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Jul 7, 2015

Srebrenica resolution would widen divisions in Bosnia, Serbs tell U.N.

BELGRADE/SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Serbia warned that a resolution commemorating the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, which the United Nations Security Council is due to discuss on Tuesday, would only widen ethnic divides in neighbouring Bosnia.

The British-drafted resolution condemns what it describes as the genocide at Srebrenica and any denial of the genocide. That has angered Serbia and Bosnian Serbs, who have branded it as “anti-Serb” and sent a letter of protest to the United Nations.

Jul 7, 2015

Serbia central bank to hold benchmark rate on Greek worries

BELGRADE, July 7 (Reuters) – Serbia’s central bank will
probably keep its benchmark rate on hold this week because of
market worries over the Greek debt crisis, although a weak
economy, low inflation and the stable dinar could justify
further cuts, a Reuters poll showed.

Last month, the bank cut the rate by 50 basis points to six
percent, as disinflationary pressure outweighed uncertainties

Jul 1, 2015

Among meadows and cherry trees, the new migrant gateway to Europe

SERBIAN-HUNGARIAN BORDER (Reuters) – Covered in mosquito bites from nights spent out in the open, two girls from Syria, one six and one eight, lay on blankets in a grove of cherry and apricot trees in northern Serbia waiting for the next leg of their long journey to begin.

In a few hours, the girls, in matching gray track suits with the word “Hollywood” in blue lettering across the chest, would set off with a group of other migrants to try to cross illegally into Hungary.

Jun 19, 2015

Serbian PM ready to attend 20th anniversary of Srebrenica

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbia’s prime minister, an ultra-nationalist during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, said on Friday he was willing to attend the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica massacre and bow his head to the more than 8,000 victims.

Aleksandar Vucic’s attendance at the July 11 ceremony in eastern Bosnia will mark a highly symbolic moment in the Balkan region’s recovery and reconciliation after wars that killed some 135,000 people during the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Jun 15, 2015

Serb president cancels Bosnia trip amid row over commander’s arrest

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic canceled his first official visit to Bosnia on Monday after a Muslim Bosniak member of the country’s inter-ethnic presidency opposed it over the arrest of a wartime Bosniak commander.

Swiss police last week arrested Naser Oric on a Serbian arrest warrant over his role in the alleged killings of Serbs around Srebrenica during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war. Oric is currently being detained, pending extradition, which he will contest.

Jun 11, 2015

Serbia to raise power prices by less than initially agreed with IMF

BELGRADE, June 11 (Reuters) – Serbia’s government said it
approved a 12 percent increase in electricity prices on
Wednesday, slightly less than agreed in a precautionary loan
deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Under the 1.2 billion euro ($1.4 bln) loan deal, approved in
February, Serbia was due to raise electricity prices by 15
percent as of April to make its power utility, EPS, profitable
and wean it off the state budget.

Jun 8, 2015

Tipple of Roman emperors, Serbian wines make a comeback

SREMSKI KARLOVCI, Serbia, June 8 (Reuters) – Legend has it
that Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus never let his soldiers
sit idle, so in peacetime he put them to work planting vineyards
in the rolling hills of Alma Mons, present-day Fruska Gora in
northern Serbia.

Over the centuries, winemaking became a noble and lucrative
business across the western Balkans. Two world wars,
communist-era neglect and a decade of turbulence at the close of
the 20th century devastated the industry, but in Serbia there
are green shoots of revival.

Apr 9, 2015

Serbian rates cut for second straight month on low inflation

BELGRADE, April 9 (Reuters) – Low inflation, a weak economy
and a rebounding dinar led Serbia’s central bank to cut its
benchmark for the second time in as many months on Thursday,
lowering the rate by 50 basis points to 7.0 percent.

Ten of 16 bankers and analysts polled by Reuters
this week and last had predicted the bank would cut the rate
, still the highest in the region. Six said it would
remain unchanged.

Mar 18, 2015

Serbia makes first arrests of suspected Srebrenica gunmen

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbia arrested seven men on Wednesday suspected of taking part in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, the first such arrests in the ex-Yugoslav republic of accused gunmen in Europe’s worst atrocity since World War Two.

The men, arrested in several locations across Serbia, stand accused of executing more than 1,000 Muslim Bosniaks at a warehouse just outside Srebrenica, some of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys killed in the area after it fell to Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995.

Mar 10, 2015

Serbian central bank to consider rate cut on IMF, inflation: Reuters poll

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Near-zero inflation, an economy in contraction and the safety net of an IMF loan deal may give Serbia’s central bank cause to cut interest rates for the first time since November when it meets on Thursday.

Seven of 14 bankers and analysts polled by Reuters this week and last predicted the bank would cut its benchmark rate, the highest in the region, by between 25 and 50 basis points, trying to ward off deflation and prop up an economy forecast to contract for a second year running.