Comments on: Do surveillance court’s secret rulings violate U.S. Constitution? On the Case Fri, 15 Jul 2016 20:42:45 +0000 hourly 1 By: SKYDRIFTER Thu, 11 Jul 2013 01:27:16 +0000 Take an intelligent look at recent history; the answer is hiding in plain sight. The answer is frightening; but it is in plain sight. Sadly, there is no room for accusations of “conspiracy theory” or paranoia.

For a moment, forget about the “rulings!” There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for “secret courts” or “secret police” – add private and “secret armies.” But, what is the reality?

The “real problem” is that America has a ruling “secret government” – which is so frightening that few intelligent and rational Americans can think in those terms – psychologists call the ‘syndrome’ “denial.”

Why doesn’t the Obushma Administration account to Congress and the American public for just the recent scandals? They don’t have to – and no remaining power in the U.S. can change that; not even the news media (courtesy of ‘secret’ subpoenas).

As soon as Obama declared that he had the right to authorize the murder of Americans overseas; he was an instant impeachment target – hear the silence! Even Monika Lewinsky must be scratching her head.

The Attorney General, Eric Holder voiced the opinion that Obama had the same privilege on U.S. soil – all it takes is to put the ‘right’ label on the target.

Congress won’t go near that reality; instead, they made an ‘enabling’ deal on Obama’s declaration. Obama conceded that the target first needed the label; that worked for Congress.

Holder won’t arrest Obama; and the FBI works for him.

The Supreme Court jumped in to save the Bush Jr. election; but they are silent on THIS issue?

Mitt Romney could have walked away with the 2012 election – just on this single issue; but he didn’t mention it.

The Mexican border is wide open to ‘regular’ terrorists and “narco-terrorists” – but neither Obama or Congress will make any meaningful move to seal our border. Why is it so?

Who can’t see the obvious? (Anyone who doesn’t ‘want’ to see the obvious.)

In the meantime, no one will live long enough for this FISA “rulings” matter to get through the court system.

Just think for a moment. In 1990, Daddy Bush repeatedly spoke to the “New World Order;” the term is still (recently) used by such as Joe Biden, the Vice President.

Think to the idea that if things don’t make sense; they usually do. It’s impossible for these outrages to be any form of ‘coincidence’ – individually, possibly; but not collectively.

There is no “conspiracy theory” or paranoia possible in this picture.

By: BillyHewitt Wed, 10 Jul 2013 06:34:05 +0000 President Barack Hussein Obama and democratic party betrayed America. They promised to honor the constitution and end the war crimes of republicans Bush & Cheney and end concentration camps and torture. Instead these traitors continue the concentration camps and torture. We need a revolution in America that dumps the old corrupt republican and democratic parties. Start the cleanup by holding another constitutional convention and scrapping Guantanamo, Waterboarding, NSA, FISA star chamber court, banking derivatives, tax exemptions for agriculture, oil companies, forever patents for PHARMA, Legal immunity for PHARMA.

By: SJmithB Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:09:36 +0000 I am a victim of “the brain initiative”. It is the great deception. Law enforcement are implanting everyone with radio frequency communication chips aka nerve stimulators or wireless in-body antennas. In Virginia, state and local police give you three options: 1) be put in a stabilization ward and be tortured, 2) be put in jail and be tortured, or 3) be infected with an infectious disease. They have tried the first two and are threatening the third. The chip is protruding from my cancer surgery scars. Even though it was implanted without my knowledge and consent by Dr. Lawrence Chang of Pariser Dermatology, surgeons refuse to remove it. It uses technologies like the audio spotlight by Holosonics. They bombard your mind with obscenities, cursing, and all manner of evil things. Wireless tazing with lasers that come through the electrical outlets – see network world (hacking your computer through elctrical outlets). The Army at Picatinny created a laser induced plasma channel and steered lightening at a target. Police use lasers and steer electricity at my mind, body, heart, and private parts. State Trooper Jared Vance informed everyone they come through the electronics in your home. They use radio frequency software, lasers, and millimeter wave transmitters to create holograms and tap into your mind seeing through your eyes what your brain sees and hearing what you hear. (See The Mind Weapon by DARPA scientists). It is a microchip implant initiative to enable law enforcement ubiquitous surveillance. See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer to learn about the project. The Verizon phone records are to clone the sim card in your phone with the sim card in your body. At least the European Union is trying to inform their public and protect them. After everyone is defamed, defrauded, unemployable, crippled and suffering, who takes care of us. Will there be indentured servitude? Even the Federal District Court Judge knew I was in excruciating pain (according to her own clerk of courts) and she refused to grant a motion for cessation of torture. This is the weapon of the anti-Christ and the mark of the beast. These law enforcement officers are criminals and do not uphold the Constitution, the state statute banning implantation of chips, and federal statute banning torture. People need to read about these new weapons. (See Mental Illness and Terrorism: New weapons mimic mental health disease). See and search Brandon Raub. Virginia has one of the highest suicide rates in the country! Check out Brian Castner’s book The Long Walk – our vets are being tortured into suicide. In it he says, “This is my new life. It’s intolerable.” I never served in the war, but I know how he feels. I am no longer free to live my life. I am enduring it.