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Blind foodie seeks Braille menus in Delhi restaurants

Baldev Gulati loves to eat out. Friends and family often join him, but sometimes he likes to go on a date with himself. There's one problem -- Gulati is blind.

The 43-year-old businessman, sightless since birth, was tired of asking waiters and fellow diners to read restaurant menus out loud. Gulati's food choices were restricted and he couldn't experiment with cuisines. That's when the thought struck him -- why not get restaurants in Delhi to introduce menus in Braille?

“[Eating out] was always a pain to me. When I am paying equally to the restaurants, why restaurants are not taking care of my needs?” said Gulati, the owner of a department store in west Delhi that employs the visually impaired.

“The worst part is when you’re throwing a party or when you are going to eat on your own, you can’t ask the waiter how much is what for. A particular dish or a bottle of beer is for how much? That looks very awkward,” he said.

from India Insight:

Turning a Bangalore shanty town into a mall

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The Bangalore city government and a private developer kicked more than 1,500 poor families out of subsidised housing in January, razed their neighbourhood and left them homeless. The reason? They want to build new, better housing – and a mall.