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Dec 10, 2012

Pakistan’s Zardari pledges cash for girls’ education

PARIS (Reuters) – Pakistan’s President Asif Zardari pledged $10 million for girls’ education to UNESCO on Monday in the name of a Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban, saying sending girls to school was the best way to combat extremism.

The October attack on Malala Yousufzai sparked worldwide condemnation of Taliban efforts to deprive girls of education in Pakistan, which has seen a surge in Islamist militancy over the past decade.

Dec 7, 2012

Notre Dame Cathedral brushes up for 850th birthday

PARIS, Dec 7 (Reuters) – Quasimodo would be overjoyed.

Notre Dame Cathedral has had its lighting improved, a new
viewing platform erected to appreciate its Gothic facade, its
organ renovated and is about to have new bells made for a
year-long 850th anniversary celebration that kicks off next

The graceful and inspiring Catholic church that has
dominated Paris since the 12th century, survived the Hundred
Years War, the French Revolution and two World Wars is being
readied for an invasion of camera-wielding birthday visitors.

Dec 5, 2012

Iranian dissident and French lawmakers urge new policy on Iran

PARIS (Reuters) – French lawmakers invited the head of a previously shunned Iranian dissident group to parliament on Wednesday, aiming to help it gain credibility as a viable opposition to Tehran’s government.

Speaking to members of a parliamentary committee on Iran, Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said it was time her group was taken seriously as a force for democracy in Iran.

Nov 20, 2012

Iran nuclear work at constant pace despite sanctions -IAEA

PARIS/VIENNA, Nov 20 (Reuters) – Iran is enriching uranium
at a constant pace and international sanctions aimed at making
Tehran suspend the activity are having no visible impact, the
U.N. nuclear watchdog chief said in unusually blunt remarks on

The point made by Yukiya Amano, director-general of the
International Atomic Energy Agency, reinforced the view of many
analysts that increased Western economic pressure on Iran has
failed to make it change its nuclear course.

Nov 8, 2012

Impressionist nod to fashion on display in Paris

PARIS, Nov 8 (Reuters) – The bold horizontal brushstrokes of
Manet’s 1876 female portrait, “The Parisian,” convey the raw
energy of a new painting style that turned heads well over a
century ago with its focus on light, its sketch-like feel and
contemporary subjects.

But the star of the life-sized oil is a shimmering black
dress of taffeta silk that highlights the painter’s prowess –
and provides a starting point for “Impressionism and Fashion,” a
show that runs through January at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

Oct 23, 2012

Depeche Mode to kick off 2013 world tour in Tel Aviv

PARIS (Reuters) – Depeche Mode, the British synthpop pioneers whose hits “People Are People” and “Master and Servant” cemented their status in 1980s New Wave and beyond, are planning a 2013 worldwide tour to follow the release of a new album.

The band, which has sold over 100 million records since its 1981 debut album, launch the tour in Tel Aviv on May 7, followed by 34 shows in Europe and a leg in North America.

Oct 22, 2012

Gay marriage plan hits opposition, delays in France

PARIS (Reuters) – Plans by France’s Socialist government to legalize same-sex marriage are proving harder to enact than first thought after faith leaders and conservatives mobilized against it even as left-wing deputies try to expand it.

With a solid majority it won last spring, the government originally only planned short parliamentary hearings and a debate early next year before voting on one of President Francois Hollande’s most divisive campaign promises and something he has framed as a trademark reform.

Oct 17, 2012

Crime-fighting ally a boon for France’s Hollande

PARIS (Reuters) – While economic gloom drives President Francois Hollande’s own poll ratings into the doldrums, his interior minister’s tough line on crime is making him France’s most popular politician.

Images of the tough-talking Manuel Valls racing around the country to round up radical Islamist cells or nab corrupt cops contrast with the failing efforts of Hollande’s government to halt a spate of industrial lay-offs.

Oct 6, 2012

French police kill one in raid linked to Jewish market attack

STRASBOURG/PARIS (Reuters) – An Islamist suspected of a grenade attack on a Jewish market was shot and killed by police in the northeastern city of Strasbourg on Saturday and 11 others detained in what prosecutors called a “vast anti-terrorist operation”.

Elite police squads carried out simultaneous operations against a network of radical Islamists in the Paris region and in Strasbourg, Nice and Cannes early on Saturday.

Oct 2, 2012

Fresh air at Chanel’s Paris fashion show and Queen Bee at McQueen

PARIS, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Fashion changes as quickly as the
wind, and maybe that’s what Karl Lagerfeld had in mind on
Tuesday at Chanel, where enormous wind turbines greeted guests
at his spring/summer 2013 show in Paris.

But with the floors of the expansive Grand Palais made to
resemble solar panels, one might have thought the prolific
German designer was instead making a statement on going green.

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