be murder, rape and theft. What a sad, sad time for our beautiful country when criminals rule our daily lives.

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As a Canadian, I am pleased that someone in authority has finally realized that the violent actions of some people of colour against white people are due to racism. In Canada, everything and anything which isn’t done to the satisfaction of some people of colour is called “racism”, even if it is just something as stupid as not being picked to be a makeup model in the World Skills Competition which is going on in this country right now. The ANC obviously believes that white people should accept mistreatment by people of colour, even though the ANC would claim racism if the very same actions were done by that same white person against his persecutors.

Posted by pietro in Canada | Report as abusive

I agree that there are plenty of well-off white South Africans here, but they have high walls and bars on their windows too, they also fear racist attacks. I really don’t see the problem with what Brandon done. We all know there that racism in South Africa is rife, even the government acknowledges the fact. We are all being persecuted to some degree or another, whether it’s though BEE or being physically beaten up, raped and murdered. So why is the government in such a frenzy about Brandon and the race issue? Perhaps because they don’t want the rest of the world to know the kind of racist hatred that is happening in this country. Brandon may have made it all up, but that doesn’t really matter when racism and persecution is happening here in SA.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

As a white South African I witness everyday Black on white racism & reverse discrimination. The ANC led Govt. has been in power for over 15 years & they have done almost nothing to curb violent crime, in fact they have publicly condoned black crime on whites. The ANC Youth League president, Julius Malema regularly preaches hate speech against whites & is a racist is there ever was one. Just Google this guy to see what he says. Also read News24 reader blog to see how unbelievably racist & intolerant of whites some educated blacks are. I’m appalled at the attitude of the majority of South African Black have towards reconciliation. Last year when many whites were objecting to the high levels of crime in the country, the minister of security, said stop whining or leave the country, yup the honeymoon is over, now the true colours of these people are beginning to show. This week the accused Canada or racism, last week they accused the IAAF of the same thing, what hypocrites.

Posted by nigel | Report as abusive

Here is a comment posted on news24 blog yesterday by an educated black person commenting on the story, “MN9/2/2009 2:43:33 PMWe used to party every time someone attacked a white person, now it isnt so exciting that we ‘locals’ are feeling the heat also. the truth is that when a white is attacked it doesnt mean anything but when one of our own is attacked it hurts. In my department we now have no whites left and soon to have no Indians. Whites should feel scared, they are here on borrowed time, we have been taught this when we were young and now I beleive it even more strongly” this is how a huge majority of South African blacks takl & think, this kind of attitude is common.

Posted by nigel | Report as abusive

I think that this is preposterous. Many white people, in fact 99% of white people live a very good life in South Africa, and the myth that they struggle to find jobs is ridiculous as I am yet to meet a white South African who has to sit at home with no source of income. I think that this Huntley is an example of the white South African, who cannot handle, for the first time, having to work for what he has. As for crime, we all suffer from the same problems, hijackers, armed robbers do not choose who to steal from and kill, and it is in fact many of the black South Africans who cannot afford the security that the white South African population can.I think that this is just another example that Western world has no idea of the real dynamics of South Africa, and the comments above show that there is still too much of a way to go before any change in mind sets happens.

Posted by Shocked South African | Report as abusive

as a “white” South African now living in UK , I am happy with the decision Canada has made. what Mr Huntley is saying is True ,I left SA after not being able to get a job due to my colour , and after several muggings , the last one was the last straw . Being held up at gun point and then been told ” if I see your White A** again I will kill you ” , this was 10 years ago and things have only got worse.Do not get me wrong I love SA and would love to go back . It is a beautiful country and most people are great . but to live in fear and not be able to walk down any street with out worrying is another story

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

South Africa was an abused nation. Now it has become an abusive nation.And while it is ready to accept what happened to it in the past, it is not so willing to accept what it has become.When the black majority abuse the white minority, then that is racism.And it just shows that the true problems behind racism are majority power, and socially accepted cultural attitudes. Not skin colour.

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

Crime is prevalent everywhere in the world that is true. The difference is that here in SA crime is brutal and particularly violent. Fact: Six elderly people have been attacked in our area in the last month, most of them bludgeoned to death. Most of us have been affected by violent crime, myself included. I will never recover from physical injuries die to a violent mugging. Fact: 50 people are murdered in our country every day and when we bring this to the attention of our leaders we are told that we are racist and if we dont like it we should leave. One last fact: The majority of whites who still live in SA voted against apartheid but we are made to suffer nontheless!!

