American Insights: E-cigarettes the choice of a new – richer – generation

June 10, 2015
Bodie Hultz with Vape Affliction, uses a trash can to create rings of vapor at the Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas, NV

Bodie Hultz with Vape Affliction, uses a trash can to create rings of vapor at the Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada May 2, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker

Walk down the street these days and it’s not uncommon to pass near a fog of something that appears to be smoke coming from someone’s nose and mouth.

Often, it’s not actually smoke but the vapor of an electronic cigarette or a nicotine vaporizer. In fact, the 10 percent of adults say they e-smoke is now approaching the 19 percent of adults who say they smoke tobacco cigarettes, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll. Of course there is a lot of overlap between the two groups, as tobacco smokers supplement their nicotine habit when they’d rather not light up, or can’t because it’s illegal.

This is is especially true among the crowd under 40:

This is clearly a market that is exploding and attracting a highly desirable demographic. Unlike traditional smokers, who tend to make less money, e-smoking rates rise as income rises:

Less than

Between $25,000 and $50,000

Between $50,000 and $75,000

More than

And this growth has largely occurred within the last year.

Of course, it remains to be seen if e-smoking is significantly safer than burning tobacco, but for now America’s nicotine fiends are increasingly turning to vapor, even if they are often doing it to augment smoke. In fact, the percent of Americans using tobacco or e-smoking is nearly 25 percent, up from 19 percent for tobacco alone:

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This article mentions that many vapers use both tobacco and nicotine vape. The vast majority vape because we have been addicted to tobacco and are very happy to stop this and switch to a far more pleasant and ,as far as research thus shows, a much less damaging way of consuming nicotine. Why smaoke when you can vape? My taste for tobacco has utterly gone after several years of smoking.

- Posted by Pastafari

These articles deliberately avoid discussing the use of non-nicotine capsules, such as just water or vanilla but not nicotine. There is much to the act of smoking as opposed to the tranquilizer effects of nicotine. The description of the vapor cloud in the air is so close to being such a freaking lie; there is barely any cloud or mist compared to tobacco or pot usage.

- Posted by SixthRomeo

Over 4 million people die from cigarette related illnesses each year.

If e-cigarettes can save a million or so deaths each year would that not be beneficial outcome?

If 400,000 people died from Ebola in the USA each year, and someone invented a medicine to prevent many of those deaths–wouldn’t that be hailed by the health care community as a progressive step?

The global health care community has been very negative on e-cigarettes, apparently preferring millions of deaths to a safer form of obtaining a nicotine fix. The lies and distortions based only upon ignorance are pellucid to anyone who has impartially investigated the matter.

It appears that cigarette smoking has been demonized so thoroughly, that even a half-measure which promises to save over a million lives each year is castigated roundly by the health care community, and parroted by the international press.

Does no one care about all these deaths? More than ISIS, more than the Russian-Ukrainian conflict die each year–but the health care community callously expects ‘cold-turkey’ or death as the only solutions.

- Posted by MaskOfZero
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