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Mar 15, 2015

Israel must repair U.S. ties after election: ex-envoy to Washington

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Israel must try to repair relations with the United States no matter who wins Tuesday’s election, said Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington and a potential foreign minister if his party joins the next government.

“We have to do a major reach-out. There’s some work to be done,” Oren said, citing strained ties after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress assailing a potential nuclear deal with Iran sought by President Barack Obama.

Mar 12, 2015

Women gain influence in Israeli politics after long gap

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – For decades, the identikit for a top Israeli politician has been a tough-talking man with a decorated military past who’s big on security. The exceptions have been rare, but now women are filling senior positions in parties across the spectrum.

Whether on the left, in the center or on the secular right, women are influencing the style, tone and manner of Israeli politics, even though it remains a male-dominated game.

Mar 10, 2015

Persistent Israeli ethnic divide may split vote for Netanyahu

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – In the past, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party could count on Israelis like 50-year-old shopkeeper Yossi Levy when it came to election day.

Levy, who describes himself as a lifelong Likud voter, is a member of Israel’s Sephardic community – Jews of Middle Eastern descent who, attracted by a tough stance toward Arab enemies, have traditionally been the party’s backbone.

Mar 1, 2015

Israeli activists pitch tents in pre-election housing protest

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Dozens of Israeli social activists pitched tents in the coastal city of Tel Aviv on Sunday protesting about a housing shortage which is a key issue in campaigning for a March 17 election.

The protest on a main boulevard erupted four days after the nation’s auditor published a report finding “significant deficiencies” that have pushed up housing prices – a problem dogging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bid for re-election.

Feb 25, 2015

Kerry questions Netanyahu’s judgment as U.S.-Israel row deepens

WASHINGTON/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. officials on Wednesday questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judgment and said his outspoken condemnation of efforts to secure an Iranian nuclear deal had injected destructive partisanship into U.S.-Israeli relations.

In an escalation of hostile exchanges between the allies six days before Netanyahu gives a speech to Congress on the threat from Iran, the Israeli leader accused world powers of abandoning a pledge to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear bomb.

Feb 25, 2015

Israeli auditor criticizes home prices, issue dogs election campaign

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A report by Israel’s state auditor found on Wednesday “significant deficiencies” in housing policy blamed for a sharp rise in home prices, flagging an issue dogging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bid for re-election on March 17.

The report said house prices had risen by 55 percent from 2008 through December 2013, and rents by 30 percent, covering five years in which Netanyahu has been in charge, in addition to a year when his centrist predecessor, Ehud Olmert, was premier.

Feb 24, 2015

Netanyahu’s main challenger to focus on his own security credentials

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Battling Benjamin Netanyahu’s accusations that he is soft on national security, the Israeli prime minister’s main election rival said on Tuesday he would boost efforts to focus voters on his own military and strategic credentials.

Isaac Herzog, who heads the center-left Zionist Union coalition with former cabinet minister Tzipi Livni, is a former major in an elite military intelligence unit.

Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015