Comments on: Game theory and America’s budget battle Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:42:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: jambrytay Tue, 08 Oct 2013 18:22:42 +0000 Our buddy AS sees all articles, regardless of topic, as another opportunity to tout his 19th century anti-immigration, anti-globalization, anti-trade stand.

By: AdamSmith Tue, 08 Oct 2013 17:15:15 +0000 Smartest move for the House Republicans is to insist on defending the American middle class.

The only way for the American people living today to have a decent future requires two things:

1. Stop welfare.
2. Stop immigration.

By: kiers Tue, 08 Oct 2013 13:59:17 +0000 @satori: thanks for that bbc link! looks interesting.

#2. Have all of you bright netizens and Mr Kaletsky considered that this whole gov shutdown thing works beautifully for the Fed! The Fed is looking for a trigger to “let go” of interest rates. They need this game to be played out.

Thus it is in “strategic” interest of BOTH Tea Party/Repubs/and Democrats.

Really it amazes me how people swallow everything guv press releases dish out on face value. The game is much more cynical.

By: AdamSmith Mon, 07 Oct 2013 17:28:22 +0000 With their increasing support for GLOBALISM, the Democratic party has shown that they do not care for the American working class. They care only for the welfare class and the wealthy class. They care for the people of Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Somalia. But they don’t care about the American people.

Obama’s forceful push for a wider trade pact last week (further removal of American protective tariffs), and the Democratic controlled Senate’s overwhelming support for “immigration reform” (meaning amnesty and accelerated immigration and H1B Visas) last month demonstrate that the Democrats have become America’s worst enemy.

The House Republicans are fighting the Democrats and many people like me, who are definitely not Tea Party types, are behind the valiant HOUSE REPUBLICANS in this budget battle.

Unfettered globalism is quickly destroying America under the guidance of big money and big business. Obama is with them, and so are the Senate Republicans.

The House Republicans are the only group standing in the way of America’s destruction by the globalists, and this budget battle is their only available weapon.

That is why many people such as myself are supporting the House Republicans and John Boehner.

By: Bob9999 Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:59:15 +0000 Also, from a game theory point of view, the Democrats may be worse off over the long term if the Republicans end up with a resolution that allows them to save face. That is because this is not an isolated event but is, instead, one of a series of games. One game occurred in 1995 with the government shutdown then. Another game occurred in 2011 with the debt ceiling crisis. Any resolution the leaves the impression that it might be possible for the Republicans to prevail in the future by modifying this approach tactically will increase the likelihood that such a thing may happen. The best long-term strategy for the Democrats may be to get out of the temple, let Samson bring the roof down, and then pick up the pieces. That may not be the best approach for the country as a whole, but it is probably the best approach the Democratic party.

By: Bob9999 Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:51:43 +0000 We are in this situation, because the Republican strategy to this “game” is being driven driven by people who haven’t played the game before and (like mediocre chess players) incorrectly use flashy surprise moves in a belief that they can prevail by psychologically intimidating a player with a better understanding of the game who is in an objectively superior strategic position.

By: AdamSmith Mon, 07 Oct 2013 13:46:34 +0000 I usually agree with Kaletsky, but not here.

I voted for Obama the first time around, but when he came out so strongly for mass immigration into the US, I came to see him (Obama) as an enemy to the American middle class. Immigration on such a large scale is unprecedented.

Now I am supporting the House Republicans. They are the only political group in America with the courage to question the current explosion in immigration that is flooding American labor markets, driving down wage rates. Immigration is flooding the American housing market, driving up housing costs and rents, destroying the careers of middle class America, and increasing the profits of wealthy corporate employers and landlords.

The President is a strong advocate for increasing immigration even more, stabbing the American people in the back. The Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans, bought off by the wealthy plutocrats, likewise advocate more immigration amnesties and more immigration.

It is only one courageous group alone, the HOUSE REPUBLICANS, who were loyal to the American people when the recent immigration amnesty bill was put before them, and they refused it.

