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Dec 19, 2014
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Birds dodge tornadoes, bears attack santa


A male golden-winged warbler takes flight in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee, in this undated handout photo provided by Gunnar Kramer. REUTERS/Gunnar Kramer


Canary in a coalmine? Forget it — this is way better.

A songbird called the golden-winged warbler may have the ability to predict tornado strikes that are days (and miles) away. The birds vanished from their nesting ground in Tennessee ahead of a storm that contained dozens of tornadoes this past April, Reuters reports. The warbler sensed the epic weather event by hearing sound frequencies that humans cannot, scientists say.

Dec 18, 2014
via Reuters FYI

A 3-D printer your stomach can appreciate




Just like grandma used to make? Maybe not.

Now you can get your cookie fix from the cloud: A Spanish company has built a 3-D cookie printer that customers can use at home. The “Foodini” offers a way to avoid prepackaged, processed foods, company reps say, by creating elaborate treats that would be difficult to make by hand — all using fresh ingredients.

Now put down the cookie dough log and check out the rest of Reuters FYI:


Air pollution may impact pregnancy

Children born to mothers exposed to a type of airborne pollution during pregnancy are found to have a higher rate of autism, according to a new study form the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dec 17, 2014
via Reuters FYI

All the cool kids are doing it — or not



A plastic bottle of “Outdoor Wino” wine is dropped to demonstrate the bottle’s robustness. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson


The rates of alcohol consumption and cigarette use among U.S. teens have reached their lowest levels in four decades, according to a national study reported by Reuters. Just 8 percent of teens in the survey said they now smoke cigarettes, down from a whopping 28 percent in 1997. Drinking, meanwhile, tumbled 20 percent from its peak. While it’s tough to say exactly what’s causing this shift in teen behaviors, researchers cite increasing peer disapproval of drinking and smoking as making a big impact. Kids these days!

Dec 16, 2014
via Reuters FYI

Composting in the afterlife


An artist’s rendering shows the Urban Death Project facility. REUTERS/Katrina Spade/Handout via Reuters


Soylent Green Fertilizer Co.? Could be closer to reality than you think.

A non-profit group in Seattle hopes to open the first-ever human composting facility. “The idea is to fold the dead back into the city,” the project organizer told Reuters. The group claims that one human body could provide enough compost to plant a tree. If you were a tree, what type of tree would you be? Nevermind — let’s move onto the other news you may have missed:

Dec 15, 2014
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A round of applause


A sign is pictured in Donetsk National Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, eastern Ukraine, November 29, 2014. REUTERS/Antonio Bronic


Most theaters have a ban on cell phones — the Donetsk National Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre has a ban on assault rifles. Despite months of violence between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists, Donetsk is keeping its theater doors open, according to a Reuters report, staging plays including “The Three Musketeers” (in Russian rather than Ukrainian, naturally). Keeping the theater going is a form of rebellion, some army fatigue-wearing audience members say – and they’d know a thing or two about rebelling.

Dec 12, 2014
via Reuters FYI

Show your patriotism! Just not like that.


Retired paramilitary policemen, who conduct the daily national flag raising and lowering ceremony on Tiananmen Square, salute to a Chinese national flag during a farewell ceremony in Beijing, November 24, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer


China announced a ban today on singing its national anthem, “The March of the Volunteers,” at weddings, funerals and other non-political, non-dignified events, according to a Xinhua agency report, cited by Reuters. Anyone found  breaking the ban will be “criticized and corrected,” a punishment that’s somehow both vague and terrifying at the same time. Think about that at your next soccer/hockey/basketball/baseball/football game, ‘murricans.

Dec 11, 2014
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Here comes Zombie Santa — so run!


A Zombie Santa is pictured Death Yard Haunted Attraction in Hendersonville, Tennessee December 10, 2014. REUTERS/Harrison McClary


He knows if you’ve been bad or good… and doesn’t much care

A Nashville haunted house offers up a holiday attraction featuring Zombie Santa, evil elves and a demonic reindeer. Just like Norman Rockwell imagined.

Dec 10, 2014
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Snow or not, it’s still ‘Frozen’


A girl poses with an Olaf plush toy from Disney’s Frozen toy line at the Toys R Us store in Times Square in New York November 27, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri


Want this year’s hottest toy? You may have to ‘let it go’

Hoping to snag the sold-out sensation, Disney’s “Frozen” Castle and Ice Palace Playset, for the holidays this year? You’ll be shelling out up to $700 from a re-seller, Reuters money experts say.

Dec 9, 2014
via Reuters FYI

Napping in public? Yes, please.


Spectators await the start of a cinema screening at a Kinostar De Lux Multiplex in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, December 7, 2014. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin


Gallery: Watch a movie in bed… sort of

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: A furniture store’s makeover that provides a socially acceptable way to lie down during a movie.

Dec 8, 2014
via Reuters FYI

Christmas comes early…


Participants begin running at the starting line for the 15th annual Santa Speedo Run, a charity run through the streets of the Back Bay, in Boston, Massachusetts December 6, 2014. REUTERS/Brian Snyder


Video: Here comes Santa – and frostbite, maybe

Boston’s annual Santa Speedo run raises money for charity.


‘Tis better to give than receive? Nah!

This holiday season, retailers cash in on the “self-gifting” trend.


Video: A ‘Hunger’ the holidays can’t beat

Latest installment of the hit “Hunger Games” franchise sets the movie charts ablaze.