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Less yen for carry this time

April 5, 2013

The Bank of Japan unleashed its full firepower this week, pushing the yen to 3-1/2 year lows of 97 per dollar.  Year-to-date, the currency is down 11 percent to the dollar. But those hoping for a return to the carry trade boom of yesteryear may wait in vain.

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Emerging markets facing current account pain

January 26, 2012

Emerging markets may yet pay dearly for the sins of their richer cousins. While recent financial crises have been rooted in the United States and euro zone, analysts at Credit Agricole are questioning whether a full-fledged emerging markets crisis could be on the horizon, the first since the series of crashes from Argentina to Turkey over a decade ago. The concern stems from the worsening balance of payments picture across the developing world and the need to plug big  funding shortfalls.

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And the award for best hedge fund goes to….

October 30, 2009

Take a bow George Soros, Trafalgar Capital, King Street, Credit Agricole and a host of others.

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Credit Agricole’s foreign illusions

October 7, 2009

Credit Agricole is stumping up to support a 1 billion euro capital boost at Emporiki. The Greek bank, for which Credit Agricole paid handsomely just 3 years ago, has proven a disaster. Just as well that it never managed to acquire a bigger foreign portfolio.

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Return to sender

June 17, 2009

post-box2The rush by traditional asset managers to embrace absolute return products has failed to impress investors, who are now switching to cheaper, passive investing. But what will fill the revenue hole left by these high margin products is far from clear.

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Job Bank – Sep. 25

September 25, 2008

ubs.jpgThe following are job changes within the financial industry for September 23, linked where possible to profiles on LinkedIn. To inform us of other job changes, please e-mail