That is why I, and many other people, look beyond this budget battle, and support the brave HOUSE REPUBLICANS. They are the only group who has not yet betrayed the American middle class to the globalist plutocrats.

The President, the Senate Democrats, the Senate Republicans, and the House Democrats, and even the US military, have all stabbed the American people in the back on immigration. Why is the military not protecting us from this invasion?

That’s why I gladly support the House Republicans in their brave struggle. most-immigrants-161952285.html

By: flashrooster Sun, 06 Oct 2013 06:52:39 +0000 I think, Mr. Kaletsky, that you’re underestimating the intransigence of the Republicans. As you correctly referenced, those fueling this clown show live in safe, serpentine-gerrymandered districts. They will actually benefit from this. The nastier they are to Obama, the greater their fund raising prowess. A lot of their adherents would rather see the treasury default on our debt obligations then to see their Tea Party darling cry uncle to Obama, even if it had serious adverse consequences to our economy. Because if that happened, their Representative or Senator (in the case of Ted Cruz) would blame Obama and that would give those adherents a fresh new reason for hating Obama.

The sad thing is, they don’t really know why they hate Obama so much, but that’s what they’ve been taught to do. Ask them why they hate Obama and you’ll get a variety of vague, unsubstantiated reasons, like he goes around apologizing for America (I was actually given that answer) or that he’s trying to turn America socialist. (Heard that one, too.) (See Mjolnir’s comment above for a fine example of this. Boy, does he drive home my point.)

So I think the Tea Party jokers have nothing to lose. The challenge will be for the Republican, well, not moderates, but, the less extreme Republicans, have shown little willingness to stand up to the Tea Party. It’s all gotten out of control and now the Republicans seem to only care about keeping their seats, and they seem to be convinced that the safest strategy for doing that is to continue confronting Obama, who’s intent on forcing us to pay reparations to his band of black radicals. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) It could easily become a situation where no one wants to play the adult and so no one does. And off we go, over the cliff.

The ironic thing about all of this is that the Republicans claim to be about fiscal responsibility, and yet their behavior couldn’t be more economically irresponsible. Tea Party adherents don’t seem to understand the potential consequences of their actions. If we default it would be the biggest squandering of our economic resources since the Iraq War, also a brainchild of the fiscal responsible Republicans.

By: Jeff9207 Sat, 05 Oct 2013 19:44:31 +0000 You say “While a government shutdown has theoretically been ordered, nothing much has really happened.”

800,000 families without a paycheck is nothing much? Thousands of foreign tourists, who have spent a small fortune to tour the US, are turned away from our parks, and that is nothing much?

Countries around the world are looking at our democracy, see basically that it isn’t working, is chaotic and unpredictable, and start wondering if democracy is really as valuable as we say it is. And that is “nothing much”?

China’s new president, after a smooth and efficient transfer of power, is touring Asiatic countries, offering economic trade agreements and our president canceled his trip and is sitting at home … and that is “nothing much”?

You have a strange view of “nothing much.”

By: matthewslyman Sat, 05 Oct 2013 07:52:58 +0000 The market must worry enough to spook the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (otherwise, the lack of market concern might be considered a partially self-inconsistent condition), but there’s another reason for the market effectively yawning: the extremists in Washington have been doing this for years. This shut-down was almost totally predictable, and already priced into the market to some degree (and more to the point: where else is anyone going to keep their money at the moment? In the bank, where we’re 100% guaranteed to lose money through “credit interest” at 2% below inflation?)

As much as the extremists can tank the market through intransigence, at least we can see a potential end-game to all of this now, in a newly emboldened Obama pressing his case and in the potential for a generational political castration of the uncompromising factions in Congress. The long nightmare might finally be almost over, or otherwise, might be about to get a whole lot worse, quite suddenly, in a way that will make it almost pointless to shift money OUT of the system. Wake up Congress: POLITICS = COMPROMISE! It’s supposed to be, by definition, a POLITE means of achieving the best compromise attainable. No one party can be right all of the time!