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Time for an Afribond?



“Europe possibly needs an Afribond,” commented one contributor this week on the Thomson Reuters chatroom for fixed income markets in Kenya.

A nice quip from Henry Kirimania of The Cooperative Bank of Kenya and a reminder of just how much better placed Africa is now in terms of its debt burden than it once was and particularly in relation to what might now be regarded as the world’s Heavily Indebted Formerly Rich Countries.

debt picture“It used to be that when you thought about highly indebted countries, you thought about those in our part of the world,” Maria Ramos, head of South Africa’s Absa Bank told the recent World Economic Forum on Africa. “You can’t any longer.”

By global standards, African debt has also performed fairly well during the crisis over Greece. Although the yield on Ghana’s Eurobond spiked when concerns over Greece reached fever pitch before the EU and IMF safety net announced at the weekend, it has been on a steady downtrend and has fallen back somewhat this week.