Posted by Living in Fear in SA | Report as abusive

Let us think for a minute. How many whites go into black houses with guns and steal whatever they can? How many times have you ever heard of five young white men raping a young black girl in front of her father whom they tied to a tree, as happened to Jessica Foord? And then the rapists all laughed in court and thought it was a big joke. How often do you hear of white people as being hijackers who shoot their victims dead just for the fun of it while they were going to take the car anyway? Maybe this is the real reason why Bheki Cele won’t release the crime statistics. I would take a bet that South African crime statistics would show a huge perpetration of crime by the black majority on the white minority. And no excuses please, we are gatvol with those. e.g. Apartheid, that ended so long ago.People outside of South AFrica have excellent media and are very aware of what really is happening in other countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa. They are fully aware of say how Mugabe runs Zimbabwe and how he has stolen the country blind to place his ill-gotten gains around the world. So you cannot expect the West to suddenly grant Zimbabwe loans until they know that that country is back on a democratic track. i.e. rule of law, freedom of speech etc. Mugabe thinks he can fool the West as he fools his own Zimbabweans.There is no question in my mind that a white person in the new South Africa is now discriminated against as much as a black person in the old Apartheid South Africa.So, thank you Canada for giving asylum to Brandon Huntley.

Posted by Marco | Report as abusive

Let’s consider the facts here for a moment. White people, particularly white men, are safer in Africa than Africans and those of African descent are anywhere in the world, including Africa. The evidence? White people live longer, enjoy greater health, wealth, education, access to legal representation and personal security than Africans. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself; the evidence is readily available online from unimpeachable sources such as the UN. This decision was racist; Canada accepted Huntley’s claim, either without checking the facts I cite here, or ignoring the evidence. Remember, this is the same government that told Kenya one of their black citizens was an impostor, until DNA evidence was obtained from her 12 years old, Canadian-born son that proved she was his mother. Don’t believe the hype, people. Obama’s election win doesn’t mean we’re living in a ‘post-racial’ world, whatever that means. Racism is alive and well and Canada’s government should hang their heads in shame for this sordid decision.

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Crime in South Africa is not a white thing, its a case of those who have and those who are desperate. Canadian immigration made a big blunder by making a mockery of the word refugee and they have opened up the floodgates for white South Africans but this was the same Canadians who refused entry to an emigrating white British couple because they had a disabled sibling, what a bunch of jokers.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

As a native Canadian I’m offended by SA calling the decision to grant refugee status racist.I once visited Zimbabwe and personally heard President Mugabe say “we must make the whites shutter in their boots”. I heard blacks tell whites they should not be in their country. Nobody called these racist comments.I suspect the same may be occuring in SA and the fact is the SA government brings out old rhetorical sayings. It is time to mature as a nation. You are hosting the world cup with pride, start acting like a leading African nation.

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:// click_id=13&art_id=vn20090904033835251C3 41540This link is articles in the newspapers – THIS tells the true story about Black racism. White are now called non-Africans. Their threatening talk on talk show radio are chilling.Outside Pretoria where I live – there is a shack settlement of poor unemployed White Afrikaners totaling 300,000. Zuma went to visit them and promised to “help.”I am 5th generationof 79 years and called a Colonialist and non-African – I must go to Europe.

Posted by old, female, paleface | Report as abusive

I think he is an opportunist, who after overstaying his visa, found it convenient to blame SA for his misfortune. I am a white male, living in SA and I do not live in fear, because I choose to. I have black friends and I visit townships regularly. Yes racism is alive, but it is alive all over the world.Crime is a problem here in SA, no doubt, but to call it racist is ignoring the facts, most victims of crime are people of colour.To say that we can’t find work is also a sad misrepresentation. White males have the lowest unemployment rate in the country – it is not opinion, just a statistic.Yes, there are white males who will find it hard to get work due to BEE, but they can think outside the box and find other uses for their skills. This happens in the developed world, yet, people there don’t cry discrimination when it happens.The Canadian government said yesterday it thinks the Refugee board is “problematic” themselves, something to fix.When an older man had to wait at a door the other day for a young, black man to step through, he spat out words of hate. This happens all over the world where perceived injustices happen. It is easy to blame something like a lack of manners on the person’s skin colour, or different looks etc, then tell the world about how you were picked on because you were white.The reason it happened in the first place had NOTHING to to with race.Let’s hope the truth of the matter is fully exposed for what it is so we can move on.

