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Oct 24, 2014
Oct 23, 2014

EU strikes compromise to set new climate target

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union leaders struck a deal on a new target to cut carbon emissions out to 2030, calling it a new global standard but leaving critics warning that compromises had undermined the fight against climate change.

Talks in Brussels stretched into the small hours of Friday as Poland battled to spare its coal industry and other states tweaked the guideline text on global warming to protect varied economic interests, from nuclear plants and cross-border power lines to farmers whose livestock belch out polluting methane.

Oct 22, 2014
Oct 21, 2014
Oct 20, 2014
Oct 20, 2014

UKIP, 5-Star welcome Polish radical to save EU voting bloc

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The UK Independence Party and Italy’s 5-Star Movement formed an alliance in the European Parliament on Monday with a right-wing Polish libertarian in order to reconstitute a formal Eurosceptic bloc in the EU legislature.

Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz is a member of the Congress of the New Right (KNP), whose leader has said women are too stupid to vote and doubts that Hitler knew of the Holocaust. His move makes up for the defection of a Latvian lawmaker last week that had triggered the formal dissolution of the Eurosceptic bloc.

Oct 16, 2014

UKIP cries foul as Latvian defection weakens hand in EU parliament

BRUSSELS, Oct 16 (Reuters) – The UK Independence Party
accused the European Parliament of blackmail and bias on
Thursday after it wound up a voting bloc forged by British and
Italian Eurosceptics, depriving them of funding and influence.

The dissolution of the four-month-old Europe of Freedom and
Direct Democracy Group (EFDD), one of seven formal parliamentary
blocs, was sparked by the loss of Latvia’s Iveta Grigule, sole
member of the Latvian Farmers Union, who quit to sit as an

Oct 15, 2014
Oct 14, 2014
Oct 14, 2014

Juncker tweaks EU team, to reshuffle transport and energy posts

BRUSSELS, Oct 14 (Reuters) – The European Union’s incoming
chief executive, Jean-Claude Juncker, has proposed a minor
reshuffle of his team following the EU parliament’s rejection of
the Slovenian nominee to the European Commission.

In a statement on Tuesday after meeting Slovenia’s
substitute candidate, Violeta Bulc, Juncker said he had proposed
to the Council of EU government leaders a new list of
commissioners. In it, Bulc replaced former Slovenian premier
Alenka Bratusek, whom lawmakers had refused to accept.

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