Twitter’s luffing sales also reflected in user doldrums

May 12, 2015

Twitter’s stock took a pounding last week because of weaker-than-expected earnings and a warning from the company about the next quarter. But it should not be a great surprise, given the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll on social media use.

There is no doubt that Twitter remains a wildly popular service, especially among the media, but it remains well behind Facebook and now other social media services, such as Instagram and Snapchat, are gaining ground.

Here we see how Twitter’s use among American’s has barely risen:


And how Instagram has grown:

In polling conducted this week and last, about three quarters of Americans say they have a Facebook account and use it at least occasionally. If anything, Facebook use is stronger today than it was in the autumn of 2013, the last time these questions were asked. By contrast, just 25 percent of Americas say that of Twitter, about the same as in 2013. And Instagram is at about the same percentage as Twitter, growing from the teens 18 months ago. Snapchat now sits at about 15 percentage points, about double the previous rate.

Every way it’s sliced, Facebook remains far-and-away the most dominant social media service, with Twitter a distant second, including the 18- to 29-year-old crowd. Nine out of 10 in that group use Facebook, intermingling with their grand parents and parents. Four out of ten use Instagram and Twitter and three out of 10 use Snapchat.

Look at Facebook in that age group over time:

And now Twitter:

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