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It’s pretty rich of the ANC complaining about Huntley’s application. It’s a sad fact that the ANC actively promoted and still promotes violent crime against white South Africans. They have conveniently forgotten about their well known “kill the farmer, kill the boer” slogan which even Mandela was caught chanting. Thousands of farmers have been murdered.The ANCYL are on record for publicly urging their members to steal from whites (google for info). Public ANC gatherings are still used today to perpetuate hatred against whites through the singing of so-called “liberation songs” and JZ is well known for his contribution to those.Go ahead, call me a racist for seeing through the ANC’s lies and posturing – I am not a racist.

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i can fully understand huntley’s desire for a safe haven. one just has to read our local area news paper with all the crime and murder stats to appreciate the situation. there is a perception that the law is now only for the black population and even then not terribly effective, so the whites do definitely live with a very real fear of descrimination. i know, i was a muggung statistic a while back and if it wernt for the weak south african currency i would have joined my daughter in australia already

Posted by tony ryan | Report as abusive

At last the Canadian authorities have seen some sense and are appealing this absurd and insane ruling.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

It is not only right,it is an obligation since Canada is founded as a state by europeans,why should they give asile to asians,or worst to africans before those who sacrificed their own life for the fatherland?look at Zimbabwe which has killed and deported white civilians. Open your eyes and stop acting as church missionaries,do we have something positive in return? No.Chinese are invading Africa,africans actually are happy,this is really impressive.Do not be a Saint with the Devil,don’t be a sheep with the hyena.

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the white man has been taken every thing for as long as i can remember it is just greed they want to have it always Africa is for the black man Europe for white man america for the indian Asia for the Asian that is how god made it things is just change in to how it was in the beginning they start the slave trade it is correct in it self

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Finally!!Something is actually being done about victimization of white people. It is just sad that the ANC still seems to be playing the racist card … it’s been 15 years now.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

I am often offended by what white South African’s (who live abroad) say about our country. Yes there is crime, and yes there is BEE. But let us not forget the attrocities, that white South Africans allowed to be orchestrated against innocent South Africans over the apartheid era. It’s no wonder that the ANC is throwing the race card.I am very fortunate to travel and have often been asked if I am looking to moving to the country I am visiting… and you guessed it, the only people asking are ex-South Africans. I always reply by asking, if I did move, would I be so lucky to have a lovely home and a good job, with a reputable company, for both myself and my husband? The answer, every time, the jobs yes…the home, well… not what you have now.Anyone who has travelled to Cape Town would know why I could not imagine living anywhere else. I really feel very sorry that Brandon Huntley, is too blind to see just how lucky he was to live here and I am also very sad that his estranged wife is now too scared to come to a city, where she would be quite safe to travel.A visiting professor, who spoke at my graduation, spoke of how lucky we were to have been able to study where we did and that we had (Table) Mountain as our anchor in life….


