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Nov 19, 2012

Gold rises 1 percent, recovers last week’s losses

LONDON, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Gold rose one percent on Monday,
recovering last week’s losses, on increased risk appetite as the
dollar softened, while violence in the Middle East and talks to
resolve an imminent fiscal crunch in the United States lent

Spot gold rose 1.02 percent to $1,731.00 an ounce by
1430 GMT, having earlier jumped to $1,732.10. U.S. gold
gained 0.97 percent to $1,731.40.

Nov 19, 2012

Gold firms, buoyed by Middle East

LONDON, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Gold firmed as the dollar slipped
on Monday after dropping by 1 percent last week, while violence
in the Middle East and talks to resolve an imminent fiscal
crunch in the United States lent support.

Spot gold rose 0.59 percent to $1,723.6 an ounce by
1127 GMT. U.S. gold gained half a percent to $1,723.70.

Jan 25, 2011
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Dancing to the last beats of a united Sudan


Half way through the evening you felt this is what a united Sudan could have been like.

It was an engagement party thrown by a beaming, white-robed Khartoum patriarch with pulsing music provided by Orupaap, a group of mostly southern musicians and dancers.

Nov 22, 2010
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Driving Sudan towards paradise


Back in1978, Sudanese statesman Abel Alier decided he had had enough of negotiating with troublesome locals over a controversial development project. Exasperated at the endless obstacles, he vowed to force it through without an agreement.

“If we have to drive our people to paradise with sticks we will do so for their own good and the good of those who come after us,” he infamously said.

Sep 16, 2010
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Sudan rearranges furniture as independence vote looms


The shiny new headquarters of Sudan’s referendum commission was buzzing with activity on Monday, less than four months ahead of the scheduled start of a seismic vote on whether the country’s oil-producing south should declare independence.

Unfortunately, officials were not all busy putting the final touches to voting registration lists or preparing publicity materials for the region’s inexperienced electorate.

Jun 14, 2010
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Juwama vs. the Nile Republic – South Sudan searches for a new name


What’s in a name? An entire cultural and national identity if you are from Sudan’s oil-producing south.

The region of southern Sudan is now less than seven months away from a referendum on whether it should split away to form Africa’s newest country.

Apr 10, 2010
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When is an election boycott not an election boycott?


When it takes place in Sudan.

Preparations for Sudan’s general elections — due to start tomorrow — were thrown into confusion over the past two weeks as opposition parties issued contradictory statements over whether they were boycotting the polls.

Some announced a total withdrawal, protesting against fraud and unrest in Darfur, only to change their minds days later. Others pulled out from parts of the elections — presidential, parliamentary and gubernatorial votes are taking place at the same time — then changed their minds days later. Others left it up to individual candidates to decide.

Apr 4, 2010
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Confusion rules as Sudan’s elections loom


These are confusing times in Sudanese politics — so confusing that even the activists are struggling to keep up with the shifting positions of their own parties a week ahead of national elections.

This morning, a spokesman from south Sudan’s dominant Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) called round journalists inviting them to a demonstration in Khartoum.

Mar 17, 2010
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Are you the Darfur Justice and Equality Movement?


There is a classic scene in Monty Python’s film The Life of Brian where the hero sets off in search of a secret band of insurgents. “Are you the Judean People’s Front,” he asks a group of malcontents. “The Judean People’s Front!” they reply in disgust. “We’re the People’s Front of Judea … The only people we hate more than the Romans are the f***ing Judean People’s Front … And the Judean Popular People’s Front. Splitters!”

Darfur’s more Islamic rebels will not appreciate the Judean comparison. But there has been an undeniable Pythonesque quality to recent efforts to negotiate with the splintered insurgent factions in Sudan’s strife-torn west.

Jan 8, 2010
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Searching for reasons to be cheerful in Sudan


Only the most foolhardy commentator would dare to say anything optimistic about the coming year in Sudan, four months away from highly charged elections and 12 months from an explosive referendum on southern independence.

So here goes — five reasons why Africa’s largest country might just manage to reach January 2011 without a return to catastrophe and bloody civil war, despite the worst predictions of most pundits.