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from Financial Regulatory Forum:

INTERVIEW-Delaware judge sees “symbiotic” relations with U.S. government on corporate law

By Tom Hals
WILMINGTON, Del., Oct 16 (Reuters) - Delaware will preserve its "symbiotic" relationship with the federal government on corporate law, even as Washington takes an activist role on American business, said the newest member of the state's corporate law court.

J. Travis Laster, who just started his 12-year term as vice chancellor on the country's premiere business court, told Reuters that Delaware will continue to take care of corporate regulation on a case-by-case basis while Washington sets disclosure or labor regulation.

"What Delaware has always done is have what I think is a very positive symbiotic relationship with the federal government," said Laster on Thursday. "Delaware is not going to get in the way of that."

The state is the corporate home to 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, in part due to the deep legal precedent of the Court of Chancery.