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Jun 14, 2013
Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013

Erdogan: from ‘rock star’ to mixed reviews from Arabs

CAIRO/ TUNIS (Reuters) – Two years ago, Tayyip Erdogan was mobbed by adoring crowds in Arab capitals and Turkey seemed set to expand its trade and influence across the region on the back of his support for the upstart democrats of the Arab Spring.

Today, his crackdown on protests at home has sickened some of those who hailed an unlikely liberator from the land of their former Ottoman overlords; they now scorn the prime minister as little better than the dictators they ousted.

Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013
Jun 10, 2013

Egypt ‘war’ talk raises Ethiopia Nile dam stakes

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt does not want war with Ethiopia but will keep “all options open”, President Mohamed Mursi said on Monday, turning up the heat in a dispute over a giant dam Addis Ababa is building across the Nile.

In a televised speech to cheering Islamist supporters, Mursi voiced understanding for the development needs of poorer nations upstream in the Nile basin, but rammed home in emotive language that Egyptians will not accept any reduction in the flow of the river on which their civilization has been based for millennia.

Jun 9, 2013
Jun 8, 2013
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