“White South Africans, an endangered group of people?”This moment of thought is not meant to be discriminative in any way. I write this from another continent, 15 months later after leaving South Africa. I left with my wife and child.This is my personal account of what I think is happening right now in many white South Africans as my countries new history unfolds. It’s the thousands of conversations I have had with myself, as I am slowly learning, of the horrible things that apartheid caused in South Africa. The sad reality is we will never know even close to what happened and how it affected the people. But slowly the stories are emerging. And to be fair you need to listen to them from both side of the “old apartheid line”. There’s truth on both sides of that old historical line…This is my personal account of the literal thousands of discussions I had with family members, friends, people I don’t even know, other races at work, taxi drivers in foreign countries, the lady behind the counter, the person sitting next to me on the bus, the lady who was raped, the family who was robbed – whose parents were killed, my mother who was attacked, my brothers . It’s about the insecurity, the depression, the fear of some and the denial of others. It’s really all just very sad indeed.It’s not a secret anymore that white South Africans are leaving South Africa by the thousands,” Google it!” Cliché’! They call it the brain drain. But it’s true, thousands of white South Africans have left South Africa since 1994. Why? It’s simple! Apartheid ended many wrongs in South Africa, but it also opened up a new era. The “African Way” of governance. You see it at work in the other 52 countries of Africa. The South African majority is black African (including other ethnic groups) nearly +/- 6 or 7 to 1. Nearly 6 to 7 people to one white African person is a black African. For the record, that is how it should be in Africa. The majority are ethnic, they were in Africa first. It stands to reason then that a majority should rule.We are now observing the outstanding achievements of our country as it readies itself for 2010 and beyond. But these silver linings only seem to hide what, I think, white South Africans are not used to. Observers, local and international, have seen South Africa’s law, public services, education system, health services, labour laws, police services decline in standard. Many of which are tainted with corruption. We are not used to these to these standards changing .But now the reality seems that white South Africans are struggling to see a future ahead for the land of their birth, for their offspring, for their immediate families. It seems in a horrible turn-around of events, white South Africans are experiencing a quazi type or reversed apartheid??? Many white South Africans, myself included, feel they do not have a vote that counts , i.e. +/- 6 or 7 to 1 ratio. Many have lost their jobs. Many are still struggling to come to terms of how the “African Way” works. Therefore if your vote does not count, then what protects your culture, your norms and standards, your desire for first world normalities and processes. I believe White South Africans want to live in a democratic society that is run and protected by a pro-active thinking and acting government.South Africa is a democracy, but a democracy that now seems will always have a black one sided majority vote, in this case the ANC. How can equality be guarded? How can democracy work? It really feels like it has become one sided all over again, like apartheid, but this time it seems it will remain. For Democracy to work it needs equally sized opposition political parties.I believe many White South Africans feel they are “an endangered group of people”. A people whose vote does not count. Who don’t have a say?The number one desire of white South African’s (and I am sure many other ethnic groups) in 2008 was their desire for the freedom of personal safety. Why has it become so unsafe to live in SA? Where everyday means: Using mobile phone personal security alarm related devices, house alarms systems, car alarm systems, gates, burglar-proofing, guard dogs, high barbed wire fences and 24 hour armed response services. Security is a major exploding lucrative industry in South Africa. How do you live in a society like this?We did. I did not enjoy it. It’s too tense, nothing felt certain anymore.- “Will I see my wife and child later today?”- “When, statistically, will it be our turn to experience the total violation of one’s freedom during a violent robbery or car hijacking?”- “Will my wife be safe at the shopping mall while I am at work?”- “Why is my wife not answering her mobile phone, is she in trouble, is she safe?”- “Is my wallet safe in my trouser pocket?”- “Are our mobile phones hidden out of sight as we walk through a shopping mall?”- “Are the house doors locked?- “Is the alarm on?”- “ What’s that noise? “- “Is this it? Is there someone in my house?”- “Do I stop at this traffic red light intersection or do I drive through the red light, for fear of being high-jacked?”- “Is it safe to have a picnic in that park or on that beach?”I don’t truly know Mr Huntley’s motives. But I had to leave to find and see if the grass is greener. So far I am happy to say it is. I still love my country though.Using your own search engine GOOGLE the following:“rapes per day in South Africa 2008” = over a hundred!!!!??? How? Why? Where’s the Police?????“murders per day in South Africa 2008” = I quote from your search engine –According to South African Police Services: Murders 60 per DAY. According to Department of Home Affairs: Murders 83 per DAY. According to Medical Research Council: Murders 89 per DAY. According to Interpol claims: Murders 149 per DAY. How? Why? Where’s the Police????? What’s been done about it??? It’s really all just very sad indeed. Are white South Africans reaping the ugly affects of apartheid? Are we reaping what our forefathers sowed? It feels like is.But to be fair: The irony of it all is, ask one of the many black African parents who once lived in a shack, who lost a son, daughter, husband because of an apartheid hate driven bullet, who now lives in a government sponsored house, who has access to medical services, who has running water on the their plot, who has electricity in their house, who has a stove, who has doors that lock, who has a toilet. Their storey will be very different to mine, and rightfully so.“White South Africans, an endangered group of people?” summary

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Well done yardman – your comment is a confirmation why Huntley left SA in the first place. Then again, you can’t be a racist, can you – only white people are racists according to the ANC. The issue is not the colour of the skin – it’s the condition of the heart.Let’s remove all the developments, infrastructure etc. and leave Africa they way it was before it was colonised, and then send the whites back from wherever they came from. That includes the Nike’s you are wearing – happy hunting boet

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White to White sympathy is the best way to describ this “asylum claim”. The truth is that White minority are still powerful and dominant in all areas of life in South Africa, other this country could have already collapsed economically if white owned businesses decided to desinvest. And there is no shred of proof that white people are systematically (government-led) targeted by black South Africans. I am certain no single black South African could have been granted asylum on basis that he or she was attacked three or four times by white thugs, even at the peak of apartheid. This is called white to white sympathy not asylum as there are no grounds whatsoever


