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SABMiller has fight to justify heady share price

November 13, 2014

By Robert Cole

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Moving a hospital

October 22, 2014

Charleroi, Belgium
By Yves Herman

This was a very unusual move - an entire hospital. Patients and equipment were transferred from the Old Civil Hospital in Charleroi to a new building a few miles away. It was also a race against time, as the whole operation had to be completed within a weekend.

from MacroScope:

EU cuts off Russian banks, puts ball in Moscow’s court

By Mike Peacock
July 30, 2014

Russia's President Vladimir Putin talks to reporters during a meeting in Brasilia

True to its word, the EU agreed sweeping sanctions on Russia yesterday, targeting trade in equipment for the defence and oil sectors and, most crucially, barring Russia’s state-run banks from accessing European capital markets. The measures will be imposed this week and will last for a year initially with three monthly reviews allowing them to be toughened if necessary.

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Why Antwerp is under threat as the world’s diamond trading centre

By Guest Contributor
May 27, 2014

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Afghan refugees – Seeking sanctuary

February 27, 2014

Brussels, Belgium

By Francois Lenoir

It was a cold, wet morning when I passed through the doors of the Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Beguinage, a grand 17th century building in the center of Brussels.

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Squatting in Brussels

September 19, 2013

Brussels, Belgium

By Yves Herman

Once a church and convent, the “Gesu squat” is a huge building which has long been home to an eclectic group of residents.

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Abe’s European spring break: Japan stimulus sends euro zone yields to record lows

April 5, 2013

It wasn't just the Nikkei. Euro zone government bonds rallied following Japan's announcement of a massive new monetary stimulus. That sent yields on the debt of several euro zone countries to record lows on bets that Japanese investors might be switching out of Japanese government bonds into euro zone paper, or might soon do so.

from Photographers' Blog:

All or nothing

February 6, 2013

Brussels, Belgium

By Francois Lenoir

My first big assignment after a few weeks off was to cover convicted Belgian serial killer and child molester Marc Dutroux, who was appearing in court in Brussels on February 4 to request his release. Benelux chief photographer Yves Herman was covering the exterior of the courthouse waiting for the arrival and the departure of the convoy carrying the serial killer. We also had a photographer at the Nivelles prison.

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The hard jobs

March 20, 2012

By Denis Balibouse

If I had my dream life as a photographer, it would be a mix of working like Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna and Hirochi Sugimoto, contemplating nature and shooting landscapes in black and white. However, I am a photojournalist, and I cover news: mostly sport, politics and finance, but sometimes heart-breaking events.

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Belgium: A role model for the rest of Europe?

November 24, 2011

By Mark Hillary. The opinions expressed are his own.

In addition to the economic meltdown, there is another political story in Europe at present - Belgium.