from The Great Debate:

A neat trick that makes political ads more effective

March 21, 2016


A political ad against U.S. Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) plays on a television in a hotel bar in Columbia, South Carolina, February 12, 2016.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A political ad against Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) plays in a hotel bar in Columbia, South Carolina, February 12, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

from David Rohde:

The best legislation liberals can buy

February 28, 2013

If George W. Bush had launched such a group, the coverage would be overwhelming and the criticism widespread. Last Friday, a story by Nicholas Confessore of the New York Times revealed that President Obama’s political team is trying to raise $50 million to fund the conversion of his re-election campaign into Organizing for Action, a “powerhouse” new national lobbying group.

from Tales from the Trail:

Lawyer behind Super PAC ruling launches his own

April 11, 2012

The lawyer behind the case that opened the door to U.S. "Super PACs" and more campaign cash now has one of his own. Thousands of U.S. dollars are seen here in this November 3, 2009 file photo at a Westminster, Colorado bank. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

from Tales from the Trail:

Hillary’s mom offers gift ideas to help her daughter

December 9, 2008

Looking for that perfect gift for the holidays?

Hillary Clinton's mom, Dorothy Rodham, has a suggestion for you -- a children's book about her daughter.  For a slightly-higher-than-retail price you can even get the book autographed by Clinton and help her pay down her campaign debt.clintonbook

from Tales from the Trail:

Democratic Party to adopt Obama’s policies on special-interest money

June 5, 2008

BRISTOL, Va. - Basking in his new status as the Democratic standard-bearer, Barack Obama announced on Thursday that his party will adopt the same restrictions on donations that his campaign has put in place.