First I would like to point out it is silly to refer to the ruling as racist. If he was refused based on the fact he is white that (by definition) is racist. Secondly I am disturbed by the number of postings decrying the ruling that don’t take issue with the facts but seem to justify attacks or descrimination against White South Africans. The tone is apartide was horrible (which it was) so anything that happens to the white population is justified. It sounds like a future Zimbabwae if people are not carefull

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I am abroad at the moment and have been for two years. Just by chance I checked on the internet to see what was happening back home. I find it so sad that we are still flogging the same old dead horse. I have seen so many good and positive changes in SA. Of course there are many of our people who will never forget the old times, however, there are so many who have taken their future into their own hands, held hands with the hated “others” being it black or white or any colour and just got on with trying to get SA back on the map. We have lots of crime and we have many people who will not move on and it is not always easy to understand why we do not take this wonderful opportunity given to us. SA has proven to the world that we are a strong nation and have stood up and we have all fought our own personal wars but I am proud to be South African. Our people have the ability to brighten each others lives. Our sense of humour and our courage should enable us to try and see each other through different eyes. Have a look at Desmond Tutu…. I find he is a balsam for the soul. Come on South Africans…, white, asian, etc.,,etc,…. The Rainbow Nation……. lets stop being petty and build our beautiful country together….. hate, revenge are such a waste of our precious time.


After reading Clinton posting, I find the debate created by this “asylum” very informative and interesting. While Clinton cites all reasons why white South Africans should be viewed as “endangered species”, he failed to analyse the roots of the crimes committed by black africans, if this is how he views it. I do, however, share most of his concerns with regard to personal security, which government responsibility to protect people and their properties. I am sure that Clinton as well as those who left the country for personal security issues will agree that the government of ANC is not responsible for crime committed by “black South Africans” – it is the direct result of apartheid policies. Generations of black South Africans were denied basic education and now have to share the same public infrastructures with those who sustained these policies and their descendants. The best way to deal with this situation is to engage with those communities and address the issues that affect their daily lives. Of course, those who have never been to school as result of apartheid are even more dangerous as they don’t have the basic understanding of how civilised world works, but this can only be addressed by joint actions. It is true that after years of apartheid, black South Africans wanted to vote for the ANC, it has, at present, proven that the national party with well designed strategies can, one day, will election by recruiting disillusioned black south africans. But it will take years to address security issues in South Africa.


wow…i do not really know what to say. but all i can say is, i am a young (23) black male who has been a victim of crime more than expected and the people responsible were black males so i do not understand when people say whites are the only ones who are targets. my house has been broken to, and i was mugged. racism is alive but not all whites are racist nor blacks, i love my white people and would love to have a white buddy. one message to anc, somewhere by 2035, the young generation will have gotten over apartheid, so stop using racism or apartheid as a tool to win our hearts coz i do not believe my children would buy that by then, come up with a new strategy n bring change in our lives. and to people who do not want to get over apartheid u r wasting your time, do your thing and make sure you live a better life. you can live large as well, but it is up to u as n individual to make things happen. i hope god will bless south africa, i hope he will give you will wisdom. to all whites n blacks, god bless ya’ll abundandely.may his blessings not elude south africa

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Well said “worried african”; you hit the nail on the head! Most white south africans’ attitude stinks!!

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I read all the comments so far and I have a very simple perception of reality. All people should strive to be happy, safe for themselves and their family, have a reasonable source of income and a quality of life that is well deserved. Regardless if it is in South Africa or any other country on Earth.I do not think that the discussion should be about race, creed, loyalty to a party or country. Wherever anyone lives should meet those basic criteria, we only get one shot at life, why not make the best of it. If Mr Huntly feels that Canada will provide this for him, it is his choice (moving country is no easy task though and he will be set with a whole bunch of issues to deal with due to his decision).I do, however, think that elected officials of state should be responsible to their voters and should do their best to ensure the safety and well being of the people in their country. South Africa is a wonderful and beautiful country, but one should now ask if it does meet the basic set of criteria.The focus moving forward for the rainbow nation, is to get rid of the “rainbow” and have zero differentiation on colour, creed, sex, equal opportunity to all based on their skills and capability, have programs that will allow for mandatory education to a minimum level of all people, provision of enough well paid police to ensure the safety of the people. Strive back toward a country where 8 feet tall walls with razor wire and / or 8000 volt electric fences are not required or normal.A final thought, do you realise that every time a TV is stolen, the local Government makes 14% GST on the sale of the replacement, crime does pay. Stop the cycle, work an honest day, earn an honest crust and be safe and happy.Then this discussion becomes mute regardless of where you are in the world.

