from The Great Debate:

Why this shutdown isn’t like 1995

October 4, 2013

The political battlefield of the current government shutdown looks a lot like the last big shutdown of 1995. But major changes within the Republican Party in Congress -- a weaker leadership, the demise of moderates and two decades of gerrymandering -- could make this year’s endgame far harder.

from The Great Debate:

Richard Ben Cramer’s true legacy

January 10, 2013

Here is something that Richard Ben Cramer, the enormously gifted writer who died earlier this week, understood: Politicians are often created in the image of their journalistic portrayals, and when reporters impute opportunism or cravenness to them, they may well be inducing those things -- as well as undermining public confidence in government. Cramer also understood that a more humane, sympathetic analysis might well lead to more humane public servants -- and a deeper faith in government.

from Tales from the Trail:

Inside the Tent: Bob Dole talks campaigning

September 5, 2008

Former senator and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole tells Inside the Tent contributor John Steward why this year's White House race is different.

from Tales from the Trail:

On veterans education bill, Dole backs Obama over McCain

May 23, 2008

WASHINGTON - Former U.S. Sen Bob Dole is a leading advocate for war veterans and a longtime Republican ally of presidential candidate John McCain, but on Friday he sided with Democrat Barack Obama to endorse a bill the Arizona senator opposes to raise benefits for former soldiers.