Comments on: To escape the Great Recession, embrace contradiction Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:42:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: Gordon2352 Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:36:07 +0000 Regarding my comment above:

You state, “Many politicians seem to think such ambiguities are too complicated to explain to voters.”

Perhaps if the politicians explained it to the American people in those terms, they could understand it.

But then they would have to justify their own greed and violations of oath of public office.

THAT might be a bit hard for people to understand.

By: Gordon2352 Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:29:48 +0000 “Private enterprise” — that is, the present system of free trade without restraint, banking without regulations, and taxes that benefit only the wealthy class — IS THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION.

By: OneOfTheSheep Fri, 19 Oct 2012 08:08:16 +0000 You can shape any society by what your tax code rewards and punishes. Obviously today our government wants more of the “poor”. It rewards them with ever-increasing direct subsidies (by the head) and so the result in such “family friendly” policy is more and more of the unmotivated, the uneducated, the unskilled, the undesirable single-parent lifestyle who prey on our society in so many, many ways.

It no longer deports illegal border jumpers who prey on our hospitals, schools, and job market by taking but never paying for medical services, causing more and more schools to be built, more and more classrooms for classes in Spanish, more and more “free meals” so “the children” don’t go hungry” that grow up and disrupt those same classrooms and put so little effort into their academic achievement that they drag the achievement record of entire schools down farther and farther even as curriculum is “dumbed down” more and more to get dropout rates down and achieve at least an illusion of success in number of “graduates”.

Obviously it wants less of the innovative and successful, because it is by penalizing and demonizing success that government of leftward tilt always try to finance Socialist policies and dreams. Why do they do this? So it LOOKS like they are doing the job that needs to be done.

Government isn’t smart enough to identify, pursue, capture and prosecute the rogues of our financial “system” whose business model is deception, fraud, fast feet and expensive lawyers. So, like Willie Nelson, who robbed banks because “that’s where the money is”, governments today “go after” the middle class because “that’s where the money is”. They can’t hide their houses from exploding property tax rates any more than they can move them out of plunging local economies. They can’t materially increase tax deductions is their income is from a salary.

Sure, they get some benefit from their mortgage deductions; but all that does is encourage them to “invest” in houses ever larger that have to be furnished, kept up, cleaned,, heated and cooled…space really not needed. What a waste. And in seeking a decent low-crime environment to raise families, young couples must buy homes further and further from work, increasing commuting time, wear and tear on family vehicles, polluting the air, wearing out roads, etc. What could possibly go wrong?

Sure, they get another deduction for each child; at a time when our society increasingly has more and more mouths to feed and needs fewer and fewer workers to function. And the “middle and upper class” percentage of American population is dwarfed by the birth rate of minorities and muslim households that tend to take more from society than return back.

Some day, if western civilization survives, scholars will look back and ask of our political “representatives”, “What were they thinking”. And the obvious answers will be “They weren’t” or “They didn’t.”

As Walt Kelly said in his “Pogo” comic strip some time ago: “We has met the enemy and he is us”.

By: robb1 Fri, 19 Oct 2012 00:06:40 +0000 In the last 15 years we overindulged in asset price inflation, like residential housing, to prop up job creations, neglecting however, domestic manufacturing jobs.

Globally competitive corporate fiscal policies, to support export and manufacturing, should be favored now for a solid recovery.

Seems like both candidates are sensitive to this subject… let’s just hope…