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SAME old nonsence so sick of reading about ‘race’the people who use ‘race’ as a means to get an edge to win a point are always very quick to blame the for their own failings. then again we are only human every now and again we are all guilty of being lazy point the finger and say ‘its his fault’ its his fault because he is black how could he know any thing? its his fault because he is white how could he know? politians use it to their advantage laugh when ‘race’ gets them over the line, so it goes on and on.


The Canadian ruling was racist bulls–t, and Huntley is a lying bigot who simply longs for the days of Aparheid and doesn’t want to live in a country with black majority rule. I’ve been to South Africa. I talked to many white SA citizens. Whites are doing well, they still control most of the businesses, and crime affects all races, not just whites.


I was a little girl when apartheid ended in 94. Since then I have been spat at, cursed at and mugged thrice. I am punished simply for having been born white. My family has been in South Africa for more than 5 generations – how am I a non-African, but a slave sent to the Americas is still an African-American?Racism is alive and well and now happily institutionalised by a UN approved government.To you South Africans abroad, if it was so lovely and safe to live here why the heck did YOU leave?I take my hat off to Huntley. Bloody well done mate.

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Canada surely has the right to do what it likes under its own laws. Anyone claiming refugee status will have an ethnicity of some sort so whether this aligns or not with the receiving country is probably more relevant than how it fits (or not) in the country they are a refugee from.In Australia, I see many white South Africans coming here to secure a long term future for their family. At the same time I see black Africans from many other countries (some refugees, some economic migrants)entering the same society and becoming valued participants in the same economy without huge increases in the amount of crime or other racial tensions. I suspect this is true in Canada too.I would say good luck to anyone who wants to try to improve their present living conditions and future prospects for their family by moving to a country that better shares their values and promises good future prospects. While this should obviously be done legally wherever possible rather than overstaying a visa, most “illegal immigrants” probably wouldn’t choose this route if they had other options.What the Canadians will have to deal with is whether this perceived “queue jumping” will cause any tensions in their own country from people trying to migrate via the normal processes, including possible pressure to accept more refugees, white or otherwise.For the ANC – this is simply an international reflection (probably very accurate) of how they are perceived – deal with it!

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As a USA citizen,I have been following this debate with interest. I know several SA ex-pats and have made several visits to South Africa going back to 1971. In many ways this “brain drain” or “white flight” isn’t based in grounded fear but in anticipation of events that haven’t occurred in SA yet. No white, however, can look at trust to a government that supports Mugabe without having some trepidation of SA becoming a Zimbabwe. Having said that and being a medical professional I would look forward to the challenges of the next decade as SA continues to morph.To those who are leaving I suggest you consider that opportunity for the many only truly exists when change is occurring.So tell me how to sign up as here is one white with a medical degree that would love to immigrate from the USA to SA.


I am a Canadian from India. I am afraid Canada is like that. In the 1980s Polish sailors used to jump ship and say “economy is bad in Poland so we want to live in Canada”, and Canada used to rush and give them residency.People used to come from Asia and Africa and say “we need assylum our lives are in danger back home” and Canadians would say they are economic migrants and not refugees, sorry you have to go back. Would they have allowed black South Africans to claim assylum under apartheid? That’s Canada.

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For so long Black South Africans were beaten and killed under White rule, but if SA is going to be a successful African Nation, the ruling class of Blacks must be the example to Whites, who wish to return SA to the period in her history when Blacks were treated as animals. South African Blacks must be tolerant and accepting of others. I know it is difficult, because many Whites still dispise Blacks and long for the days when they were the oppressors rather than the oppressed. It is impossible for Black South Africans to forget the abuse that they suffered under the hands of White South Africans, and they should not, but if SA is to be an example of unabated freedom and democracy on the African continent, Black South Africans must forgive Whites for their past evil doings, and strive to live in a Land where Black South Africans and White South Africans are free to pursue their dreams. SA has the potential to rival some of the greatest Nations of the world, if her citizens of all races would learn from her ugly past, and work together for a future in which ALL of SA’s children will prosper and realize their dreams.

