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Mar 28, 2014

At U.N. climate talks, many seek sterner warnings of GDP losses

OSLO (Reuters) – By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent

OSLO, March 28 (Reuters) – Many governments want sterner warnings of probable economic damage from global warming in a draft U.N. report due on Monday, saying that existing estimates of trillions of dollars in losses are only part of the picture.

A final draft before talks this week among governments and scientists in Japan projected that warming would cut economic output by between 0.2 and 2.0 percent a year by damaging human health, disrupting water supplies and raising sea levels.

Mar 27, 2014

UN author says draft climate report alarmist, pulls out of team

OSLO (Reuters) – One of the 70 authors of a draft U.N. report on climate change said he had pulled out of the writing team because it was “alarmist” about the threat.

Richard Tol told Reuters he disagreed with some findings of the summary to be issued in Japan on March 31.

Mar 26, 2014

Extracting carbon from nature can aid climate but will be costly-UN

OSLO, March 26 (Reuters) – A little-known technology that
may be able to take the equivalent of China’s greenhouse gas
emissions out of the carbon cycle could be the radical policy
shift needed to slow climate change this century, a draft U.N.
report shows.

Using the technology, power plants would burn biomass -
wood, wood pellets, or plant waste like from sugar cane – to
generate electricity while the carbon dioxide in the biomass is
extracted, piped away and buried deep underground.

Mar 23, 2014

Shifts in rainfall, not warming pause, slow sea level rise

OSLO (Reuters) – Heavy rains from the Amazon to Australia have curbed sea level rise so far this century by shifting water from the oceans to land, according to a study that rejects theories that the slowdown is tied to a pause in global warming.

Sea level rise has been one of the clearest signs of climate change – water expands as it warms and parts of Greenland and Antarctica are thawing, along with glaciers from the Himalayas to the Alps.

Mar 23, 2014

Climate change to disrupt food supplies, brake growth – UN draft

OSLO (Reuters) – Global warming will disrupt food supplies, slow world economic growth and may already be causing irreversible damage to nature, according to a U.N. report due this week that will put pressure on governments to act.

A 29-page draft by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will also outline many ways to adapt to rising temperatures, more heat waves, floods and rising seas.

Mar 21, 2014

Rising energy demand a threat to strained water supplies – UN

OSLO, March 21 (Reuters) – Rising demand for energy, from
biofuels to shale gas, is a threat to freshwater supplies that
are already under strain from climate change, the United Nations
said in a report on Friday.

It urged energy companies to do more to limit use of water
in everything from cooling coal-fired power plants to irrigation
for crops grown to produce biofuels.

Mar 9, 2014

Four new gases that harm ozone layer found, despite bans- study

OSLO, March 9 (Reuters) – Scientists have detected four new
man-made gases that damage the Earth’s protective ozone layer,
despite bans on almost all production of similar gases under a
1987 treaty, a study showed on Sunday.

The experts were trying to pinpoint industrial sources of
tiny traces of the new gases, perhaps used in making pesticides
or refrigerants, that were found in Greenland’s ice and in air
samples in Tasmania, Australia.

Mar 5, 2014

U.N. says China, US climate cooperation raises hopes for global deal

LONDON/OSLO (Reuters) – Closer cooperation between China and the United States, the top two greenhouse gas emitters, on combating global warming is boosting prospects for a U.N. deal meant to be agreed next year, the U.N.’s climate chief said on Wednesday.

Christiana Figueres also said a “global transformation” of the economy was needed to fight climate change and that time was short if nations were serious about the end-2015 deadline. Little progress has been made so far in negotiations since 2012.

Mar 3, 2014

Global diets get more similar in threat to food security: study

OSLO (Reuters) – Increasing similarity in diets worldwide is a threat to health and food security with many people forsaking traditional crops such as cassava, sorghum or millet, an international study showed on Monday.

The report, which said it detailed for the first time the convergence in crops towards a universal diet in more than 150 nations since the 1960s, showed rises for foods including wheat, rice, soybeans and sunflower.

Feb 27, 2014

Global warming slowdown likely to be brief – science academies

OSLO (Reuters) – A slowdown in the pace of global warming so far this century is likely to be only a pause in a longer-term trend of rising temperatures, the science academies of the United States and Britain said on Thursday.

Since an exceptionally warm 1998, there has been “a short-term slowdown in the warming of Earth’s surface,” Britain’s Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences said in a report.