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Bono writes op/ed ode to Sinatra

January 11, 2009

U2 lead singer Bono dropped the mike to take up the pen.

The Irish rocker’s first opinion column for The New Times appeared on Sunday, and it wasn’t about debt, poverty or Aids in Africa — causes on which he has long been outspoken.

No, his initial incursion onto the op/ed pages is an ode to the Chairman of the Board.

Frank Sinatra’s defiant voice singing “My Way” is a “foghorn” at a time of world uncertainty in business, love and life, Bono writes.

Bono says he was struck by┬áSinatra’s lack of sentimentality in the song, when listening to a deafening chorus of Irish “rabble-rousers” sing “I did it my way” midst the revelry of a crowded Dublin pub at New Year’s.

“Is this knotted fist of a voice a clue to the next year?” the U2 frontman asks himself.

“In the mist of uncertainty in your business life, your love life, your life life, why is Sinatra’s voice such a foghorn — such confidence in nervous times allowing you romance but knocking your rose-tinted glasses off your nose, if you get too carried away.”

Bono has joked that he was “never great with the full stops or commas.” To that end, the 48-year-old rock star recorded a podcast to accompany the column.

The New York Times says its new guest columnist will occasionally write about a diverse range of topics and major issues facing the world.

Bono has campaigned to lessen the debt burden on the world’s poorest countries and fight poverty and AIDS in Africa.