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each country has its own laws. I only hope that Canada and its native indans. will look kindly on the Anglo Saxon English. that will be forced out by emigration leagle and ileagleA lot of Americans put ther original nationality first. ie, Polish American. French American .Irish American etc.Execept as far as i can make out . the first English settelers. who are just Americans . Actualy the only Americans are the indiginious native tribs such as the Siox .Apache, etc. the same goes for Canada.

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As racist as it can be. As a previous comment stated, if a black or otherwise non-white applied for refugee status under the same conditions he would be rejected outright.

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When I say badly I mean that the Whites became rich by using the Africans as a tool to reach their goal.However the great majority did not treat the Africans like dogs. The ones that did so knew they were doing a bad thing. It is the same as in a society that there are many criminals.In the mean Indeed the white minority did treat the Africans badly.time those countries where the minority was in power the countries flourished as a whole and also a multitude of Africans.But look at the situation now. Those countries where the “bad Whites have left” are in ruin.People are not treated like dogs, a6t least most civilized countries treat their pets with a certain amount of love and look after them well.Those African countries in ruin now have people in power that are a hundred times worse that the bad white minority. Human life means nothing to them as long as they have the power and as long as their bank account is in the millions. Any opposition to their crimes in immediately crushed by killing those who dare to protest.I can go on much longer, but if I was in Africa as a white I would rather be a dog in a civilized country.At least I would be alive. Please Africans do not live in the past (Mandela’s words) but wake up and do the right thing.

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I am a white sa male and am proud to live in S A. Yes aparthied did happen, and we now live with crime but it is now time to move forward,For all JZ faults and past problems, I think he is doing his job, so Give him time to prove it, and to show that he can turn this country into our homeVery proud to be a South African

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it is well known by now that white male south africans have been marginalised in our workplace over the past 4 years.In fact females are also in the firing line now as there 19.5% penetration has been oversubscribed so they also will be more and more marginalised.If this is the case then i applaud the Canadian Immigration for recognising this fact and helping where they can.What does the SA government want to do with Huntley but allow him to sit here unemployed to repay him for the sins of the pastCanada should be praised for helping out a distressed person thanks Canada.I hope other countries will also lend a helping hand as having anybody without a job is just not good for any country.

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From the limited information available it appears that the decision to grant asylum or refugee status was wrong in law and principle because it is not the South African Government (the requirement under the Human Rights Convention), that was committing the persecution or was unwilling to afford protection to the gentleman. There is a comprehensive system of crime prevention that is and has been implemented consistently by the South African Government to protect all Citizens regardless of race colour or creed.In any event, if this gentlemenan was a genuine refugee, the first thing he would have asked for is protection from the Canadian government the first opportunity he arrived in Canada.This is a sad refelection on the system because Canada is well known for its lack of biase, fairness and neutrality.

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i am a congolese DRC living in SA since dec2000,i worked as a ARMED RESPONSE OFFICER 5YRS,currently a civil engineering student.i will say that from experience SA was not safe not only for white but mostly for blacks. the firearm regulations makes it west and unskills police offers. for sure whites are much safe than blacks SA, in suburbs crime priventions are there from private to official but in blacks you will notice that murder is every minute. if BRANDON is to accuse race, why did he wait for so long to present his issue or stay illigal in CANADA? I am being persecuted by blacks SA as a result of XENOPHOBIA and being maried to a SA BLACK LADY makes it west but i also have to look at the facts {job opportinity is the man reason that turned to descrimination }, questions are : WERE TO, HOW ABOUT MY CHILDREN, WHAT NEXT, . . . the law is much friendly to criminal with no exeption of race.

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My opinion is this… any nation Canada, UK, Australia, USA etc… should re-write there immigration laws to include persecution for racisim.. they allow it for religion? So why not? These changed laws should specifically be geared to any African national, that isn’t really African, but caucasion, Asian, etc. Once all the whites are safely removed from SA, and other places… just watch how quickly they collapse. From everything I have read, and saw… the evidence is clear. It just doesn’t seem like these native blacks have the same goals, and abilities that Euro, and Asians have… that is to progress in a civil society… why those SA people natives alone have tribal differences… and will eventually rip the area apart. I just don’t like reading and hearing about my white brothers and sisters being abused in the process… so please all of you, get smart like Brandon did… figure something out…now before it is too late.

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