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Will Jonathan’s good luck hold out?


goodluckThe puns were too much for the Nigerian press (and me) to resist in headlines after Goodluck Jonathan quietly managed to get himself into the top job without even appearing to want a position left open for more than two months by the absence of President Umaru Yar’Adua.

Suddenly it seems that everyone and his brother is congratulating themselves on having found such a wise way out of the impasse that derived from the ambitions of those in the various camps and the ambiguity of a constitution that had never foreseen such an eventuality.

Even Justice Minister and Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa, among those who most vociferously defended the idea that no change of power was needed, gave full support to Jonathan and pointed out that the de facto transfer happened two months ago anyway.

Politicians in few countries may be able to sustain a crisis for quite so long, cause quite as much concern – among foreigners if not among their own people – and then find a way to resolve it more easily than any might have thought possible.