Anonymous takes down several websites over shutdown of

January 19, 2012

Earlier today Reuters reported that file sharing website was taken offline and charged with copyright infringement by a U.S. grand jury.

In response, the loose knit hacker collective “Anonymous” has organized a protest using a brute force method of flooding a website with so many requests it falls under its own weight, a tactic they call a LOIC (low orbit ion cannon) or DOS attack (denial of service).

The victims of their attack so far: the Department of Justice, the RIAA, MPAA, and Universal Music. As of the publishing of this post, only the MPAA had regained its footing and the other sites remained inaccessible.

The FBI issued this press release about the Megapupload arrests.


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I would like to say that I hate the fact that I can not escape my email address or any logon for that matter. Second, KUDOS TO ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The government deserves its just desserts.
Eye for an eye.

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Looks like they took down the FBI site too.

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