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Oct 16, 2015

Hungary shuts off migrant route from Croatia

ZAKANY/BEREMEND, Hungary, Oct 16 (Reuters) – Hungary
declared its southern border with Croatia closed to migrants on
Friday, diverting them into tiny Slovenia in a measure of
Europe’s disjointed response to the flow of people reaching its
shores in flight from war and poverty.

With autumn winds and rain whipping the Balkans, a last
train drew up at the border, and some 2,000 migrants disembarked
for the short, muddy walk past razor wire into Hungary as a
midnight cut-off point expired.

Oct 16, 2015

Hungary to close border with Croatia in move to stem migrant flow

ZAKANY/BEREMEND, Hungary (Reuters) – Hungary said on Friday it would close its southern border with Croatia from midnight, pressing ahead with a unilateral crackdown on the flow of migrants to a Europe still divided over how to handle them.

The move comes a month after Hungary’s right-wing government shut its frontier with Serbia to hundreds of thousands of migrants, many of them refugees from war in Syria, streaming across the Balkan peninsula from conflict and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Oct 14, 2015

Serbia cries foul over Kosovo, Germany says complaints unfounded

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbia accused Germany on Wednesday of trying to amend the terms of Belgrade’s European Union membership negotiations that would mean effective recognition of its former Kosovo province as independent, a claim Berlin’s envoy dismissed as “unfounded”.

Ministers took to Serbian airwaves to denounce the alleged German maneuvers as an attempt to “humiliate” the Balkan country, feeding an atmosphere of political crisis with conservative Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic already eyeing a snap election to cement his hold on power.

Oct 14, 2015

Serbian central bank cuts rates to new low, fighting to revive inflation

BELGRADE, Oct 14 (Reuters) – Serbia’s central bank cut its
benchmark interest rate for the third time in as many months on
Wednesday, to a new low of 4.5 percent, in an effort to revive
stubbornly low inflation

The 50-basis-point cut contrasted with the forecast of 10 of
17 traders and analysts polled by Reuters. They had expected the
bank to keep its key rate on hold because of concern over
domestic borrowing and the threat of a snap election

Sep 23, 2015

Croatia, Serbia restore key border crossing traffic

TOVARNIK, Croatia (Reuters) – Traffic began flowing through the major Serbia-Croatia border crossing at Bajakovo on Wednesday after a two-day blockade imposed to stem the flow of migrants across the two ex-Yugoslav republics’ frontier.

The reopening should help ease tensions between the two former Balkan war adversaries that flared up as they struggled to cope with a steady flow of migrants, transiting the region en route to northern and western Europe in the past week.

Sep 23, 2015

Ex-Yugoslav foes restore passenger traffic, but trucks still stuck

TOVARNIK, Croatia (Reuters) – A single, narrow border crossing between Serbia and Croatia was opened overnight for passenger traffic, but cargo trucks remained blocked in a deepening dispute between the ex-Yugoslav republics over the flow of migrants across their joint frontier.

Serbia has set a midnight deadline for Croatia to lift a blockade on cargo traffic from Serbia, imposed on Monday in retaliation for Serbia directing the flow of migrants across the Croatian border.

Sep 22, 2015

Migrants stir border row between ex-Yugoslav foes

BATROVCI, Serbia/OPATOVAC, Croatia (Reuters) – Serbia threatened to retaliate on Tuesday after Croatia halted all cargo traffic from its eastern neighbor, with relations between the ex-Yugoslav republics starting to fray over the flow of migrants across their joint border.

More than 30,000 migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, have entered European Union member Croatia from Serbia since Tuesday last week, when Hungary barred their entry to the EU over its southern border with Serbia with a metal fence.

Sep 21, 2015

Syrians see impostors, interlopers among migrants around them

TOVARNIK, Croatia (Reuters) – Love brought Nizar Shoukry from his native Syria to Croatia and eventually a dental practice in the border town of Tovarnik. Thirty years later, war is bringing his countrymen, in a chaotic, desperate tide flowing past Shoukry’s door en route to Germany and a promise of asylum.

But the 50-year-old dentist – now an informal liaison between police and refugees – says his sees impostors among them.

Sep 21, 2015

Croatia says wants Greece to stop sending migrants to rest of Europe

OPATOVAC, Croatia (Reuters) – Croatia will demand that Greece stop moving migrants from the Middle East on to the rest of Europe, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Monday.

EU interior ministers are to meet on Tuesday in an attempt to find a solution to Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War Two, with almost half a million asylum seekers reaching its territory this year.

Sep 20, 2015

Hungary moves to close off migrant crossing from Croatia

BARANJSKO PETROVO SELO/TOVARNIK, Croatia (Reuters) – Hungary erected a steel gate and fence posts at a border crossing with Croatia on Sunday, moving to seal a route used by its southern neighbor to offload thousands of migrants, a Reuters cameraman said.

Croatia has sent dozens of buses packed with migrants through the Baranjsko Petrovo Selo – Beremend crossing since they began streaming over its eastern border with Serbia five days ago.