A social media timeline of the London riots

August 11, 2011


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All those riots come to live when people feel there is no future for them.

Cameron promise to restore “moral” society….Well lets try to spread these morals over a slice a bread….hardly.

The power beholders always turn to “morals” when people deprived of their basic needs. This way it is easier to explain the mismanagement.

British army stuck in Lybia and Afganistan, draining budget moneis (morals again). Unemployment amongst the youth at the highest. Youth parents already sold their houses, and any perspective of becoming a homeowner is gloom for young people.

What do they steal? Food, tobacco, clothing, basic electronics,- does this say to you anything?

It has Cameron written allover it.

It is easy to blame, how about an action plan and some respocibility?

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UK have some backbone and shoot the SOB’s !!!!

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We did shoot him, that is what the tipping point for the riots was in the first place.

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Prison for the perpetrator(s) responsible for mugging the Malaysian student – (quarantined no concessions) > Curfew when released until can demonstrate humility and true repentance of their deeds + ability to respect community > fined (wages or benefits) > made to restitute all property and belongings of the student > pay for the students remaining study fees > made to then work in the community to restore and learn skills as a consequence for work.

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I have loitered everywhere I was meant to look at on a tight budget and I feel no different than a labyrinth mouse while I am regarded no different than a fellow rodent, a mole. I failed to see any kin and I want to be taken by either to some location as soon as I leave this place, from its gate as I expect the one parent that claimed a credit to meet my needs to do whatever necessary and come up with birth certificate and/or an appointment with any consular body of concern. No judiciary case where I am the plaintiff won’t be withdrawn or aborted if any parent picks me up from the outer gate of where Jesus home is by next Friday. I personally prefer my biological mother, who was said to be a Briton so I can have dual passport or three retaining the current one if discharge and honors from military service is recognized and real name is allowed or else cases against her will rest too for in both cases no arbitration gesture will have been made by them. Only because parents are foreign I tolerate marrying a local girl and take another with whom I had kids under a religious/ common law coexistence until a whole solution for all girls and women will be possible. One last matter is health and if any surgery will be needed and if situation is grave, then a particular action of damages will be considered.

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