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Aug 30, 2014
Aug 29, 2014

After hard bargaining, EU set for deal on new leadership

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union leaders are set to end weeks of wrangling over top jobs in Brussels and agree on Saturday on who will fill key posts in EU institutions that face major challenges from a combative Russia and a stuttering economy.

A summit in Brussels that was called after a pre-vacation meeting two months ago ended in deadlock is likely, diplomats and officials said, to hand Poland’s conservative prime minister the influential role of European Council president and Italy’s little tested young foreign minister given the running of the EU’s common diplomatic efforts. But nothing is yet certain.

Jul 19, 2014
Jul 18, 2014
Jul 18, 2014
Jul 9, 2014
May 27, 2014

Battle at Donetsk airport; new Ukraine leader says no talks with ‘terrorists’

KIEV/DONETSK, Ukraine (Reuters) – Ukraine launched air strikes and a paratrooper assault against pro-Russian rebels who seized an airport on Monday, as its newly elected leader rejected any talks with “terrorists” and said a robust military campaign in the east should be able to put down a separatist revolt in “a matter of hours”.

Ukrainians rallied overwhelmingly in Sunday’s election behind Petro Poroshenko, a political veteran and billionaire owner of chocolate factories, hoping the burly 48-year-old can rescue the nation from the brink of bankruptcy, civil war and dismemberment by its former Soviet masters in the Kremlin.

May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014

Man in a hurry, Ukraine’s new leader flashes steel behind smile

KIEV, May 26 (Reuters) – Petro Poroshenko does a fair
impression of a man with all the time in the world, bantering
with reporters in a fluent medley of languages on his first
morning as Ukraine’s president-elect.

But the chunky, billionaire-issue wristwatch flashing from
his well-tailored cuff marks out a man in a hurry; his smooth
patter on creating wealth, fighting corruption and embracing
European values cracked when pressed on how he can recover
Crimea from Russia or defeat pro-Moscow rebels in the east.

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